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  1. I knew this day would come, still, I am shocked and saddened. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.
  2. Good 'ol FSX. Great memories of that sim, looks like you're having fun with it.
  3. As an avid user of all things "Active Sky" I am hopeful that one day MSFS will base its weather on a combination of weather sources and tools to best represent what is going on around us. I am more than happy with weather depiction along my route of flight however, I am often disappointed with the accuracy of the weather in the areas surrounding the area and at the airport at which I am either departing or landing at. IMO we are only seeing the beginning of what is to become an amazing weather environment.
  4. Hi Max, Welcome to AVSIM, lots of great people around here. Robert
  5. Don was always there to help with a speedy reply when I ran into problems with scenery. As a local I was thrilled to install his airports for the Vancouver area. We lost one of the great ones, RIP Don. My condolences to his family.
  6. Have you tried the other axis after setting as throttle? In Windows Search bar type Set up USB game controllers then select the Bravo Throttle Quadrant then properties and check Axis sliders and see if they respond. If they are smooth there you'll know there is interference in the sim settings.
  7. ***Resolved*** A quick update, the issue has been resolved thanks to "Davenlr" over at the AVS forums who wrote: ... have you gone into the HDMI settings and enabled ENHANCED VRR mode on the port the computer is plugged into? It looks from the picture like it is getting a 120hz signal and the port is set to 60. Also make sure you are using port 3 or 4 for the computer. That is exactly the issue that it was! Coincidentally I had a computer tech buddy over in the last hour working on a BIOS issue and he resolved it as suggested by enabling Enhanced format (VRR). I didn't realize VRR was so crucial in allowing the display to function. It was explained to me that the BIOS screen is only 24Hz at a low resolution then suddenly switching to Windows 11 refresh and resolution in that instant caused the freezing issue on the Sony OLED TV. Below is how the image appeared on the TV screen.Robert
  8. Hi, I recently upgraded to a Sony 55" OLED display and have encountered some issues since updating to Windows 11. Prior to installing Windows 11 the display worked fine and I was enjoying the richness of the display qualities. The TV was not even recognized at first even though nothing had been changed in the settings, then finally a little progress was made but the graphics were distorted and multiple images of the same picture were displayed albeit in hues of pink, purple and blue. I purchased a certified 48" long HDMI cable and I managed to get the display to work after changing from one HDMI port to another. The main issue now is that I cannot update the nVidia GPU driver without the same issues repeating themselves. It is very strange, I have never had an issue with a display since I started simming many, many moons ago. Has anyone encountered an issue similar to this before? Many thanks, Robert
  9. Here is a list from reddit and I personally agree with all the aircraft that are on it. It appears that RealAir no longer sells their aircraft. I sent you a private message with the link. Single engine GA: Cessna 172 - A2A Piper Cherokee 180 - A2A Cruz PiperSport - Alabeo Cessna 182 - A2A (just released and a joy to fly) Lancair Legacy - RealAir Twin engine GA: Beechcraft Baron 55 - MilViz Cessna C310R - MilViz Beechcraft Duke B60 - RealAir de Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter - Aerosoft Turboprops: Beechcraft King Air 200 - Flight1 Beechcraft King Air 350i - MilViz Bae Jetstream 4100 (J41) - PMDG Dash-8 Q400 - Majestic Software (Very highly recommended) Business Jets: Cessna Citation Mustang - Flight1 Commercial Jets: Airbus A318/A319 - Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 - Aerosoft Boeing 737 NGX - PMDG (Very highly recommended) Boeing 777-200/300 - PMDG Boeing 747-800 - PMDG Boeing 737-200c - MilViz Boeing 767 - LevelD Simulations
  10. Contact them directly to have your license reset: admin@p2atc.com
  11. Isn't that being a little lazy? I found the 10 best aircraft with an online search in less than one minute. Start with PMDG if you want to fly an airliner.
  12. I'll purchase the most familiar to me and that would be the 737. I have never flown the Maddog and it looks amazing, same for the 146. The Maddog and the 146 both look like there is a bit of a learning curve which should be interesting to learn. Good times ahead! Rob
  13. I have not used Prepar3D for over a year but had to update it to test something related to Active Sky. I spent hours installing all the Orbx add ons and one aircraft and could not believe how bad the stuttering was. I thought that it was a good sign that I have flown only X-Plane and MSFS and that I was not missing anything. Having read this thread I will give Prepar3D another chance and hopefully enjoy it once in a while.
  14. Yup, love this bird so much I donated some money to the cause.
  15. Looks like I resolved the issue by turning off AI RADIO COMMUNICATIONS (ATC) IN MSFS in Options\Assistance Options\Piloting
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