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  1. Hi Andrea, This was only theoretically. But I can image me, that such a message is given by controllers on line for e,g. safety aspects, maintenance of runways or to checks pilot's skills etc. Jos de Hart
  2. Thanks you all for the info. Looking forward to the update re this item. Jos de Hart
  3. Thanks Dan, I thought it was possible to program a alternative route on FMC two and then to switch to this program when necessary. Seen your answer I'm wrong, is that right? Re Jos de Hart
  4. During the flight from EHEH to EDDW I got the message that EDDW was closed for some reason. My alternative airport should be EHGG. So I went to my FMC and via "Index/Altn dest" I filled in the new destination EHGG. Now my question is how to activate this new status in the FMC, in order the plane is flying Direct to EHGG iso EDDW?
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for your information. I'll give it a try!
  6. Ok, I was looking for Quito in FSX and found SEQU. It means now, I need two flightplans, one for FSX and Aivlasoft to SEQU (as SEQM is not known in their data base) and one for the PMDG to SEQM (as SEQU is not known). As soon as you know it, it is quite simple, but before it is rather complicated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Thanks All for your response. This is clear. The reason for my flighyplan to SEQU was on you tube, a recent video. See: Midnight could you inform me where you found to add this airport to the PMDG navdata base!?
  8. Flying from SKBO to SEQU, it shows that "SEQU is not in database" in the FMS of my PMDG 373-800NGX. The flightplan in FSX and in the PMDG file is present. Furthermore the SEQU is available within FSX and Aivlasoft. It is only missing in the PMDG plane??!! What could be the reason for that and how to solve?
  9. Hi Guys, Problem soved. Although the operation centre indicates that I have installed the latest version, it seemed not to be correct. I installed SP1d over the existing SP1c. As Kyle mentioned, I had to uninstall the whole 737NGX. That did help me. Now it works perfect!! Thanks All. Jos de Hart
  10. I did a check, a double check and a third check as Nick mentioned. Everything was okay. Flying in heavy rain (as Kyle wrote), found by ASN, but nothing seen on the radarscreen (ND), only the already mentioned rings??!! In the aft panel I see a "WXRDR" unit, but that does not work (grey). Is there perhaps something I have to adjust in the FMC? I look at it, but I can't find something like this. Jos de Hart
  11. Hi Kyle, I did all you have mentioned above, but no weather radar is visible, when pressing the WXR knob in the Efis? Only what I see are distance rings appear in the ND. (By the way, what I meant with "Shift 5", I installed via ASN and XGauge the weather radar in the NGX. This radar can be enabled/disabled with a hot key (shift 5, via ASN). But I understand that that is not the way to make the radar visible). So, what still to do?
  12. How does the weather radar works in combination with ASN. Is it simply install the radar in the 737NGX and press "shift 5", or is there more to say about it? Jos de Hart
  13. Problem solved. Aerosoft has recovered my key, as was not accepted anymore.
  14. Problem solved via Aerosoft. They have lost my key. Everything okay. Thanks Kyle!
  15. Sorry Kyle, but I become a little bit tired. Now, the key is not accepted by the site??!! I don't know why, because I re-installed from the original DVD, after that the update 1c and all works perfect. Only getting the SP1d gives problems. I'm sure I filled in the right code (6* four capital digits including the "-" ). I'm puzzled now!!!???
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