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  1. twister1853

    steps to repair fsx gold edition

    Forgot to ask, inserting disk 1, then disk 2 and finally disk 3 does this re-install SP1, SP2 and Acceleration ? Ray
  2. twister1853

    steps to repair fsx gold edition

    Charlie, Rick, Jim - thanks a lot for the very prompt reply. Charlie, my photo' sceneries/aircraft/airports addons: are they indeed unaffected by a repair ? I recently had the whole of drive C 'cloned' on to a drive F. So, can I use this to extract a backup of fsx.CFG if required and why would I need such a backup ? Jim, I did not have the ORBX/FTX Global installed. So does this mean I should not have any Scenery/World/Scenery ? Rick, I also used FTX Central to un-install the UK ORBX Sceneries. I'm nervous. But here goes. Wish me luck !! Ray
  3. Hello Jim, Please could you permit me to return to this old post and, as I am no expert with going inside FSX, could you help me with a little more direction. I have run FSX (Gold Edition with FSX Deluxe, SP1, SP2 and Acceleration) satisfactorily for years, with and without photo' scenery addons. I also have addon aircraft and addon airports. I recently tried the ORBX scenery addons and, whether or not this caused my current problems, I now have the default FSX scenery corrupted, even with ORBX completely un-installed. The ORBX forum have been very helpful but I have now arrived at the stage where I have been advised to do a 'repair' of my FSX. I have read your above step by step guide for repairing FSX. I now ask, does a repair leave all my addons (photo' scenery, aircraft and airports) intact in FSX, or do I have do a comnplete re-install of these addons ? By the way, I have 'cloned' drive D containing FSX to drive F so as to have a copy of everything on drive D. I'm assuming this does not cause any problem when running FSX. Is this correct ? Thank you. Ray
  4. twister1853

    Scenery Distorted

    Hi I'm in a corner! My flight sim' is FSX and although a bit of a novice,I have for many years ran this satisfactorily using the Horizon Photo' Scenery when flying in the UK, installed as a scenery addon. I am now getting the scenery distorted and over written by something else. This happens also outside the UK. As an example, at Seattle I get the following topdown view showing the distortion of the default scenery around the airfield. I get similar distortion when using the photo' scenery in the UK. I have recently installed ORBX scenery for the UK and I don't know if this could have caused the problem. Can someone help please? Ray
  5. twister1853

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    Phil - OK thanks - that's clear. I just thought that support might not be forthcoming from Lockheed when using these addons. Ray
  6. twister1853

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    Thank you Phil for the info'. Am I right in thinking Lockheed want nothing to do with users of their P3D products who do this type of transfer? Ray
  7. twister1853

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    Phil, thanks for that. Yes, the photo' scenery I have for FSX is from Horizon (UK), Megascenery, Switzerland Pro, etc. Some was downloaded and others by DVD. How exactly does one copy these from the FSX scenery library to P3D4.4 ? Ray
  8. Are FSX photo' sceneries compatible and transferrable to P3Dv4.4 or can they be made compatible?
  9. twister1853

    Moving fromFSX to P3D

    HI I'm considering installing P3D. At the moment I use FSX and have a large amount of photo'scenery and addons. Is there any way of transferring any of these to P3D or do I have to start afresh and purchase all these again for P3D? Ray
  10. twister1853

    Default Scenery

    Does MSFS come with photo' scenery in parts of the FSX default scenery? Thanks to all. Clearly the answer in NO in general.
  11. twister1853

    Default Scenery

    I've have taken a flight to Vienna for the first time using the FSX default scenery. The city appeared like photographic scenery. Does MSFS come with photo' scenery in parts of the FSX default scenery?
  12. twister1853

    Autopilot dis-engages

    With my 737NGX, when switching to another view, the autopilot occasionally dis-engages. How can I prevent this happening?
  13. twister1853

    AffinityMask Effect on Freezing

    Thanks Jim: I've been warned ! Greg: wow, that's beyond me, but thanks for the reply.
  14. HiFi Simulations suggests the following to help with freezing of FSX: AFFINITYMASK Setting and Freezes Use an appropriate AFFINITYMASK setting within your FSX.cfg configuration file. This setting specifies which cores are used for FSX. Using too many cores, or improper cores can cause freezes. If you are using 6 or more cores, it is important to limit the cores used, as too many cores causes synchronization problems and more potential freezes. We recommend using 3 cores maximum, regardless of HT enabled or not. Has anyone experienced freezing and used these suggestions? If so, what was the effect on freezing?
  15. twister1853

    PMDG 737 Freeze Solution

    Jim, I'm immensely grateful to you for this very clear reply to my post. Your note spells out clearly the result of many researches carried out on this problem. It shows clearly the limitations of hardware and software and the most interesting historical path we have all been on with Flight Simulation. So, not having the P3D, I won't be getting the 777 but staying with the PMDG 737. And I'm happy sticking to short domestic flights while making frequent view changes (which seems to me, for some unknown reason, to help to keep the dreaded 'freeze' at bay). Kind regards. Ray