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  1. You've probably already checked, but is your Wx Control page showing, "Live Weather Mode is Active"? Just a thought. -Bob
  2. I'm sorry, don't have the KA350i (I need to wait for a sale), but I noticed something: The latest LM P3DV4.5 version is = P3Dv4 hf3 The Milviz KA350i product page says the KA350i is only supported up to = P3Dv4.5 hf2. I don't think there's a whole lot of difference between P3Dv4.5 hf2 and hf3, but I wonder if that might be the problem. What does Milviz say? -Bob
  3. Thank you very much Gregory! That worked perfectly. -Bob.
  4. Thanks Greg and everyone for this great scenery. I love flying in the Bahamas, especially during our miserable Canadian winters, and occasionally miserable Canadian summers. But I've come across one small problem at MYAM Leonard M. Thompson International airport at Marsh Harbour, runway 09 (the western end of the main runway). If I go to the outside plane view and look east down the runway, everything appears fine. But if I pan around and look west, the pavement for runway and taxi way disappears, and only yellow coloured dirt is left. If I change the view back towards the east, the runway and taxi way pavement pops back in to view. Similarly, if I take off from runway 27 at the eastern end of the runway and fly west, everything appears fine until I'm about 2/3's of the way down the runway (heading west), and then all of a sudden the runway and taxi way pavements disappear. I don't know if this is happening on just my pc or not. It doesn't seem like a typical elevation or shaders or interfering bgl problem, which usually appears regardless of the direction you're looking in. Anyway, it's nothing major, and doesn't stop my enjoyment of the airport and surrounding scenery, but I just thought I would mention, and find out if anyone else is seeing this as well, or if it's only on my pc. Thanks again for all the hard work and great scenery! -Bob
  5. The SSW plane installers don't come with textures. You have to separately download the textures from the SSW home page under Support/How to/ Get Textures/Liveries. SSW have really great looking planes, but when it comes to download and installing, they do march to the beat of their own drummer. Hope that helps. -Bob
  6. Are you using that new Image Sharpening tool in the Nvidia Control Panel? I was getting those KERNELBASE.dll crashes a couple of months back, but only in southern ORBX England, and only when using that new Image Sharpening tool. If I turned the tool off, the crashes stopped. If I turned the tool back on, they started up again. But only in southern ORBX England. Elsewhere, like ORBX PNW or SoCal, or even northern ORBX England, I could use the tool without problem. If you are using that Image Sharpening tool, try turning it off and see if that makes a difference. I eventually stopped using the tool anyway because, while it made the vc's look crisper, it also made the ASCA clouds look a bit too sharp edged for my tastes. -Bob
  7. If you look in the Orbx support forums, in the "OrbxDirect and FTX Central 3 Support" sub-forum, in the most recent post entitled "Getting Rid of Central - reverting to previous interface", Nick Cooper provides a link to the previous FTX Central install. I'm sorry I can't provide a direct link myself, but I would need to use my own Orbx forum sign in to do so.. I hope that helps anyway. -Bob.. :
  8. No, I just tried and the plane was invisible when viewed from the vc. There were also some textures missing on the outside. I think this was part of Sibwings' security. I haven't heard of anyone that has gotten any of the old FSX Sibwings to work in P3Dv4. But Sibwings has come back to life somewhat in the form of ATSimulations. They have already released an upgraded version of Sibwings' AN-2 for P3Dv4, with a sizeable discount for anyone that purchased the FSX version from Sibwings. Hopefully they'll decide to release the Birdog too. -Bob PS: the only thing about ATSimulations that has raised some eyebrows is that you are required to have an active internet connection while flying the plane. I suppose this is part of ATS's security.
