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  1. ok so for vhhh07L it says 12467 in my wpnavapt what do the numbers represent? feet? Any decimal places involved??
  2. just heard that AIRAC cycle 1503 is released, will that solve the issue?
  3. does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. I have NOT misused the plane or used it unrealistically. Vref is 119 (speed on the AP panel) for flaps 30 and I am clearly in the right speed range my speed is clearlu
  5. Vref is 119 with flaps 30, the autoland worked fine and the plane did flare and land on the runway
  6. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/Wjk there finally a more decent photo of me landing at VHHH and of the malfunctioning alarm
  7. I am so close to getting a screenshot guys I was trying to land at VHHH at 07L with ILS but the game crashed at when the jet descended through 1360ft, then my gaming time is over =_= It also implies that my computer is now running but perhaps not for long
  8. just wanna ask if I got the fmc to load for runway 27L but I am landing on say, 9L, will the terrain warning sound (a question out of pure curiosity) (still havent got the computer running)
  9. well of course I do know that there is a terrain override button But I do want to know a long term solution as I know that the problem is existent in many airports
  10. does the term "terrain look ahead warnings" refer to the terrain radar? but when the terrain warning sounds, the radar lights up immediately...
  11. well since you claimed that downgrading your AIRAC cycle (navdata) from 1502 to 1408 have solved the problem, hence I think the newest navdata, which may have came from the installation of the 777 itself, may have been at fault.
  12. Then may I politely ask how does one install an AIRAC cycle?
  13. [quote name="Artur Munteanu" post="3183316" timestamp="1424507367" •Do not use the look-ahead terrain alerting and terrain display functions within 15 nm of takeoff, approach or landing at an airport not contained in the GPWS terrain database. Can you elaborate on this sentence?
  14. Moreover, if it is possible, can MarkII also help to get us a screenshot of the false terrain alarm during landing as I could not, due to the fact that my computer has malfunctioned, as I have mentioned before.
  15. I am glad to have someone, who have also encountered this troubling issue to share my worries with and I do hope that a solution, either it is in the form of an update or something else, is in reach or available in the near future.
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