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  1. PMDG 737 is head and shoulders above the rest for me at the moment. With how good it is I cannot wait for the 777! Then the Fenix A320, and the JF Warrior for when I fancy some GA/rl practice!
  2. I'm very much looking forward to this! While I appreciate there are other ways of getting real world traffic and their liveries in MSFS, I can't be bothered with the faff of installing hundreds of separate liveries which it seems necessary to do with the alternatives, so this looks great!
  3. I'm not sure of an actual taxi speed limit but it's generally considered anything from a brisk walking pace up to about 20kts (ish). GA aircraft in real life can be quite difficult to keep speed under control during taxi. Normally a combination of factors including the requirement to keep the engine above idle speed to stop the plugs fouling, and also the brakes typically aren't that great! Especially if you're going on a slight downhill gradient it's quite easy to find it running away from you.
  4. Aircraft that use WASM/C++ like the PMDG 737 and Aerosoft CRJ do take ages the first time you load them in, and after any update, as MSFS has to recompile all the code. Give it at least 10 minutes before giving up and force quitting just in case. Fenix loads quick as it doesn't use WASM, a lot of it is external to the sim and loads in the background.
  5. So these aren't single long haul flights, but turn-arounds without reloading the sim in between? If the latter, I can see how this could possibly lead to decreased performance. There's a chance the previous flight plan or something to do with the previous leg isn't unloading fully and then the system is getting bogged down as another flight plan is loaded perhaps. Always a good idea to reload the sim between flights IMO. Not realistic I know but you can just re-spawn on the same stand with the same panel state in a few extra minutes. I managed a 6 hour flight (single flight, not a turnaround) in the 737 today and had no degradation that I could tell.
  6. MSFS' file system is completely changed from FSX so there are no conflicts and they can coexist happily side by side.
  7. Nothing bothering me, the 737 in MSFS is everything I'd hoped for. Like most I'd probably have rather the -800 was launched first but having a lot of fun with the -700, has actually made me venture across the pond in the sim where they're more abundant and recreate some Southwest and WestJet flights instead of my usual European hops! Looking forward to the 777 and whatever the mystery aircraft is.
  8. There's essentially two vendors/places you can buy and download MSFS. They are the official Microsoft Store and Steam. Steam is just another digital distributor of PC games essentially. It's popular because they have a huge online store of PC titles and a nice download manager/app so you can keep all your PC titles in one place. It also handles all the installation and updates of your games for you automatically - although this isn't so effective for MSFS since it also has its own built in updater! I believe any other vendor you buy MSFS from (online or in a shop) it will just be a key to download and install it from either of the above. There is also a boxed version of MSFS available from Aerosoft. It contains 10 DVDs. I would highly discourage anyone from getting this as they are so out of date you will basically have to download the entire product in updates anyway. And you have to keep one of the DVDs inserted at all times in order to run it for authentication. As for the different versions of MSFS, the base package is the Standard edition. The Deluxe and Premium Deluxe editions just include extra content on top of Standard - ie there are more default aircraft and handcrafted airports. But ultimately they're the same game and all third party add ons will work with whichever version you have. You can also upgrade your installation at a later date if you buy Standard and want Premium Deluxe. There is also Game Pass. This is a Microsoft pay monthly subscription service which gives you access to download and play many Xbox and PC titles from their store without buying the game. MSFS Standard edition is one of the titles included in this, and I believe Game Pass has a deal for new subscribers where it's only $1 for the first month, so it's a very cheap way to try MSFS for a month to see if it works and if you like it. If your subscription runs out you will no longer be able to run it however. It's worth noting as well, that the Xbox version of MSFS is the same as the PC version - it's not stripped down or arcadey. If you buy MSFS via the Microsoft Store route you get a license to install it on both a PC and an Xbox.
