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  1. Thanks for reporting this! We'll look into this.
  2. Hello, 1) The search errors should be solved by now, please report if you're still getting them. 2) The logout button issue is being investigated currently.
  3. Hello, I just tried downloading the file and I successfully downloaded it with no problems. I suggest you try again one more time and report the results. Also, are you able to download other files (from AVSIM or any other website) larger than this file successfully?
  4. Hello, We were having some delays in file processing but all is OK now, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Hello, There are a number of AFCADs uploaded to the Library that are edits of payware AFCAD/Scenery files, however, as mentioned above, you must check the EULA of the product you're editing to see if uploading your edit is allowed or not .If the EULA doesn't clearly cover this point then you may contact the author(s) of the original payware files and ask for their permission.
  6. Hello, I just tried downloading the mentioned file and I got download speeds averaging ~95 kB/s (my connection is a 1 Mbps ADSL). So please try downloading again. If you get any error messages, try to copy them here so that we can get a better picture of what's exactly happening.
  7. Yes, that was the problem, the invalid characters were highlighted in the email sent to you. Your newest has file has been successfully processed.
  8. Hi Bob, I have personally replied to your 3 emails plus sending you a fourth one on the day you uploaded your file. If you didn't receive them I suggest you check your spam/junk folder, sometimes our emails end up there. Also, adding 'library[at]avsim[dot]net' to your email's white list is a good measure to make sure you receive our emails. Regarding the MD5 checksum, this is intended to check the integrity of the file we receive to make sure it hasn't got corrupted while being uploaded. Due to how the Internet works, sometimes files get corrupted during their passage through server. For more info, please refer to this: http://www.howtogeek.com/67241/htg-explains-what-are-md5-sha-1-hashes-and-how-do-i-check-them/ This may be a bit advanced, but it'll provide you with what you need if you really want to check and compare the MD5 checksum.
  9. Hello, please send us an email at 'library[at]avsim[dot]com' containing the email address you used to register on the mailing list and we'll look into it.
  10. Hello gents, Are you still having this problem till now?
  11. As a general, non-official, totally unrealistic rule of thumb that I tend to use when flying casually (offline) and when I don't have the appropriate charts: I aim to intercept the LOC at a distance of 8-10 NM and at altitude 2200-2500 ft above airport elevation assuming the surrounding terrain allows it.
  12. Hello again, the problem with the CAN MeshX files has been fixed. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. Our IT chaps have cast a few repair spells at the servers and all our tests are able to download normally now even via IE, so I ask you to please try again now and report your results whether you are able to download or not. Thanks in advance. Some changes were being carried out server-side during the hour just before your post, I kindly ask you to try again now and if you have more troubles please send us some screenshots of the errors or simply write them here.
  14. Thanks for all your replies, hopefully our IT chaps will use the available info to troubleshoot the problem. Not all users are lucky like you, I for instance have been unable download from the Library for months using FDM (my usual download manager) but I'm able to download normally using the Chrome default manager, which is still working to this moment! My request is based on the concept of "fault isolation" where we try to minimize the variables affecting the problem to narrow down its causes. To further explain: if a user who uses a download manager has a problem, the problem could be caused by the server, the browser or the download manager (assuming his ISP, router/modem and firewall are working as they should). But if the same users faces the same problem while not using the download manager, we can narrow down the possible causes to 2 things only, the server and the browser.
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