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  1. And that's the problem right there, as far as I'm concerned 😊
  2. In another life I made several trips in business class on Alitalia's MD-80's. It is VERY quiet up front.
  3. This may be the reason for most of the other issues with the sim, but you can see it makes sense. How does a flight sim make money when everyone has a copy and is pushing the dollars to third party developers? At least it looks like we're not going to get caught in the cycle of paying up every few years for what is (let's face it) an incremental update on what we had before.
  4. I would hope that's a given. It wouldn't be an Airbus without at least normal law and the basic protections.
  5. So for those who don't like videos, how good's this airbus going to be? Is the FMC credible or more like the cut-down one they provided with the 737 in xp11?
  6. You can do that from within the Addons Linker as well - it will also scan your files and highlight similar problems. And if you don't use it yet, you should try it!
  7. Probably. Doesn't stop people trying, failing and then saying "I did everything right but it still doesnt work".
  8. While I'm eagerly looking forward to this release, I'm not totally sure it's a good idea to have a "study-level" aircraft as a default. I used to help out in the Zibo forums and the number of repeated simple questions from even experienced but non-airliner simmers is staggering. I can easily see a backlash from the multitudes claiming that it's a dud because the engines don't start, the autopilot doesn't engage, and a host of similar trivialities that only require (shock, horror!) reading a manual.
  9. I haven't either. However, in fairness, that's not the same thing.
  10. Probably a shrewd choice by inibuilds. My guess is that they will be selling it very soon after the release of the free update.
  11. What did the FMA say? The usual CLB/OP CLB modes correspond to Boeing's FLCH so the engines will be at CLB N1 if the MCP altitude is higher than the actual, or idle if lower. If you're hand flying you have to follow the FD bars or risk overspeed/stall. In the bus the AP and AT are integrated so you have to select an appropriate vertical mode of the AP even when hand flying, or turn off (both) flight directors.
  12. The standard for MSFS is that all add-ons, indeed all content, goes to into the "Community" or "Official" folders. Orbx have a (fairly recent) history of using a "library" in FSX/P3D and ported that concept to MSFS. Most other devs will not have that infrastructure. That's where the Addons Linker comes in, letting you do it yourself, the way you want to. In fact in this context it's Orbx that's the outlier, as I hate having several systems messing about with my flight sim files.
  13. You're missing the point. As I have said in a previous post, there's no doubt in my mind that X-Plane is a superior product to MSFS when it comes to aerodynamic fidelity (and on lots of other points, too). But that won't matter at all when it comes to the masses - it may to me, to you, and the Sullys of this world, but it won't to the multitudes who bring in the $$$. X-plane is an excellent, but niche product - to misquote Austin Meyer, it's not a flight simulator it's an engineering tool. For the past few years it has enjoyed great and perhaps unwarranted popularity even among the non-critical users (believe me, I've answered enough questions on the Zibo forums to know) because with MS leaving flight sims there was no alternative. Now there is, and it's more appealing to those users than ever.
  14. Thank you for your non-answer. I wouldn't put Captain Sullenburger among the "non-critical (gamer) users" I was referring to, but, hey, for some people I suppose anything goes to try and make a point.
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