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  1. Now this is getting greedy, but some airlines like Easyjet on their A319s have 2 overwing emergency exits each side, is that something that could be done without too much extra work at some point?
  2. I fly from the copilot seat. I have custom views set up for this. When I use the hat switch on my joystick to glance left or right it's done from the pilot seat. What do I need to adjust to get the base position for this movement to be from the copilot side, matching the position of my cockpit view (Alt 1 in my set up).
  3. Really need an E190 if doing current operations from here...
  4. It's an option in the EDB (tablet) aircraft tab. Click the default state button until it says the option you want. Or does that not do the cold and dark, it works for me with turnaround state
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