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  1. Good as this sim is going to be out of the box, I would think MS/Asobo realise that a viable ecosystem of third party developers is good for the longevity of their product - even if those third-party developers will have to subsist on income from limited numbers of purists.
  2. A poorer man's AT is to use FSX's built-in function via CTRL-R, which toggles the autothrottle on and off at the current airspeed. You will have to set autothrottle_available=1 in the aircraft.cfg if it's been set to 0 by the developer. In XML you can do it via K:AP_AIRSPEED_HOLD. You can also set and read the held speed via other events and variables. I've done something similar to you in xml (for Dave Maltby's Trident in FSX, where I wanted the autothrottle to control only engines 1 and 3 as was apparently done in real life), but the autothrottle is one of the things the sim does pretty well and I never managed to tune the PID to work reliably without hunting under different conditions.
  3. MCDU in the A320 cockpit looks good. Anyone know how functional it is?
  4. And there's a case against Boeing still pending at the WTO. It's a ping-pong game, as Chock said.
  5. lzamm

    COVID-19 advice

    The real issue with face masks is that you're forcing air through them all the time and they basically trap everything on their outer surface - that's how particulate air quality monitors work, drawing air through a filter paper which is then weighed and analysed. Look at the fans in your PC to see what I mean 🙂 . So after a few hours' use there's a lot more gunk on the filter than you're likely to experience at any one time - gunk that can be easily transferred to your hands and respiratory system. Health workers follow a protocol when removing and disposing of masks, but it's not feasible to expect the general population to do so. When removing the masks, cleaning or disinfecting or otherwise handling them, minimise contact (and movement) as much as possible and wash your hands well immediately afterwards.
  6. If it's not being used for Academic or Professional purposes, what else could it be? 😉
  7. Dreamfleet 727. I hung on to FS9 for years after FSX was launched because of this plane.
  8. Isn't it the other way round, you can't arm both autopilots unless APP is engaged? Pressing the second (unlit) AP button when not in an approach or go-around mode disengages the other autopilot. Edit - already been said, I should have read FDEdev's post better :)
  9. This is correct when the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch (to give it its full name) is OFF according to Airbus documentation (http://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/A320-Landing_Gear.pdf page 7) No reason appears to be given, but yellow is the alternate braking system and switches in automatically if the switch is ON and green pressure is too low. So the switch may have a dual function in forcing use of the alternate system in case of a fault with the green system and the automatic changeover does not happen. Have a look at the logic diagram in page 1 of http://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/A320-Hydraulic.pdf , particularly that big OR gate near the bottom. On the ground with only one engine running (L/G SHOCK ABS, BOTH OFF and BOTH ON signals not present), the PTU will only run if the parking brake is off (and the towing pins are not inserted, which I don't believe is modelled). Again no reason is given, but this stops the PTU running unnecessarily during a normal start sequence while still allowing it to run in the air with one engine out or during single-engine taxi.
  10. That's a toehead, though, isn't it?
  11. That was fun . Perhaps the English-speaking world should have followed Mark Twain's advice
  12. My particular gripe is with the loosers who can't spell. To say nothing of those who are unable to tow the line properly.
  13. To the best of anyone's knowledge, are there going to be any airliners (classic or not) in MSFS out of the box, or will we have to wait for the 3rd party devs to step up? Talking about classic jets, lets's not forget the European ones like the Trident and the Caravelle which were quite common this side of the pond.
  14. Take-off trim has nothing to do with cruise trim - the speeds are very different, also flaps have an effect. You are trimming in flight, aren't you? If you're leaving the trim in the takeoff setting it's quite likely the plane will settle in a low-speed, nose-up attitude in cruise, hands off.
  15. You haven't provided much info as to what you're trying to do or which aircraft you're using. In general, lift (a) depends on air density (b), speed (c) and angle of attack (equivalent to pitch angle in stable, level flight). So if your pitch angle is too high, then you're either (a) too heavy, (b) too high or (c) too slow. In any combination, of course. The Honeywell FMC won't help with that as it's a generic add-on that is not specific to any aircraft.
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