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  1. Hey i am just happy it is being updated 🙂 Very happy. I plan to buy the Bus and the FS2Crew pack at the same time once all gets sorted out 🙂
  2. DEFINITELY looking forward to using FS2Crew on this beast. I'll be grabbing the pro in a few weeks as I am focusing entirely on my CDL Driving School right now, but once I get out of classes my free time will be back. Who knows, maybe we will have a crew by then. 🙂
  3. That is actually a very complicated subject. There are many MANY stages of testing what we know as Alpha or Beta. There are early Alphas, in which in-house testing is starting to barely test the waters of the product in the setting for which it is being designed, in this case the simulator itself. Then there are early Betas which the basic stuff is done, but more hands on testing is done, usually in house, to start working out the major bugs. The next part is where a lot of confusion takes place, because a LOT of folks seem to be under some idiotic dilusion that final Beta stages are supposed to be some public event, which it is most certainly not. In fact, I am usually completely against public betas. Fortunately, in the flight sim world, we do not have that sort of senseless drama. Only certain individuals or entities, and sometimes established YouTube streamers, are invited to take part in a Beta in order to bring more folks in a controlled fashion into the testing process, while maintaining control of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) and such to start finalizing the product. The problem is that when the public gets wind that products are supposedly in final Beta, they are "finished and ready to go", which is DEFINITELY not the case. Too many people think "beta" means "Exclusive access for a bunch of elitists that get to play with it and tease the public with e-peening before letting the commoners get their hands on it." I hate that sort of thinking and wish people like that would just get out of gaming, period. I have seen games where a Beta lasts more than a year. One game I followed AND Beta tested for - the Beta stages lasted a whole 2 years. It is a great game, but it was a brand new engine and brand new tech, so there was a LOT of code and weeding out to do before release. Having been a beta tester for various development platforms for years, I can certainly say that the word "Beta" absolutely and positively does NOT mean the product is finished or even near finished. It merely means that the product is out of INITIAL development and at a stage where folks can test it in a live environment to start giving feedback to troubleshoot bugs, make changes to balancing issues and physics, and such. This is why I hate public Betas. Public Betas do nothing more than attract morons who want early access to the game then gripe and moan because something isn't perfect, as if they are supposed to have a final, polished product, and put a lot of peer pressure on developers to make unnecessary changes to other things, taking their focus of the main point of the Beta, which is finding and troubleshooting actual game breaking issues. I am NOT the first to say this, and I will not be the last, but I am VERY glad that in the Flight Sim community we do not have Public Betas 🙂 When it comes to major projects like the JS-41, the project being in "beta" could still mean months, if not more, of development still. I am an avid supporter of "take your time and get it right before release, no matter how long it takes" ... one of the reasons I support and respect PMDG so much, because that is precisely what they do.
  4. Exactly. My flight sim has it's own 2.5 TB hard drive .... though I think I need to upgrade to a 4 TB soon O.o My Windows, even tweaked, acts odd. When I adjust an EXE file to always run as Admin, it doesn;t seem to stick half the time. However, right clicking to run as Admin works every time. LOL. Go Microsoft. ~eyeroll~
  5. yeah, I did that. FS2Crew even tells you in case you do not. if you for some reason install FS2Crew and forget to run the AC first, it gives you a warning. That's what it did with me, anyway, so i booted up the Sim, ran the 777, then ran the utility to enable FS2Crew. However, I think I forgot to run the utility as an Admin, and thus for some reason it didn;t write the line to the CFG. In current Windows OS installs, anything that needs to alter any files at all should always ALWAYS be run as Admin, and I think that is what I forgot, and thus what really threw me for a loop this round ROFL.
  6. The issue was SDK error. And the solution was RTFM. LOL. Reading the documentation I had missed the part about adding the entry to the CFG file for the 777. I was so focused on Simconnect and Admin rights, as well as making sure the default flight was the default flight, that I had missed the part about adding the entry to the CFG. I was also thrown off a bit due to the fact that the docs are written so specifically for FSX (You might want to add that the Ultralight is for FSX and the F-22 is for P3D ... My dumb self kept looking for an ultralight in P3D and that threw me off, also. LOL) Lesson - don't try to install software after pulling a 24 hour shift as an EMT.
