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  1. Hi, is it possible to use just the a1 from UT Live for injected aircraft? I'm using MT6 at the moment and would like to find something with a bit better looking aircraft? MT6 looks a bit, well you know. Regards Rod Lewis
  2. Hi, has anybody got FS Global 2010 mesh installed into p3dv3.4 without having fsx installed? I had a complete computer melt down and are in the middle of a complete reinstall of p3d, I been trying for 2 days now with the same result, it won't work, I used to have it and it worked great but I did have fsx installed but not anymore, I've tried using the p3d installer from Pilots but instructions are as clear as mud, it seems to want fsx installed first so is it possible or not? Cheers Rod Lewis
  3. I just have one other question with the likes of MT6 and UTL do you need the respective programs or do you just need there aircraft folders to get the aircraft? Hope that makes sense. Regards Rod Lewis
  4. Thanks for the tip Nico I'll give it a shot. Cheers Rod.
  5. Ok great thanks. Should I uninstall MT6? I get an awfull lot of Antonov aircraft for some reason, I'm not sure if their from MT6 or default P3DV4 aircraft, it just looks a bit weird to three or four of them lining up. Cheers Rod.
  6. Sorry, just the UTLive aircraft folder, liveries for Psxseecon to use as traffic. Regards Rod Lewis.
  7. Hi guy's, I would just like to share my experience with DL, I was having a hell of a time with DL stutter slide show using 4 X SGSS in NI and 4 MSAA in p3dv4.1 dropped NI to 8 x Supersampling and P3dv4.1 to 8 x msaa and what a difference it made DL forever, stutters in heavy cloud cover using AS16 has improved ten fold with crisp textures pretty much the same and holding a constant 29.8fps, PMDG 777 with all lights on, my rig is very basic, an MSI GT72 Dominator laptop GTX970M with a 24 inch Samsung curved monitor 144hz, I'm happy. Cheers Rod.
  8. This is so frustrating, I have a brand new P3DV3.4.22.19868 install and have redownloaded all my PMDG products, 747, NGX T777 today and everytime I load a PMDG aircraft it gets to 100% loaded and bang P3D has stopped working, if I uninstall PMDG the sim is fine there are multiple errors in the event viewer which I have no idea how to show them except for this one, the system has had a new mother board and SSD fitted and a reinstall of the operating system, win10, I've tried everything I can think of as long as I dont have any PMDG products installed the sim is fine, a day and a half now and no progress, I sorry I can't be more specific. Cheers Rod Lewis. 116445676942 5 BEX Not available 0 Prepar3D.exe 588f7cbf StackHash_e31f 00000000 PCH_C6_FROM_ntdll+0x000722CC c0000005 00000008 \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WERA54C.tmp.dmp \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WERA6F3.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WERA701.tmp.csv \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WERA702.tmp.txt C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppCrash_Prepar3D.exe_24d0be4fee67db583ff64872ee6f13609eb42c0_d937b49f_20e1bd39 0 35dfba5f-1a19-40a7-9967-377fa20d9983 268435456 5dd4a35d128c19f513416ed0c61bc5bd
  9. Brilliant Olympic260 I didn't have kb4038788 but I did have kb4040724 uninstalled that one and my sim is back so I can continue on reinstalling my sim, thankyou very much. Cheers Rod Lewis.
  10. Hi Sean, I've read a number of posts regarding the update and I don't have it installed, I had all PMDG installed before I had a system meltdown and never experienced this issue before, thanks for the tip though. Rod Lewis.
  11. FSX/FSX-SE?

    AS I live on a yacht and travel a lot a laptop for me is more viable and as I work on a ship I can take my sim with me, I have an MSI 17" GT72, 64bit, Nvidia GTX970, 32gig ram , 500SSD, 1TB HDD and although it only has a 5700HQ processor, using a 24" Samsung curved screen, it does run P3DV3 and V4 at a constant 30fps with crisp textures, all Orbx, PMDG, FS2Crew , AS16, ATC programs , etc, etc the list goes on, I'm in the process of a laptop upgrade as there are many that will do the job just fine, although they are a little on the expensive side' Cheers Rod.
  12. V3 Ha, interesting, I'm only keeping V3 at the moment because I haven't got my Orbx airports in V4 yet, and A320X, so it would be nice to get to the bottom of it. Cheers Rod.
