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  1. BBCM

    4.2 update what have I done wrong...

    About your missing planes, are they in outboard .xml folders? If so, there was this note over on the A2A forums about in some cases their planes not appearing in the sim after the 4.2 update, and a fix. problem was that in 4.2, LM slightly changed the way the path to the .xml add-ons folder was specified, if you have your .xml folder on a different drive than C (LM left the "\" off the very end of the path description). The fix is to go to the specified pathways you've added and remove the "\".I don't know if this might be the same problem you're having. - Bob
  2. BBCM

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    No, there's no way I can see of just pointing FSX Traffic-GA at P3Dv4 and letting it run.. You have to set it up and compile completely in FSX first. Once done, you then copy the resulting Traffic-GA.bgl from FSX's scenery/world/scenery folder over to P3Dv4's scenery/world/scenery folder. This requires that you have a working copy of FSX installed as well as P3Dv4. But while this is an interesting app, for me it's going to take a lot of work to get it properly working in FSX, much less P3Dv4. The problem is the auto plane scan for ai suitable planes. It seems to take everything under a certain weight. The author in his read me said he didn't have much payware. But I have a lot. The scan was choosing all of my Alebo's, Carenado's, A2A accusim GA's, Global ai shipping ships, etc, etc. Because of the file size and complexity of some of these planes, I would probably get CTD's if the app tried to use them for ai. And of course, you can't use the non-plane vehicles. So this would mean a fair amount of work on my part going through Traffic-GA's plane list and de-activationg all the items unsuitable for ai planes. More work than I really want to spend at the present time. I was hoping the ai plane scan would have a manual component that would allow me to browse and select specific folders or files. But it's still a very interesting app. Maybe some time when I'm feeling less lazy, I'll go through and set it up properly. Thanks again to Greg for bringing the app to my attention. - Bob
  3. BBCM

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    Thanks for the reply Greg. I ask because I did the same when I was porting over Traffic360 to P3Dv4. But with Traffic360, you have to rename the FSX Traffic360 ai-traffic.bgl so it replaces the default P3Dv4 trafficAircraft.bgl.. Did you have to rename the FSX Traffic-GA.bgl to get it to work in P3Dv4, or did you just copy and paste as is? Thanks - Bob
  4. BBCM

    Which is better? V4 or V3

    I believe (but please correct me if I'm wrong) that Lockheed Martin has a 60 day refund policy on their products. If so, and you're really interested, then maybe try P3Dv4 for a bit (not over 60 days) to see if you can get it to work at least reasonably well on your laptop, and if not, then request a refund. I don't think there's enough improvement between FSX-SE and P3Dv3 to justify the cost of changing to P3Dv3 at the present time.. In my own opinion, P3Dv4 is the way to go for the forseeable future. - Bob .
  5. BBCM

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    This is a very interesting looking app. I haven't tried this before. How did you install in P3Dv4? Did you just generate the Traffic-GA.bgl file in FSX and then copy over to the P3Dv4, along with any necessary plane files? Or did you point the app to P3Dv4 using the FSX path in the app's set up screen, and then generate? I'm sorry if these are rather newbie questions, I'm somewhat new at all this. Thanks - Bob
  6. Because none of the Orbx developers working on Open LC NA ever lived in Denver? :) More seriously I suppose because it's a big continent with umpteen hundred weather regions. I guess at some point you have to draw the line at the number of man hours required to get perfectly correct continent wide detail versus the final purchase price you can reasonably charge your customers, and release the product. For all it's flaws, I still think it's the best general NA landclass coverage available. But it can certainly be improved. Hopefully Orbx will note your request, and add it to the to-do list. - Bob
  7. I just took a quick flight around Denver with Orbx OpenLC NA. With today's date May 5th, it looked like the first picture, everything very green. But when I selected Summer in the Time and Season screen, P3Dv4 picked June 21st, and the colors looked pretty much the same as the second picture, about 1 green field to 3 brown ones, that kind of ratio. Still too green in my opinion. I couldn't see any further texture change if I advance through to August - Bob