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  1. The best about PMDG updates? The crying of the community afterward. No matter what was said.
  2. Yeah great channel. Eurowings A319/320/321 ceo and Neo. Wide variety and very interesting. I watch the videos after my wife fell asleep 😉
  3. If I leave my LG OLED I take my remote, press the speech recognition button and say: „Screen off“. This sets the screen off but the TV is still running.
  4. Omg. Hard earned. How long do you have to work for 60 bucks? 2, 3, maybe 5 hours? Asobo…. You joke of a company!!!!111
  5. Well. Maybe a thread about a highly automated modern airliner isn’t the place for you then? Just maybe.
  6. Saw the video. Imagined how this will go down on avsim. Checked this thread. And it exactly goes how I imagined. Gg boys.
  7. My god. The crying everytime PMDG does something is so annoying.
  8. I run an EVGA 3080ti Hybrid at 1850 MHz / 0.850 Volt. Gives me the perfect balance between temps / power consumption / performance. VRAM +1000.
  9. If you switch eg from a 3800 to a 5800x3d you won’t have to. A colleague even switched mainboard, cpu and Ram. Plugged it his old M2 SSD. Installed the new drivers and it’s running ever since.
  10. Run 3D Mark Timespy to see if it’s a general problem or related to MSFS. Monitor temperatures / frequencies with HWInfo while doing so.
  11. 77F is ok for the start. Lots of Lufthansa Cargo / Aerologic to be flown around 🙂
  12. You guys miss that DLSS is a work in heavy progress. And later versions are much better than older ones. So if you’re GPU limit this can for sure boost your FPS. Depends on the scenario. The guys in here who don’t get how DLSS works and what’s its doing and scream „sneak oil“: get outta here.
  13. Just had a look in FR24. Korean Air out of Frankfurt. 10.30 hours flight. At FL380 after 21 minutes. Looks not too embarrassing to me.
  14. What exactly isn’t true? Low FPS on a highend system, limited by main thread. So yeah. Guess what. The single core performance is too low. And compared to overall CPU performance (by adding more cores) single core performance did not scale quite as much. And the game engine sucks when it comes to displaying objects in the distance.
  15. Well. For almost every game there is a main thread. You use threads to distribute work. However, one thread is holding it all together. You can’t distribute one thread to multiple cores. And though the 13xxx and 7xxx CPU are strong overall, the single core performance did not grow as much over the last years. And, together with the Terrain LOD set to high leads to main thread limitation. And I am 98% sure that’s the case here too.
  16. Stop whining. My god. The age of the offendeds.
  17. So you think the whole Sim folder is loaded into the RAM? RAM Speed has nothing to do with loading times and 100% nothing with the SSD speed. DDR5 6000 can transfer 48 Gigabyte / second. But this is between CPU and RAM. The SSD is limitied by the PCIe bus or PCIe lanes for the M.2 slot. And even this limit is not reached by SSDs. There’s a lot of variables and steps between the single hardware components. It’s not as simple as you think.
  18. Testing a CPU in a GPU limited Test and then saying „they are equal“. Nice.
  19. Last time I landed in real life in LGSR it was a visual approach, quite shaky and the pilot put it on the runway like I never experienced it before. 737-500….. Whole plane was going „wooooooooah“. I thought it was awesome 😄
  20. What I do with new products is to calculate how many hours of fun it will give me and see the price then. So it will be hundreds of hours for 50 bucks. Also a lot of devs work on this project and as a software dev I know what it means to develop things like that. But crying Is sexier. I know.
  21. Did you ever test with Direct X11? Sorry if it was somewhere in the tread already.
  22. GPU at 39c so it’s basically idling 😄 Could you run a Cinebench? Best way to test CPUs.
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