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  1. Just noticed using P3D 4 and 5 that the ILS feathers and info on a few fictitious airports and some modified stock airports created and modified using ADE are no longer displaying in LNM. Running 2.8.6.rc2. The correct bgl files are showing in LNM Data Source. The correct info is appearing in the actual P3D nav map so not sure which LNM build this stopped working in.
  2. REX SkyForce is not one of our products so you will need to contact REX Support regarding this.
  3. So is 5.3 still using the stars.dat file and if so in which particular mode? EA or Non-EA?
  4. If you close ASP3D/ASXP, and it closes properly, you should NOT remain logged in. If you see a disconnect other device message on next login in this case, it means someone else is using your license. If ASP3D/ASXP is force closed or crashes, without closing properly, it is normal to see the disconnect other device message. Usually we see this with force close from autostart programs such as SimStarter. Force close is NOT recommended for ANY software including ours, especially for the reason mentioned above.
  5. No I do not think so with the new advanced version for P3D5. Tried an older version they used for FSX that was already in the export options but that did not work. Here is a clip from the docs. 1. Introduction This document describes the format of our flight plan file (.route). We strongly recommend that third-party software export the route data ONLY, and not export the SID/STAR/APP data, because users navdata may not contain the same as per SID/STAR/APP in the flight plan file, and that may cause some unknown issues. 2. Various navigation data file extensions All pre-defined flight plan files (.route) are stored in FLTPLAN folder, which is located under the directory “Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\iFlyData\navdata\FLTPLAN” All these files can be opened with Notepad (a Windows accessory) or any text editor.
  6. Hi Alex, Ah ok that explains things. Had some hardware issues to deal with and whatnot and also some quits and reboots between some flights so I will remember that. Also regarding the database, I always update it after any bgl changes. Thanks!!
  7. Hi Piotr, Thanks for the reply. The main issue I'm curious about is why some destinations are not logged from both P4 and P5 unless it has something to do with either straight thru flights or possibly flights saved and resumed at a later point in time. Although I did have a few long hauls from start to finish that didn't register the destination. Maybe a bug or something so was bringing it to the Devs attention.
  8. The logbook seems to miss some destination airports from time to time in both P4 and P5. Is there a way to first backup the existing logbook and re-import everything to create a new one instead of manually editing the missing fields?
  9. Hello, The winds aloft discrepancy has been resolved this morning after some server adjustments and updates for the new data format.
  10. ADE is the way to go if not using addon airports. I spend alot of time flying around repairing airports. I just got done repairing the approaches in BIKF from Orbx because they were referencing the old runway designators and not showing up correct in ATC.
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