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  1. If all other scenery and mountains look detailed and sharp, just those two airports where the photoreal looks blurry, then maybe there's something to that. Looking at your settings above, a couple of things stand out for me: The first is that, from what I've read, if Vsync is on (with or without TB), your Frame Rate should be set to unlimited. If you are locking your frame rates, Vsync should be off. Second, I wonder about using that 30 refresh rate. While lots of people claim to get great results from using it, I wonder if that refresh rate might be too low for your 4k monitor to properly render the photoreal scenery. Sorry, I don't know if there's anything there that may help, it's just some thoughts. - Bob
  2. These are Orbx sceneries, so it might be better to post in the Orbx forums; there are people with a lot of knowledge about Orbx products over there. But just as an initial thought, have you set your Orbx scenery insertion points in FTX Central? Your OpenLC entries should be below your FTX entries in your scenery library. - Bob
  3. BBCM

    Seemingly Unfixable Micro Stutters

    Maybe check which Nvidia drivers you are currently using. The new 411.70 drivers were released a few days ago, and a few people (but not all) have been reporting some problems in P3Dv4 with them. Win 10 will at times helpfully update your video drivers for you, without you knowing about it. The people effected reported the problems were solved by rolling back to their previous Nvidia drivers. Just a thought. -Bob
  4. I've had that happen with another Carenado (I forget which one), and changing the default load aircraft I was using fixed the problem. I- Bob
  5. BBCM

    P3D v4 awful layers in the sky

    If you're using ASP4, under Cloud Options, you can set the maximum number of cloud layers up to 20 (the default ASP4 setting is 5). Increasing the number of cloud layers will hit performance a bit, but it does improve the look of cloudy skies, IMO, especially with ASCA clouds.. .- Bob
  6. BBCM

    Open Cockpits in P3D V4

    For payware, I recommend anything from GAS: their FSX native planes port very well to P3Dv4 , and their more recent offerings have P3Dv4 installers included. In particular, I recommend taking a look at their recent Stearman PT/N2S release. If you're looking for freeware, then I recommend Tim ("Piglet") Conrad's UPF-7, updated for FSX. It's getting a bit long in the tooth now, but it still looks very good, flies very well, and ports nicely to P3Dv4. - Bob
  7. BBCM

    Locking Frame Rate

    A question, sorry, a bit OT: I've read that when locking your frames, you should use a multiple of your monitor's refresh rate. So if you have a 60 hz monitor, then lock at 60, 30, or 20 frames; if 144 hz then lock at 72, 48, 36, 24 etc. frames. Is there any truth behind this? I just lock at 30 frames (with vsync off) as a matter of course, it seems to work best for my 6 year old system and 60 hz monitor. But I've always wondered.. Thanks - Bob
  8. BBCM

    Orbx sceneries...

    There’s only two other things I can think of trying: First, make sure you haven’t somehow opted out of Fastlane (the program that turns ObjectFlow 2 on), although since your other Orbx airports are looking ok and you can see the two ObjectFlow tickboxes, this seems unlikely. But still, easy to check: The instructions say to find the Fastlane page in your account, but I’ve never been able to do that. Instead, after signing in to my account, I just click on “ 2 Go to the Fastlane page in your account” in the instructions, and that takes me to the page. If Fastlane is on, the page should say “Opt out of Fastlane” in the lower right hand corner. If it says “Opt in”, then that’s the problem. The only other thing I can think of trying is to uninstall both KTVL and Northern California in FTX Central, then reinstall, starting with Northern California first. Sorry, other than those, I don’t have any more ideas. You’re sure that there’s no third party sceneries in your Scenery Library loading above your Orbx entries that might interfere with your Orbx sceneries? - Bob
  9. BBCM

    Orbx sceneries...

    Did you buy these products from the FSS store, or from the Orbx store? If from the FSS store, did you ever transfer the licences over to your Orbx store account? That sounds like the message you get when you haven't transferred the licences over yet, or set them up in the Orbx store. This is the FAQ at Orbx about it:: If you did transfer the licences over, what shows in your Orbx store account for those products? - Bob
  10. BBCM

    Orbx sceneries...

    That would have been my first thought from your description, that Object Flow was unticked in one of the two boxes. Another thought (although you've probably already checked); KTVL requires Northern California; do you also have OpenLC NA? If so, have you checked your insertion points in FTX Central settings to make sure OPenLC is loading below the FTX entries in your scenery library? Another thought: in FTX Central, Orbx Libraries has a "Verify Files" button. You could try that to see if any Orbx Library files are missing. Another thought, but a bit out of left field: you could try the "Force Migration" button in FTX Central settings. It sometimes fixes the darndest Orbx problems. Sorry, I don't know if that's any help at all. You could try posting in Orbx in the P3Dv4 forum (it is after all a problem in P3Dv4). That forum gets read a lot. - Bob
  11. BBCM

    ORBX issues

    Are you looking in the P3Dv4/Orbx/FTX_Global folder? If so, I just looked in mine, and all I have in it is some of the freeware airports Orbx offers (like the freeware global airport package). I believe FTX Global overwrites and replaces the default scenery files stored in the Scenery/World folders. I don't think the FTX Global scenery files are otherwise stored in P3Dv4, including in the Orbx folder. So there may be nothing wrong with your FTX Global install. How does the scenery load and look when you take a flight? Does anything appear out of the ordinary? If FTX Global wasn’t working, I think you would know pretty quickly.. But as mentioned, it’s best to ask in the Orbx forums. They can give you a more definite answer there. - Bob
  12. BBCM

    The Invisible Curtiss-Jenny, (almost)

    The Tim Conrad two seat biplane I was thinking of was his FSX SP2 Waco UPF-7. But he did a lot of other freeware planes for other eras/categories as well. - Bob
  13. BBCM

    The Invisible Curtiss-Jenny, (almost)

    Never mind my suggestion to delete the Shaders folder; I tried downloading and installing, and the Jenny came out invisible for me as well. I didn't even get a visible cockpit. I think the plane is just too old to be rendered properly by P3Dv4, There are other two seat biplanes that work very well in P3Dv4. Ant's freeware Tiger Moth comes to mind (one of my favorite biplanes), and any of the Golden Age Simulation (GAS) native FSX biplanes port very well to P3Dv4. Any of Tim ("Piglet") Conrad's freeware FSX biplanes also port well to P3Dv4. Sorry I couldn't be of more help - Bob
  14. BBCM

    The Invisible Curtiss-Jenny, (almost)

    Originally this was the default FS9 Jenny made compatible for FSX. So given that 32 bit heritage, I don't know if it can be made to work in P3Dv4. Still, try deleting your Shaders folder (or if you prefer, cut and paste it to a secure location), and let P3Dv4 rebuild a new folder when you start up. I've had that work before fixing another old plane I was trying to port to P3Dv4 that was invisible on the outside. Hope that helps - Bob
  15. BBCM

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    If you're 65 years or older, Orbx has a Senior 's Discount plan, a permanent 20% off all non-sales items, including new releases (it does not apply to sales or special offers). Information on how to apply here: Otherwise, you may have to wait for the next big general sale, which going by past history, won't be until December. Still, Orbx has been doing some special weekend sales recently, more it seems than they did in the past (like the 4th of July sale on US airports and regions), So who knows? Maybe if there's a big national holiday coming up in The Netherlands, Orbx might throw a special TrueEaeth Netherlands sale 😏. - Bob