  9. I don't have the Leonardo, but I do have both the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 737. My advice - get them both! They're both short to medium haul jet airliners, but that's where the similarities end as far as operating them goes. They're different enough from each other that they're fun to fly in different ways. The Fenix is incredibly impressive, and is probably the most feature rich of the two. The realistic passenger/fuel loading and integration with the EFB makes it an extremely immersive simulation and takes it fat beyond just flying the plane, more like the whole operation of an A320 flight from gate to gate. I'm going to go against the grain here a little bit though and say for me personally I get a little more from the 737. I think its mainly because I have an older PC and it runs so much better, giving a much smoother and better looking experience. It's not quite as full featured or polished as the A320 - loading the aircraft through the FMC is all a bit FSXish - but its still an awesome add on and very enjoyable to fly.
  10. You might just about be OK with the PMDG 737 with your spec. I'd say you'll really struggle with the Fenix A320 though. I've got a 4770K and GTX 1060 6GB and it's just about flyable for me, but lags quite a lot at airports.
  11. That's exactly what Simbrief does. It gives you the SID and STAR to use and the correct runways. It doesn't enter them into the MCDU but that's literally about 2 clicks each. The rest of the route is pulled in though. This is realistic because in reality its not uncommon for SIDs and STARs to change last minute due to a change in weather or traffic levels. It even gives you the exact fuel to carry and in an aircraft like the Fenix it can load the fuel and passenger loads directly from Simbrief so there's no delving into the MSFS menus at all.
  12. I remember years ago really enjoying the Digital Aviation Fokker 100 for FS2004 back in the day. This will be a trip down memory lane!
  13. I've probably done 12-14 flights in it now including one today that was over 4 hours and no crashes. Less than optimal fps at times but not a crash.
  14. Well yes there are a few bits of house keeping to do before you set off, but the difficult tasks like finding a route and working out how much fuel to load are all done for you. I've never understood the point in flying one of the airliners if you're not even going to try to do it at least semi-realistically - you might as well just sit and watch a YouTube video of it if you're just going to let flight planner handle it all and sit and watch it fly itself!
  15. Sorry just read the post about MS flight planner integration. I strongly, strongly recommend you start using Simbrief instead. It's just as easy - input a departure and destination airfield, make up a flight number and leave everything else Auto. It'll find you a real world route including the SID and STAR and runways appropriate to the weather. Then you can just load it into the aircraft directly through the EFB, no need to manually enter all the waypoints.
  16. I flew the FBW a lot but since the Fenix came out I've been flying that exclusively when I fancy flying a Bus (I also use the PMDG 737 equally too). The Fenix is more feature rich a simulation - it has failure modelling and all that stuff - but really you can fly either pretty casually and I wouldn't say that the Fenix is any more difficult to fly. In fact the EFB and the seamless integration with Simbrief you can have a flight planned, loaded and airborne within about 20 mins. So don't be put off by the complexity of it! That's not to downplay the FBW. I think what the team have done and continue to do with it is awesome! The Fenix is definitely a more polished experience though.
  17. 30. Started messing around with my dad's FS98 and FS2000 as a young kid, but been hooked on simming since I was about 15 with FS2004. That one was the start of it all really!
  18. As Bob said above, I'd just move the Community folder and leave everything else to MS Store to re-download. Will probably save you a ton of headaches.
  19. No thanks, I actually really like the world updates, they add a lot to the sim.
  20. Plague Tale was really good, I was hooked on the first one!
  21. One of my favourites in MSFS. Can't believe it's free, it's definitely of a quality you would pay quite a lot for. I wish he'd do my local Biggin Hill! Is quite a performance hog though, so beware if combining it with one of the complex new tubeliners.
  22. As said above, I don't know why they bothered producing a disc version. It's updated so frequently and relies so heavily on online content that it was literally only a matter of days before the versions burnt on the discs were obsolete. Just get the download version, MS Store or Steam. It's far more streamlined and straight forward and is how it was designed to be used really.
  23. No A320 is rated for the steep approach into LCY. Even the A318s that used to go in there where adapted with the 'Steep Approach mode' which wasn't standard fit even on the 318 AFAIK. Try at your peril but you're very likely to go off the end into the drink! 😂
  24. Hi all, Just arrived in Denver! Looks like the passengers have to make a leap of faith to exit at some of these gates... As you can see, the jetways are not attached to the piers! Anyone else seen this? It's the default/handcrafted Asobo KDEN.
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