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  1. How many terrabytes download will that require? Sigh, my GF will complain terribly for not being able to watch TV for that duration ;-) Looking Forward to stop space Exploration and get back down to earth for the awesome landscapes Thanks!
  2. No such issues with W10 so far, running even (Slow) Insider since ages. Weird, I even used that to record videos from the running X-Plane. At least before the Fall Creators Update. Have not used it since ... Probably something else on my system then. Will check drivers and stuff ...
  3. Strange issue here with Beta 7: I have updated a full X11 and a separate demo X11. Both show the same: I have two screens with X-Plane running on one and whatever else on the second. If I switch out of X-Plane to something on the 2nd screen and back to X-Plane the screen goes black and it crashes directly or I have to kill it. This did not happen with any of the Betas before. Now, there is of course a possibility that something on my Windows 10 has changed in between that I need to find and fix. So I wonder: is Beta 7 working ok for everybody in that regard?
  4. Perhaps if it was posted somewhere else than Facebook? They do have their own Website, x-plane.com and various blogs that I follow. But Facebook ... no way ;-)
  5. Sitting in the nice vskylabs Phoenix U15 with the engine running, I wonder how much of that (and the other lift types) are simulated in X-Plane (11)? ------------------------------ Ok, the Ridge lift at least seems to work. I turned Thermals on (max rate and coverage) in the weather setup. Wind coming from west. Then I took of from my lovely neighborhood glider field "Ohlstadt-Pömetsried" XED7O, climbed 3000 ft and then went for the mountain range that is directly east of the airport. And indeed, there were areas of lift, again and again. Continuing south along the mountains I could climb quite a bit and continuing that direction I managed to sail/glide (?) all the way to LOWI, Innsbruck. That was awesome! :-) Totally unexpected: Low in the valley, towards the runway there were again spots of lift which affected my glide path towards the runway.
  6. Total glider noob here, how do I go about 'finding lift'? Any simple tutorials out there?
  7. "Update" instead of "Add or Remove" - thats the key! Thank you for the hint. I never noticed that option before
  8. Just about 3GB updates: the previously missing stuff towards the north pole. No new autogen. What's the trigger to get it?
  9. Snake oil? One can also lock a process to specific cores in windows task manager. Doing so does not seem to make any noticeable difference on my PC.
  10. Try this, it might be what you are after. Personally I like Plan-G better since it runs outside x-plane on the 2nd monitor
  11. I was just thinking that the original thread has a weird headline that nobody might relate to Goodway flightplanner. Here you go:
  12. Ok, its there now. Tried the demo but it is not for me. Unlike the old one this is now a plugin and therefore not what *I* need. But there is Plan-G for me: runing on the second screen, not obstructing X-Plane, can plan my flights up front, have a moving map, etc. For VFR I see no need for this new Goodway. Good luck
  13. Glad I could help. LR asked whether I could reproduce that behavior but no, any fresh install after that had no files missing. though I did not to download the whole global scenery again.
  14. If this is indeed the cause of missing scenery for you as well, please report it to Laminar.
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