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  1. Any news on the B314 for MSFS, by any chance?

  2. I'm chasing the very last bug. Well, it had better be the very last bug because otherwise I'm going to be really upset! Apologies for not answering before: RL has kept me off most forums and unable to code as much as I would have liked for the last two months.
  3. You may also be interested in this. The XB-15 was the aircraft that 'donated' its wing to the B-314. No sound so no, you haven't gone deaf! 😄 -Dai
  4. A three-part series made by America's PBS about Juan Trippe's determination to cross the Pacific after the British locked him out of the Atlantic route. I found it well worth the three hours to see it all. Apart from the B-314 in the last episode, there are some nice shots of the Sikorsky S40/S42 and the Martin M-130. There is also a fair amount of time devoted to how Pan-Am created the first RDF stations. https://www.pbs.org/video/across-the-pacific-airborne-8ms7qa/ One thing I really like about PBS documentaries is the total lack of adverts, except at the beginning when they list who funded the documentary. It was always my 'go-to' channel during the year I was at college in the States. -Dai
  5. We're working on it. It's in the final test rotation, but note that 'rotation'. There's a few bugs left to kill.
  6. It's already fixed... 😄 The metallic sheet (_m.dds texture) was wrong. The smoke colour is supposed to be random. Light grey is caused by oil pooling in the cylinders or excess oil burn and dark grey is excess fuel being burned off. The Wright Cyclone was not oil-tight and was heavy on fuel. Not as bad as the Rolls-Royce Merlin mind. That one really was effectively fuel-cooled. -Dai
  7. The fps problem is internal to the sim. It's not just the Clipper - other users with default aircraft on long-ish flights have noticed it too. I've seen a bug report on the LM forums. There was a problem with the mixture levers - already fixed. Whiskey compass - that's the only problem report I#ve seen. I'll see if I can reproduce.
  8. I originally wanted to release a paintkit but internal decisions have made that impossible. I really do apologise for raising hopes before I had cleared it. Mea culpa.
  9. I had intended to create a set of as-new textures, but it will be a private project and not part of the official release.
  10. Urgh. Yes, the lights are set onto the fins, so it looks like I'll need to produce a separate set just for the single-fin prototype. Mooring buoys are already fixed in the -A version. The delay in releasing the -A version is being caused by a possible bug in the 3DS Max SDK which appears to be preventing the export of one part correctly.
  11. Thank you for that screenshot. There's a reflective error on the engine textures which has now been fixed as part of an update package when the B314-A is released.
  12. Found the feathering problem - it's a fight between what my code says should happen and what the sim thinks should happen. I've re-written it so that the props feather a lot faster. It's not as accurate as I would like it, but it stops that 'fight' from occurring.
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