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  1. Dai - both freeware developer and commercial developer for PILOT'S. Upgrade those terrible 8-bit graphics to 24-bit. The latest generation of Nvidia GTX2000-series graphics cards and 4K monitors is a complete nightmare for any form of gradient, however slight. I thought I'd had a few problems with the older GTX900-series cards on HDMI monitors, but 8-bit graphics on Turing cards is a swamp without a bottom.
  2. Biiilll!!!! Can you do the wizard bit with the pin please? And shoot the sd2gau36 post? Thank you!
  3. Only a few minutes ago but... Some additional updates to the new section on using SimConnect as a gauge. Three new sections on setting up Visual Studio, one new topic on communicating with XML gauges. Other minor and not-so-minor corrections and updates throughout the document. Bill; can you do the usual sticky trick please? I'd also be grateful if you could transfer it to flightsim.com as I've lost my login credentials (for the second time... )
  4. Okay - I asked for that! However, you have confirmed that I was looking in the right place when reading the 'Input Data' example in the SDK. Not sure if 'Input Data' is the correct title as I'm not at home and don't have the SDK on this machine but it is the example that sends ctrl+shift+U to activate something-or-other.
  5. Oh well. Looks like it's going to have to be a SimConnect command. The aircraft I'm working on doesn't have flap positions; you press a switch and an electric motor drives the flaps until you release the switch and there they stay - subject to maximum deflection of course! Any idea which SimConnect method I need?
  6. After reading an old post of Bill's over on flightsim.com, I think this is correct for setting left flaps. However, I'm not that familiar with setting K vars from C (I usually just read them) but the _FLAPS_SET token variables in C are completely fubar. I'd be grateful if someone could cast an eye over this and tell me where the error is: execute_calculator_code("(A:TRAILING EDGE FLAPS LEFT PERCENT,percent) (>K:TRAILING EDGE FLAPS LEFT PERCENT)", NULL, &return_value, NULL); 'percent' would contain the required position of the flaps.
  7. That's definately gone into the 'if it doesn't work, try Doug's method' pile. Doug's Method (capitalised and bold) just fixed a long-standing problem with GENERAL ENG GENERATOR SWITCH too.
  8. Got to be me, but the following piece of code always returns zero at all altitudes and throttle settings. Just on the offchance I tried the SINT32 slot too but that also returned zero. Anyone any idea what I've missed/done wrong? //************************************************************************** // Carburetor air temperature //************************************************************************** double getCarbTemp(double engine) { double degC=0; execute_calculator_code("(A:RECIP CARBURETOR TEMPERATURE,engine)", &degC, NULL, NULL); return degC; }
  9. Which aircraft? If it's a non-LM one (e.g. made by Carenado, Virtuali, etc.) then you won't be able to do it because unlike the default aircraft, these have full systems-integration that has been designed from scratch. Adding a third-party gauge isn't going to hook into those systems, nor will swapping gauges between developers' own aircraft work for the same reasons.
  10. I've already done it Bill. Better still, it seems that FSX projects will compile and run with the updated P3Dv4gauges.h file, provided that you don't try to use the P3D-specific stuff. I did it by accident! However, I'm reluctant to announce that the P3D gauges.h file 'iz wrong and I haz the propr one' when I've only made two posts on the P3D forums. -Dai
  11. GIMP has improved in the last few years but there are times when it's still a bit non-intuitive. Although my weapon of choice is Photoshop (Creative Cloud at $9 a month), there are still some things that only GIMP can do.
  12. Finally go the answer to this one, but not the answer to the overall problem - yet. I was right in suspecting VS2015's security as the culprit: on the VS2015 menu go to Project | [project] property pages Under Configuration | General | Platform Toolset If set to "Visual Studio 2015 (v140)" you'll get the errors: if set to "Visual Studio 2013 (v120)" you don't get the errors. Not sure where to go next but Prepar3D v4 requires the V140 toolset. Oh - and the gauges.h file supplied with the Prepar3D SDK is still the original and uncorrected Microsoft FSX SDK offering with added Prepar3D bits. I wonder if I'll get a response on the Prepar3D forums... :)
  13. Does anyone know if KEY_PROP_PITCH_X actually does anything apart from move levers? I've been playing with the DC3 and looking at the SDK and can't find any reference to actually changing the pitch of the propeller blades. [EDIT]: Okay, got my own answer. It helps a lot to have the throttles NOT at idle before testing.
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