  7. Sorry, admins. The forum will not let me delete this post ... I solved my issue and didn't want to waste forum space. Please delete this post as I have solved my issue. Thanks.
  8. This whole thread has made me as happy as two fat, hairy midgets falling in love with a lawn gnome in the back yard of a Louisiana redneck. But ... I have to ask ... will there be a crew soon after release or will you guys be waiting for all the stages to complete? I ask because they are not releasing all at once. First there will be the 31x series, followed weeks later by the A32x series. Some weeks after that will be a SP1 for both of those and then a few months later is planned the A330. Will FS2Crew be doing the same thing? Stages as opposed to waiting? Way more than internals have changed. it is an entirely new product built from the ground up. The way Aerosoft has presented it, this will be all new code not even related to the original Bus ... this is a GOOD thing, though, because new tech and new platforms require new code. I'd actually be disappointed if they stuck to the old code and did a simple port over.
  9. @JIm - Pretty much nailed right on, yes. For entertainment games like FSX, P3D, X-Plane, etc., "Study Level Sim" is mainly slang for an aircraft that has complex systems, and all such systems are simulated and handled. Their capabilities often go beyond what the base simulator was designed for, so the aircraft has independent code of its own which makes the aircraft pretty much a simulation in itself, using the flight simulator for pretty much nothing more than scenery. A prime example of this is PMDG, of which all of their aircraft are considered "Study Level" due to the depth of their aircraft simulations. All of their base aircraft for such simulations are between $100-$200 each. In the turboprop department, the Majestic Simulations Q400 is also on par with a study level aircraft, but only if you get the "Training" edition, which is Euro 121.99. There is an entertainment level version of it for 60 bucks, which some folks will TRY to argue is study level, but that version is highly dumbed down on features, which makes it not study level. Even that version is 60 bucks. That is why I literally sit here and chuckle when people try to say that the Saab is "priced at study level prices" .... I know add-on aircraft for P3D very well, and I can assure you that there is no "study level" plane available for any entertainment level flight simulator for less than $100, period.
  10. Thanks. yeah I am avoiding Facebook as well. I cancelled all of my accounts there and am boycotting them due to that fiasco. So I am appreciative that you pasted those here.
  11. I just hand select a power setting that keeps her from being fire-walled. For takeoffs, and I do this in all aircraft, not just this one, I adjust the throttles to have power around 10% below the red line, then adjust back as I stabilize into the climb phase. In the real world, I trust aircraft systems. In P3D, however, I have found it better to just handle the throttles myself.
  12. I would definitely like a copy of that. Just tonight I was having serious issues with trying to fly NAV mode with the GTN750 (the plane does not recognize GPS as a form of navigation). Hopefully your fix will correct that in my install. PM sending now ...
  13. Odd. People keep saying the price is comparable to "study level sims" ... literally every study level sim i have has cost me hundreds of dollars, whereas pretty much every single basic aircraft add-on that I have which is not study level has cost between 40 and 60 bucks. I think a lot of folks are getting confused as to what a study level sim is. These Carenado aircraft are falling exactly into the price point I'd expect for an entertainment level add-on for P3D.
  14. Kind of curious as to why folks act like they don't know that some J41's have been retrofitted with GPS instead of FMS in real life. It is common knowledge yet folks act like they do not know this. Curious indeed ~shrug~
  15. Unfortunately, I am away from Flight Sim till Tuesday, but i did check and I have that HD audio manager, also. It was also set to 48,000. I stream with 48k audio, so I am hoping that my switching this to 44.1 doesn;t jack with my stream quality, but i will see for sure tomorrow when I stream Farm Simulator. LOL Thanks for the info. I'll post tomorrow with my results as far as basic use goes, and next week when i get into the Sim again.
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