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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for your information. I'll give it a try!
  2. Ok, I was looking for Quito in FSX and found SEQU. It means now, I need two flightplans, one for FSX and Aivlasoft to SEQU (as SEQM is not known in their data base) and one for the PMDG to SEQM (as SEQU is not known). As soon as you know it, it is quite simple, but before it is rather complicated. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Thanks All for your response. This is clear. The reason for my flighyplan to SEQU was on you tube, a recent video. See: Midnight could you inform me where you found to add this airport to the PMDG navdata base!?
  4. Flying from SKBO to SEQU, it shows that "SEQU is not in database" in the FMS of my PMDG 373-800NGX. The flightplan in FSX and in the PMDG file is present. Furthermore the SEQU is available within FSX and Aivlasoft. It is only missing in the PMDG plane??!! What could be the reason for that and how to solve?
  5. Hi Brian, Thanks for your answer. I'll consider W10. Regards, Jos
  6. I'm flying MJS8-Q400_PRO and want to use your program for it. However my W7 (64) is a Dutch version, so such a programm is not installed. What to do? :mad:
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