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  1. Yes exactly, it does look like volcano ash (CB). Because of his color but also because of the feeling that it’s a lot of small cloud next to each other.
  2. He convince me not to buy it, nice 😂
  3. Fun fact about the new B737 of pmdg is how weird it is to taxi. I have no idea what went through their mind, but it really feels horrible. The previous one was normal 🙂 and It’s still not fix I think 🤔
  4. I have the feeling that it was too early to start the alpha or maybe they should take their time to complete the alpha properly. Saying when they will release each version of the alpha and when they will start the beta add a bit of pressure on their shoulders. In Addition, I hope they will focus on the current problems then maybe add other feature after the release. That how I see it.
  5. I really hope that 1/2 more months of alpha will make a difference but it has already been 2 months I thing the alpha started and the number of bug doesn’t seems to reduce. I will see at the release date 🙂
  6. Well I hope you are all rights, but it’s not like we have never been disappointed by Microsoft. They already plan the beta in 1 and a half mouths, and a release in 2020. 🙂 that doesn’t seems like a lot of time
  7. Saying that it’s a alpha sounds more and more like a excuse for all the bugs we can see 🤔 They implement the A320 and know the B747 because they thought, it’s good enough to be tested right ? The fact is, there is so much bug that even the dev are getting lost in the bug report. There are bugs which were reported since alpha 1 or even before, and still not fix, on the other hand they continue to implement new stuff with new bugs. The next alpha, they don’t even correct anything related to the airbus and Boeing, so they is only 2 Alpha version left. It’s take much more time to develop a game with only bugs report, like aerosoft With the A320. The first one was in 2010 and it’s still full of bug now. So, I feel like the have release the alpha too soon, or they do a simplify A320. The first time they release the 320, they said: “ Though this is the first version of the plane, we hope you will help test many of the systems we’ve already included. For example: Fly by Wire system including some of the flight-envelope protection features and new airliner-specific autopilot and auto-throttle functions. MCDU (flight computer) FCU (Autopilot control panel) functions implemented. All 3 are full of bug, and the flight envelope ? Doesn’t look like it existe. 1 picture show the aircraft at 395kt flying normally 😅. So what the feedback they expect 🤔 not include ? 😅
  8. I won’t fly on the default aircraft either. But the fact that they said, they will include all this feature, and then see the result, it doesn’t give me a good impression. Well, it could be the same for the weather, aerodynamics etc. ATC looks like the same as fsx, same for flight planning. All the rumor I heard about aerodynamic and weather, I start to believe it ! Even the SDK doesn’t look good when I read other forums. The only big step I can see is the light and réflexion system and the ground texture.
  9. That true 🙂 but the fact is that it’s true for a lot of aspect of the sim. We will need add-on for the aircraft (fslabs or pmdg), the ATC which is not correct and I guess I will need more. So in fact, we are getting close to what we have with p3d 🙂
  10. Am I the only one who is disappointing by the flight planning mode ? It really looks like a arcade game, doesn’t it ? I prefer by far the online flight planning website, which show you a realistic FPL 🙂
  11. Quite an old post, I just want to avoid creating a new one. With the new video on IFR, we have a nice inside look of how the system are behaving and how well/bad they are developed. To be honest I’m disappointed by different factor, the system, the visual and the aerodynamics. - In general, visually it looks nice, but the different color, on the PFD, ND and the screen in general doesn’t match the real one. I thought with a partnership with airbus, they would at least make this right 😒 - Systems are worse. The autopilot behave really weirdly. Being able to put the AP at 150ft with a direct turn, he doesn’t follow the flight director, lucky maybe. the acceleration with a negative or very close vario, and the unstable speed in general. The FPL on the ND which he is not following etc. The PFD looks also wrong. The speed tap show the wrong speed envelop (stall speed completely wrong with flap up) For instance, during the ILS Appr, the PFD shows a stall speed of 110kt with no flap 😅😅 or the flaps indicator isn’t working. The FMA is also completely wrong, CLB spd on final appr, or NAV mode with the GS/LOC mode engage etc. Finally, the pitch of -2 during the ILS appr 🤔 normally it’s +2, the aerodynamic isn’t right as well. Even in Fsx, that was correct I think. I agree that is only a sim and a default aircraft, but all I said was supposed to be included in the sim as the alpha note said, and the next one doesn’t even talk about the airbus. In addition, it’s not only the aircraft itself, even the ATC is really disappointing, the navaid behavior in the Cessna (ADF), the planning mode which look like a game. Looks like I’m the only one who is disappointing, am I ?
  12. Don't have the alpha, so I can’t really give an opinion. (Even if I would, I couldn’t talk 😅) For me the most important is the feeling you have when you fly the aircraft. Maybe it is well done, but I really doubt when I read all the forum. Flying the aircraft with an accurate pitch and power and comparing it with the FCOM is a nice way to test it. How the aircraft behave with flaps, spoiler, gear up/down etc and the impact on power required etc. If it’s not done right, for me the rest it’s pointless 😉 Don’t need to be perfect but close enough. Then, talking about the other system. It look weird for me that they simulate something that is completely bug. FD for exemple, not the most difficult thing to simulate unless the structure behind is full of bug as well 😅 correcting only by bugs report will only hide the pb I think. They also said that the management part isn’t really simulate but the FD are. What the point of having FD without the structure needed for them to work properly.
  13. I don’t really understand the point of releasing an aircraft (A320N) if it’s full of bugs and issues. First they probably should focus on known issues like weather, aerodynamic, previous aircraft etc. Secondly, if I had the alpha version, I wouldn’t even know where to start and what issue to report. When you see all the issues they have on the airbus. You can not even fly it properly. For exemple, the Flight management system is full of bugs, and the engine indication as well. And it not like it’s not implemented, It is but just full of bugs. It’s pointless to test it. So I don’t really have a good feeling about this new sim. They add more and more stuff, but nothing really get fix. The next alpha, they will release the B747, and it will be the same story over and over. They said, they want to do things right before releasing it, but in fact they do the opposite.
  14. The only reason I think that MS might not include seasons is because of the fact that the sim will use satellite imagery. I don't know how they could include snow for exemple on a satellite imagery. I'm really curious how MS will deal with this pb 🤔 By the way, is there any add-on on p3d who use satellite imagery and have seasons ? 🙂
  15. Hi everyone, Back in 2018, Active sky has published their roadmap for 2019/2020, and I've been very curious about a project they have for 2019/2020 call Project Alpha. "Our secret skunkworks project, in the works for several years, continues development. While we still can’t share any details on Project Alpha, we hope to announce it sometime in late 2019 or early 2020" As they already have project for p3d and Xplane, I was wondering if it could be a project for MS2020, especially because they don't want to talk about before 2020, maybe due to an NDA 🤔 What do you think ? Source: https://hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?10166-Development-News-Update-November-2018
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