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  1. I cannot say I've had any experience on this since I have never used the mouse for zooming or adjusting my windows in fact it is alway deactivated to stop it from popping up unexpectedly. My problem was not with P3D V5.3 (as a member quite rightly pointed out) since in any other default aircraft word not allowed + 6 does indeed open something, instead this is the new PMDG 737NGu missing that feature. Sorry I cannot be of help hers
  2. Is this a problem with the P3D cameras only or is it happening also in Ezca v3.2 ?
  3. Thanks for the tip, I've been having the exact same problem with no response from support@virtualavionics.com.br After following you tip I non longer get the error message, however, since I'm using P3D v5.3, I was wondering if I should copy those files in a different directory since the virtual CDU doesn't seem to show any of the contents from PMDG after connecting. Could you confirm that your instructions were only applicable fo Microsoft F. Sim please ? Thanks Maz
  4. Problem solved by re-installing FS2Crew and ignore any advise to remove all previous cameras (except for the conflict ones) I now have access to all the PMDG cameras so that I can conveniently open an "undocked sub window" , choose "lower overhead panel" and place it on my overhead touchscreen as always done before with previous P3D an FS2crew. Hope this helps someone with the same issue
  5. Hello there, Ever since I have installed and successfully used Pilot 2 Atc, I have been having the same problem on every start up. The activation windows comes up and it rejects my licence key on the grounds that it thinks it has been installed on another machine which is obviously wrong. However, if I click on "deactivate" first, than it will accept the key and everything is fine thereon. It is obviously a bug that I would kindly ask to be resolved as it is very annoying having to go though the sequence every single time. I hope this reaches reaches the technical section so that someone can investigate further. Many thanks Kind Regards Mauro Andreini
  6. Coming from P3D v2 upon pressing Sift + 6, I used to get the overhead panel window, this is not the case with V5.3, in fact nothing happens when I do so. Is this combination supposed to display Overhead panel like before or has something changed ? All others (sh 2, sh3, sh4 etc) are working fine other than the above and Shift + 9 which gives a black window that I don't understand. Thanks guys Maz
  7. Is it possible to resize the text and / or customise the font in the "text only" window please ? Many thanks Mauro Andreini
  8. Problem solved, for some obscure reason the the config settings had gone back to "button control" without my intervention that is why the mic was working once and stopped after having turned the sim off for a few hours. I shall try again just to check that it was a one of occurrence, possibly after having installed Pilot 2 Atc. Thanks for your time and apologies for not having checked that first, I knew it was set correctly the first time because everything was working. Now its time to learn the update phraseology since it has changed quite a lot from the previous version. Kind Regards Maz
  9. If you read carefully I have explained that the mic works fine with everything else including the ATC. I have been using FS2Crew for more than 8 years so I know how the mute works. I purchased again in order to have the latest version. I repeat, not even clicking the mute button on the interface seems to do anything. Of course I have read the "new" manual ! . . Something is definitely wrong here, the mute never worked from the moment I installed the ad don. I just can't think what though ! It's such a straight forward issue - Has the software been tested on Windows 11? Thanks Regards Maz
  10. Maybe I should rephrase this: 1) the mute does not work at all in other words I cannot "enable" let alone disable . . lol 2) the mic (NOT a usb type) also does not work All I could find in the Audio Config is the headphone output devise, nothing about mic input devise, am I missing something perhaps ? Cheers Maz
  11. sorry my Safari is playing games, please read below
  12. I seem to have two problems with my new version of fs2Crew for 737ngu. 1) ever since installation the Mute button don't seem to respond, not by direct mouse control nor do the hard & soft mute after setting up the appropriate controls. 2) The microphone only ever worked once upon testing then stopped after exiting P3D and returning after a few hours though it works perfectly with ATC. Any idea of what I could do to identify the issue ? Many thanks for your support. Regards Maz
  13. I went back to check and noticed that the installation did not complete so I started again, found the config and activated it and it opened up as you said. Apologies for the inconvenience but this new methods of jumping from one link to the next before the actual software is installed had confused me 😍 - Tonight I shall proceed with all the necessary settings and begin to enjoy this new version. Once again thank you for your help Kind Regards Mauro (Maz for short)
  14. Thanks for such a quick response, that is exactly the problem I could not find the fs2crew Configf manager anywhere, this new version seems to be so messy to install compared to my old one that I still have on another SSD with Win 7 and P3D V2.xx. Where would I find such Config for FS2Crew please? It is not in my sidebar "all programs" where all I got is the FS2 P3D access pack. Many thanks Mauro
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