  13. Hi, I have a an issue with a nvidia graphics driver, I have both P3DV3.4 and P3DV4 installed, I was running nvidia driver V368.81 for however long it's been out with good results and I just updated the graphics driver to V385.41 and P3DV4 seems a more stable with this version but I now get a g2d.dll freeze in P3DV3.4 only with this driver installed, V4 I don't have any problems, V3 will load with the default flight but I have no control over the menu I mean no click spots work, I can change views with a joystick button but only the sound changes but no view change, nothing on the screen works, if I revert back to V368.81 P3DV3.4 is back to normal again, any idea's? Regards Rod.
  14. Is that with V3 or V4? I don't have any problems with P3DV4 just with V3 with the 385.41 driver, seems a bit weird. Regards Rod Lewis.
  15. Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the Queens wing tip vortex's not being aligned with the wing tip but show up quite a distance below the tip? is it only mine or is it for everyone, running P3DV4, or as I'm using PrecipitFX has that affected it. Cheers Rod.
  16. Oh "OK" it's slowly becoming clearer, I'll get there, thankyou. Cheers Rod.
  17. As the title say's, I have no idea why, how, when this could have occurred, I have what is Orbx compatiable at the moment installed, FSDT, FB which installed in there default addon manager, A1 ships, MyTraffic 6A as per the XML method, I just opened the scenery library via the P3DV4 world scenery GUI and the error appeared, would I like P3D to try and repair it? Yes, but it can't, I have no idea as to where to start, there are a few greyed out scenery layers in the library which are the FSDT and Flightbeam sceneries which were installed as per there new default addon manager arrangment, whether thats what it's referring to I have no idea, if anyones got a clue I'm all ears. Cheers Rod.
  18. Thanks Oliver and duly noted, there's one other thing, when I place a layer no. in the xml is doesn't coincide with the same no. in the scenery library, if I set an xml layer no. say 114 it shows up in the scenery library at lets say layer no.99 it never ends up in the in the same position as what's placed in the xml hence I think thats where I get the non sequential layer error, that confuse's me, I've tried different layer no.s in the xml as an experiment an it's never the same in the library. Cheers Rod.
  19. I'm not sure if this is relevant or not but I'm only using MyTraffic for the liveries with Psxseecontraffic, during a number of flights there doesn't seem to be any issue's with the layer number not being in the xml file. Cheers Rod
  20. Thanks guy's, the more I come to this forum the more I learn in one way or another, the "layer', the more it was mentioned above something clicked, I looked at the xml document for MyTraffic6 which had a >layer114< in it, checked the scenery library from the P3dV4 in sim GUI and it was layered at 91, mmm, removed the layer section from the xml document and presto no more non sequential layer error, thanks for the spark. Cheers Rod.
  21. I should have thought about it a bit longer, I'll wait, good advise. Cheers Rod
  22. I know we have to uninstall the 200/Queen before installing V4 compatible, I have of course the 300 as well so do we have to uninstall that as well and re-download the 300 expansion pack for P3DV3? Cheers Rod.
  23. To be honest I haven't moved on any further yet as I'm still using P3DV3 with 2010 (it was V3 that I installed FSUNG)at the moment until I get V4 settled, V3 is performing beautifuly with all the fruit added so until I have everything V4 sorted I'm staying put, there seems to be some post's rising in regards to FSUNG lately so when I'm at the mesh stage with V4 I'll revisit the mesh thing, waitng on Pilots view. Cheers Rod.
  24. G'day Micheal, I too probably spend 90% of my time in Orbx regions when I was seeing this so for the $...00 spent on the mesh to deactivate it sort of doesn't feel right, but I'm getting a much better experience with 2010 overall, now with P3DV4 installed as well I'm on the fence as to whether I install FSGUNG into that, but if there's anything I can do to improve the problem I'm all ears. Cheers Rod.
  25. Wow I'm glad I came across this subject, I'd been running FS global 2010 in p3dv3 with all the Orbx stuff forever and this texture morphing as its being described was basicly nill for me with really nice crisp terrain, so as a treat for myself I'd thought I'd upgrade to FSGlobal Ultimate NG which is 1mtr mesh and 80gig, the morphing textures with this was horrendous, I posted over on another forum and got baulked at to fix my sim, couldn't stand it any longer, uninstalled it and reinstalled 2010 and instantly the sim is back to normal, clean and crisp, so please tell me it's got something to do with the mesh size that makes this happen. Cheers Rod