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  1. You can only tell what place you like to go, but there is no guarantee that the space will not be occupied by a AI Plane when you arrive...
  2. Hi Bryan Hi Manuel It's an amazing piece of Software you created! I love it and the ability to steer the ground crew with your voice is amazing. You said it's a long road with tons of Ideas and "things to do" on the list. I can see a lot of suggestions and questions already popping up in the forum. So what would you think of a thread to collect them? So we users can see what already has been suggestes (and hopefully put on the list) and what is beeing worked on? It would help you, not to have to answer the same questions again and again and we have like a "cool, that will be in sometime" feeling. I would be willing to collect and maintain the list when I see things popping up. And you could comment them. like: Can the wingwalker be activated depending on the ICAO Code of the Airport: - Nice idea, we concider it Can the logo of the truck / Follow me be activated depending on the ICAO Code of the Airport and / or Airline instead of the airplane? ... Let me know if you like the idea and I start skimming the forum for additional wishes. new wishes from people could alos added to this thread and would be in one place instead of all over the forum. Kind Regards Beat LSZH
  3. It would be amazing to link the logo to the ICAO Code like the voice pack, so you can add a logo fitting the airport you use. Of course you can use jetaviation and it's only cosmetic, but instead of fitting the logo to the aircraft, it would be cool to match it to the airport itself. or combination for even more flexibility. so you can have your own airline logo and even change it for different airports.
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