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  1. Fixed. Computer can't count. It thinks 0.57 is really 0.569999999995. Honestly. Don't ask, because I have no idea.
  2. Hello Karl You're right - under some circumstances the 2D rudder follow-up doesn't work. I don't know why yet because it's intermittant, but at least I do know that it does happen. -Dai [Edit]. Right. It's recognisable by its symptoms - if you load a scenario and the directional gyro shows zero, then you click the cage/uncage knob so that the DG sets correctly, the 2D rudder follow-up won't set at all. Use ctrl+; to reload the scenario and it should break out of the problem. I wrote my own direction gyro class so that I could have any number of directional gyros that all drifted at different rates; best-guess at the moment says that the sim is intermittantly not loading the Sperry DG class correctly. I'm going to note this as a 'known problem' in the manual just in case I can't find the root cause.
  3. Are you sure the DG wasn't caged? It definately works from both the 2D and VC here; my tester has confirmed that too.
  4. I think I know what's happening. The video has given me a clue anyway - thank you.
  5. Switching the channel outputs is relatively easy. Switching the ident sounds so that they follow the channel selector is... going to be a little more difficult. That said, I have it on the to-do list.
  6. That's what I'm thinking should be the case.
  7. I see your point. The problem was in the lack of information for the radios fitted to the B-314. Pan Am fitted their own radios but never stated who was the supplier - it was pure luck that I found a Bendix radio photograph that matched the Clipper radios. If that's an easy change, I'll do it. I'll let you know.
  8. Now that I can't reproduce. It works perfectly on both comm radios when driven with the mouse.
  9. Fixed (I think). I'll ask my tester to take a look as he uses FSUIPC and I don't. The reason for that is I have to assume some users will not have it. Also don't forget that there are eight fixed positions on the B-314 so you can't set them to any position you want: it has to be one of those eight.
  10. Okay, so it's a slider as I suspected it might be. I had only allowed for the cowl flaps to be assigned to a switch/button, so that's why you're getting strange results. I'll look into it.
  11. Which axis? Which event have you assigned to that axis please?
  12. Bug reproduced. Will be fixed for the next release. Thanks for the report. [Edit] Fixed.
  13. I've had a small handful of off-forum queries as to why the engines smoke so much in level flight. In all cases it turned out that the person asking the question had the throttles open too far. The checklists for level flight state "Close the throttles to 29" MP or less". At 29" MP in calm weather you will be doing something in the region of 110 mph which is way the wrong side of the green line and your fuel burn will be extremely high. Throttle back to around 85-90 mph which is the speed used by B-314 aircrews as noted in the manual Part 1. This equates to around 24"-25" MP and 1900 RPM in calm weather. As a side note, this also makes the gyropilot easier to use.
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