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  1. i should also mention i downloaded the 314A and 314 base at the same time and didn't have any issues unzipping and installing the boeing 314 base only the 314A i have a issue with
  2. well i tried the exclusion to a temp folder and also to my downloads folder and redownloaded the zip folder for the 314A then moved it to the temp folder and still got the same error https://prnt.sc/RXIpN0v6yAfk https://prnt.sc/-HZx-XbkYz40
  3. hello i'm trying to reinstalled the boeing 314 A for p3d v5 and i have the base boeing 314A installed but when i tried to open the boeing 314A zip folder i get a error saying the zip folder is invalid and i have tried to redownload it twice both times it was the same error pic of the error https://prnt.sc/map8gN4TzAwy
  4. That is not possible do to the Clippers using v5 exclusive features so it would break in v4.5 so that is why it's only v5
  5. yes I use fsuipc for external application connection to p3dv5
  6. here is a clip of the issue happening on my flight it's every quick it's like a split second issue https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshackleAgreeableToadNotATK-BgCS-J8gfWpIAewO watch closely to the KDI 1
  7. i've seen the KDI 1 needle flick normally in cruise it flicked every few minutes
  8. i loaded into the 314A today and the hobbs meter was reading 17+ hours https://prnt.sc/nXXLCP57fKIN idk is the reload refreshed the code for them to show what i think is the correct hours
  9. about the landing lights staying i've had the issue too even on my own created scenario so idk but yeah i've had the issue once or twice when flying today if you hit L it will turn it off i just don't know if it will turn back on idk how to code handle the default lighting keybind
  10. i think i've found a issue with the meter counting i've noticed during my 18 hour cross the Atlantic ocean in the 314A that the hobbs meters reset to zero after 9.9 hours instead of going to 10.0 hours like in the manuals https://prnt.sc/HXNhNmMjfBkO
  11. i see also just so i don't need to make another post i did just find a texture issue with the hydro tank needles when the lights are on https://prnt.sc/RhyhT_IXluFR the engines numbers show up over the hydro tank needle lettering when lights are on
  12. ah i see okay sorry about asking these questions i'm just curious as i like to fly real world flight these planes flown and i'm trying to move from the a2a connie gyropilot and idk how realistic that is compared to what you guys have worked so hard to model
  13. would it be normal to use trim wheel to make small changes with the gyropilot in the 314 if the gryo doesn't react to anything between a -3 or +3 deg change there must have been a way to keep the plane stable
  14. i was flying the 314A and the gyropilot elevator is a bit snappy like when i wanted to descend i would have to put the gyropilot to -2% pitch down before it reacts to it and when it reacts it snaps the yoke forward then i would have to put pitch up to .5% before it reacts to climb and it would snap the yoke back and the servo speed was set to 3 like Sperry recommended in the manuals watch this clip that shows the issue https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1674024545
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