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  1. Hi, I have strange effects on all my QOTS aircraft cockpits as per the picture below. I have tried a full re-install without success. Engine nacelles are similarly affected. Help much appreciated. Thanks Britjet
  2. Hi - I hope you can help - I have strange issues around the flight deck exterior and also the engine nacelles. Using P3D v4.1, I have tried a re-download of QOTS2 and re-install without success. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks Britjet
  3. I was just wondering - for those of us using multiple windows in a home cockpit setup - would it be possible to have Chaseplane control those viewpoints separately as well as the main window? it would be nice to have a second or even third screen whose view could be changed without losing the primary screen view.. Brit.
  4. Britjet

    Whiteout with HDR enabled

    No - I have that unticked - but since my last post it would seem that there are instances when the "HDR override" might not do as the sliders indicate every time? I have turned HDR override ON and OFF a few times and have managed to replicate the issue, but eventually it seems to "take". Basically it would seem that if the cockpit brightness is set to 5 (way too bright) with override ON then switching OFF the override keeps the effect.. Thanks.. Brit
  5. If I select HDR on with Chaseplane running I get an almost complete whiteout on all views - as though all brightness and bloom is at maximum. Hardly any detail is visible. Changing the siders has no effect. This only happens with Chaseplane operating. Do you have any ideas/Fixes, please? (This is not using Beta). Regards, Brit
  6. I ran it all again - vertical wakes again - but the "P2.5" fix works with P3D v3.1 and all seems fine now. Great add-on! Brit
  7. I tried the 2.5 fix using 3.1 and it totally killed my textures. Not sure why. I had a recurring problem with FX_2.bmp which caused ctd. Fortunately I had backed up textures and when I put the old ones back the problem went away, but - scary moment. the "boats" are amazing though. I will be going back through the corrupted textures folder to see what works and what doesn't. Brit
  8. I will give the wake fix a try. Thanks for the suggestion. Brit
  9. I think this is a fantastic project. My grateful thanks - however I have a small problem. In P3DV3.1 I have the boats as described - but some of them have vertical smoke/wake (I'm not sure which) extending upwards from them to something like 70,000ft. Would you know what might be causing this please? I think I installed as per instructions, but you never know ;-) Many thanks Brit