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  1. The FMC is capable to tell me when is the right time to STEP up at a higher altitude. When that time comes i need to press on ALT INT or it will just stay where i am and just display "now". Is there a way to tell the FMC to step at a higher altitude automatically without me needing to press ALT INT?
  2. No, no sound third party things. I did notice however that i get this also with the F2 (R for me) key so the Saitek throttle system is not the issue. I'll try to record a video with sound so you guys can hear it
  3. Thank you for your reply. I do not have FSUIPC, or better not the paid version. I will move the reverse thrust er to another axis and see if that fixes it.
  4. Not sure this is a PMDG issue but checking....I’m having this weird problem when engaging the thrust reverse with my saitek throttle lever. I hear the front wheel touchdown sound once which is normal but then it repeats again on a loop as if i was slamming the nose over and over on the asphalt. I don’t have this when I use the R button. The lever I use is programmed on reverse thrust quickly with repetition. I tried without "repetition" but then i get no thrust reverse at all. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi. Sorry yes I meant Sid. Not star. Yes reselecting the runway (same or different one) doesn’t do it. I did not try to back out the route completely. What’s the best way to do this? Select another random destination and the again the desired one, is there a way to reset/delete a route? btw. I remember that this was not a problem until few months ago, meaning few updates ago (can’t tell which one with all the adds on)
  6. I am not sure if this is normal but here is what is happening, in the FMC when i select a runway for departure (on the right side of the display) and then a STAR (on the left side) I get stuck with that STAR and if i decide i want another STAR (still available in the menu of all possible STARs for that runway) I can't seem to change it. Is it me or else?
  7. If the wife and kid are around takes me 10-15 min. If i am alone then 20-25. But depends also if you include time for SimBrief and flight plan download. Topcat and other things. Also depend how long it takes for the GSX fuel truck to arrive. Assuming SimBrief is already done and Top cat is up and running then from cold and dark to taxing my times are the ones i mention above
  8. I like it too but unfortunately on the p3d recording the immersion effects are not recorded
  9. Thank you. This helps a lot. I’m still puzzled about high altitude landings. Is there a rule for those for the 737 and 738.
  10. Flight school question. Under what circumstances does one need to set flaps differently from the normal/usual 30? Altitude? Wind? Can u make some simple examples? One example I can think of is high altitude landings and full flaps to compensate for lower air density but is this right? What else?
  11. If utolandings were the norm i would be afraid that pilots would forget how to really fly a plane manually when needed, glad is not
  12. yes! but once you load P3D 4.1 load your a) saved PMDG scenario only or b) start from a bran new/fresh new PMDG flight! do not load a Scenario>then End Scenario> and then New Scenario> and then your saved PMDG Scenario because that will mess up things, in my case the fuel tank numbers. In other words do not load a scenario on top of the previous one even if you ended it.
  13. I actually find the dirt on the glass displays and worn out fabric by the pilots shoes on left and right side of the yoke to be quite realistic, I can picture them leaning back and putting their feet up for catnaps. Now if, in the name of this realism, i could wipe them clean with my mouse that would be the quintessence of realism :)
  14. in UTLive appliction in the SImulation tab there are two buttons on the lower right side: Save Setting and Start Simulation and I wonder what is the Start Simulation button for if one doesn't launch the app at all. I guess it gets launched as soon as you launch P3d...but the manual doesnt say so. Anyway thanks for the feedback
  15. so If understand this correctly, I don’t need to launch the UTLive app on my desktop prior to fly in P3d. So why is that inside UTLive program there is a button to connect live to traffic and a timer ticking?
  16. I was hoping to find an answer to my question regarding UTLive in P3Dv4.1., unfortunately the UTLive forum is not sending me an activation email. Anyway, the question is simple. Do i need to launch UTLive desktop application on the desktop and connect to live traffic in order to enjoy live traffic and liveries in P3D or does UTLive start automatically in the background once I launch P3D? thank you
  17. This picture illustrates what I believe is the touchdown zone,the last two lines on the far right your wheels should be on the asphalt agree? https://www.google.com/search?q=touchdown+zone&rlz=1C9BKJA_enUS764US767&hl=en-US&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjFk9mvoq7YAhVOON8KHULZABoQ_AUIESgB&biw=768&bih=909&dpr=2#imgrc=7d66lr5lrD1EEM:
  18. Just to be more precise on how things went. I am not sure i would say that I was not stabilized. Speed, distance, angle were fine until the very last sec prior to touchdown where i happened to pull on the yoke a little too much and made me float (i think this is the right term) hence I touchdown beyond the touchdown point. So would this still be a good enough reason to abort and go around?
  19. All good points and I agree but what I probably wanted to ask is this: if you were to touchdown outside the touchdown zone, precisely a little after but the whole landing in the end was totally uneventful because nothing unexpected happened, would you be formally summoned to explain why you did that by your airline company or the FAA?
  20. Ephedrin, that was exactly my situation. The last part you said
  21. quick question for those who know the rules better than me, if you knew you were going to touch down slightly after the touchdown zone but were 100% sure you could safely stop the plane before then end of the runway do you have to/would you still execute a go around?
  22. Problem solved i think. It was LRM that messed up Immersion so what i did was to re install FSUIPC and got my effects back
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