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  1. Did you ever test with Direct X11? Sorry if it was somewhere in the tread already.
  2. GPU at 39c so it’s basically idling 😄 Could you run a Cinebench? Best way to test CPUs.
  3. Suggestion: Run Cinebench to check the CPU and install HWInfo to see the CPU temps and frequency while doing so. As the others say: Something seems to be odd with your CPU.
  4. That’s like using a horse because one day in the future you may run out of gas.
  5. The prices in Germany for the 4080 are way (and I mean WAY) tonight for what you get. But as long as people buy it - Jensen will get new leather jackets. And will keep rising the prices. I have no problem spending a lot of money on a hobby. But what Nvidia is doing is just milking every single drop. So no thanks.
  6. Another thing: When FSR is running I can’t rotate the aircraft. It seems there’s interference with controls. Also the Fenix autopilot is not working as intended with FSR running. Could not find my hint about this on google. But I see some users here experience the same.
  7. Why don’t you simply press WIN + ALT + B while running the sim and you can simply compare it instantly? On my LG OLED HDR makes a huge difference. Especially at night / dark scenes.
  8. And what makes you so sure? 😉 AIOs real benefit is that you get the hot air out of your case. My Kraken 360 AIO runs with 30% fan speed all the time and coolant temp is around 40c. Even in cinebench or other full load scenarios on an overclocked 5900x. I am also not sure why people are looking at the core temp. There is a presentation of AMD where they explicitly say that Ryzen is designed the way to see higher core temps. It’s just normal. The question is: how much wattage is needed and do you get it cooled.
  9. As you did a restore and it still didn’t work means to me it’s not a software issue. Either there is something wrong in your hardware or the connection to Microsoft. And regarding Asobo sending you the manual: well, what did you expect? Try calling a garage and tell them that your car doesn’t start. Nothing else. And then guess the answers 🙂 It’s hard to analyze this by phone / mail.
  10. By 88 FPS vs 90. In all other games the 13900k is better. But ok. For gaming the 13xxx is the king, it is what it is.
  11. Everything is possible to code 😉 I mean the setting is already there. That would really be a top feature.
  12. Der8auer did a review and set the power target of the 13900k to 90 watts and still got awesome performance. You will see the high power load only in multithreading stuff like Cinebench. So I would say the 13xxx is king for now. Until the 7xxxX3D will arrive.
  13. This. Said it on page 1. Run a benchmark. 3D Mark. Do it. 🙂
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