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  1. Hello, any answer?. I am insterested but I want to know the current wait is for an order to be shipped. Info will be appreciate. Regards.
  2. Hello, I have the same problem. Otherways, I have other problem: The usser buttons of MCP combo 2 are assigned to avery external lights, but the landing and strobe/nav not functions, I can read the action on the display but do nothing on airplane. I tryed to change to differents buttons but not solve the problem. I don't know if I must to use this post or must create a new post. If my election is not correct, please do what is convenient Thanks and egards.
  3. @ScotFlieger Thanks for your help. I caj confirm that really is a hardware problem. Do you know if is posible to solve it? Regards
  4. Hi, The logs files has been sent. Thanks!
  5. Hi Andrew, When rotating (HDG, ALT, Radios) clockwise it displays Plus (+) and Minus (-). Then I supose that my hardware faulty 😞 Thanks a lot for your help and job. Best reagards.
  6. Hi andrew I confirm that the problem is with QW787 and all others airplanes, included "Default" with GA airplanes. I not run any other software. I am going to send you my FSIPC6 folder. Thnaks and regards.
  7. Hello Andrew, Affirm, I have QW787 and Aerosoft A320. I am going to do the same and I will you send the logs files. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I assign DspMode to a MCP button and on display toggle INFO/AP correct. The rotary SPD function is correct, but ALT rotary is the same problem like HDG or Radios.
  9. Hello, I have set the rotary HDG++ to DSPMode Toggle and when select, on the display toggle "INFO MODE / AP MODE". Regards.
  10. Hello, I use differents aircrafts, from default FSX to PMDG B738 but all with the files downloaded from LINDA forum. The functions are the default for any aircarft downloaded from LINDA forum. All with the sam problems. I am going to try send you the files. Thanks!!!
  11. Hello, I am windows 11 user from two months ago and I have problems with VRInsght Combo 2 with some rotary buttons: ALT, HDG, Radios. VS and Rotary from EFIS no has problem. When turn the rotary for example to up, the value goes up and down and is impossible to set any value. LINDA 3.3.4, FSIPC 6 bought, P3Dv5 HF2 Any idea? Thanks and best regards
  12. Hello, I have the same problem. Anybody help us? Regards.
  13. Hello, The same problem, any solution? Thanks and regards.
  14. Hello, My first simulator was FS4 from 1991... and now I use P3D v5.2. I have a lots of problem with medium configuraton: EA is impossible to use (very low frames), stutters evreywhere, very low frames when approaching to addon airport on virtual cabin (exterior view no problem) with PMDG airplanes, CTD if I try to change aiport position, black boxes on scenery, etc., etc. etc. Installed REX for textures, ActiveSky, ORBX Base, LC, Vectors, etc., payware aiports, PMDG B738 and B777, etc. Mi PC: AMD 3900x 4.15 Ghz. MSI X570 motherboard, 32 Gb RAM 3200, RTX 2070, NVMe x4 1 tb, 1 x monitor 28" 4k I have X-Plane 11 but not use and MSFS for test VFR flights expecting in the future a good "simulator" and not a game. No, I am not happy with P3D v5.2. Regards.
  15. Sorry, where I can find your email address?
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