  9. Hurray! The server's back up again. I was getting the 406 error message for the last day or so, but I was just able to install my two new Carenados without problem. -Bob
  10. I'm using the old FSX freeware Striking Software/PW Sceneries for the Caribbean, ported over to P3Dv4. I had to use ADE to get the taxi ways to show, and there's a few minor anomalies here and there, but nothing I can't live with. For me, it looks much better than default P3Dv4 or Orbx OpenLC NA. There were 5 sets of sceneries: Barbados-St Vincent Grenada Guadeloupe-Dominica Leeward Islands St Lucia-Martinique But I can't find their web-site anymore. Maybe they took it down. Does anyone know what happened or where it might be? Thanks - Bob
  11. Sorry, Bobsk8, my old eyes: I completely missed that you were using v3. Well, that's a good question how Orbx would install HD Buildings into one of the 32 bit flight sims to get the same overall effect, and not be over-written every time you installed or re-installed a scenery. I don't know about P3Dv3 (I came directly from FSX), but last I heard, FSX could not use outboard xml addon files like P3Dv4. I still have FSX installed, but I haven`t bothered to install HD Buildings into it (kudos to Orbx for allowing multiple sim installs on one purchase). Maybe I might just install into FSX for curiosity`s sake. Of course the easier way is maybe just to pop over the Orbx forums and ask 😄 Sorry I couldn`t be of more help - Bob
  12. The entry doesn't show in the Scenery Library, it's in the list of Addons. More specifically, the HD Bulding textures are in P3Dv4->Orbx->Scripts->HD Buildings The entry is in C->Program Data->Lockheed Martin->Addons.cfg You can see the entry by going to the Scenario screen (little airplane spinning around), then clicking on the "Addons" button at the bottom of the page. You'll see "Orbx HD Buildings" in the list of Addons.. Note that you can untick the box there and stop the HD Building textures from loading, However, from experience, if you do that, I would recommend shutting down the sim and restarting it again, rather than just going directly in and flying. Otherwise the sim will be unstable if you do that. Because Orbx put the entry in the Addon files, it means the HD Building textures will always overwrite same named textures being used by any third party scenery in the scenery library. At least as I understand how it's all suppose to work. Hope that helps - Bob
  13. Just a note: you can save your current Options settings by clicking the "Save Settings" at the top of the Options - Display page. It will ask you to give that particular save a name. A file with those Options settings is then saved in your Documents->P3Dv4 Files under that name. You can then re-install those Options settings at any time by using the bar immediately under Profiles:and browsing for that particular save. This will only save your Options settings, it won't save any special changes you made in the P3D.cfg file. You can do the same thing for your Key and Axis Assignments using the Export and Import buttons at the bottom of the Options - Key Assignments page. These files are also saved in the P3Dv4 Files folder. Just in case anyone didn't know. As for the grayed out entries in the Scenery Library, this is usually because the developer has chosen to put a scenery type entry in the addons file, for whatever reason. If you go into Add-ons using the button at the bottom of the Scenario screen, you'll see these particular entries with a working tick box. From personal experience, if you disable any of these entries, you should restart the sim after unticking the box. As said, just in case anyone didn't know. -Bob
  14. Since no one else has replied, from your description, I suspect you're going to have to at least uninstall/re-install your P3Dv4 Scenery. I would also recommend uninstalling/re-installing your P3Dv4 Client, and deleting your P3D.cfg file and Shaders Folder to let P3Dv4 rebuild new ones, just to be complete. Honestly, it's not that much to do, especially if you have your current P3Dv4 Client and Scenery handy (I find it's downloading the new ones that takes all the time). This shouldn't effect any of your third party sceneries (from your comments, I assume you don't have FTX Global or Orbx HD trees, which would need to be re-installed). But if you have any third party shader add-ons, like Tomatoshade or Envtex, these would need to be reset. But before doing all that, you could try one simple thing, if you haven't done so already: go into your P3Dv4 Scenery Library, click the OK button, and let P3Dv4 check to see if it can find any errors. I don't know if that will help any, but it's quick, won't hurt anything, and sometimes can fix jumbled scenery. Sorry I don't have anything better to suggest. -Bob
  15. BBCM

    A2A Website?

    Also another note: if I use Google, I can get into the site. But if I try and use my pre-existing Chrome bookmarks, I can't. So I guess I'll need to make new bookmarks. -Bob
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