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  1. alex757

    What a View!

    Got to say this is definitely my favourite camera angle, I hope you will all agree this is one hell of a view! ANA Tail by Alex Chard, on Flickr
  2. alex757

    Sound Issues Internal

    Issue solved, after many hours trying to figure this out I finally realised I had my sound settings set to 7.1 Surround and not Stereo. I've done this now and problem solved, boy do I feel stupid!
  3. Hello All, I'm currently using ChasePlane with the latest version of P3D V3 and I am experiencing an issue with sounds. In the cockpit I can't hear any of the engine sounds that I heard before using ChasePlane. However if I turn around and look at the back wall of the cockpit the cockpit engine sounds then come back. I am experiencing this issue in the 737NGX and Aerosoft Airbus. Thanks, Alex
  4. alex757

    Default Zoom Level Virtual Cockpi

    Excellent thanks Kevin I've solved it now!
  5. Hello All, I've managed to go through the CFG of each model of the NGX to set the InitialZoom level for the F/O Seat, Overhead Lower etc, but I cant find the entry anywhere to set the InitialZoom for the Captain Side or Virtual Cockpit part. Does anyone know where I can find this entry? Thanks, Alex
  6. alex757

    PMDG Extended Download Service

    Hello, I purchased the Extended Download Service for the 777 about 10 days ago and I've still received no information on how to re download the product, can someone help me please? Thanks, Alex
  7. alex757

    Where to download purchased products?

    Hello to all, Thanks for the help but problem solved, it turned out the link just didn't work in Google Chrome, have tried it in Internet Explorer and it now works fine! Thanks, Alex Chard
  8. alex757

    Where to download purchased products?

    Hi, Thanks all for the replies, I am with Sky Broadband in the UK and I am not experiencing any issues with any other webpages. This is the message I get. This web page is not available Hide details The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED Alex Chard
  9. alex757

    Where to download purchased products?

    Hello, Thanks for the quick reply and I am located in the United Kingdom. The link just takes me to a dead webpage. Thanks, Alex Chard
  10. Hello, I have just completed a fresh install on a new computer, and I cannot find anywhere to login on PMDG's website to download all the products I have purchased. Please can someone help. The link on the website doesn't work: Thanks, Alex Chard