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  1. Wow! Strange happening this morning that forced me to roll back to the old 516.94 driver. First, specs: 10700K @ 4.9 ghz, RTX 3080 12 gb, 2K monitor. I had installed the new 517.48 driver yesterday with no problems. With either DX 11 or DX12, TAA or DLSS, everything was fine (I marginally preferred TAA, it seemed a bit sharper). My GPU was loafing at around 45%, my CPU main thread around 85%. Temps were all normal (I monitor with MSI Afterburner). I'm locked down at 36 fps in NCP, and was easily able to maintain that. This morning I started up MSFS, same plane, airport and conditions, and it was a stuttery mess, with the fps now down to 10 (!) where the previous day they had been a rock solid 36. And using MSI Afterburner, I saw why: my GPU was now running at 100%, but my CPU main thread was only at 35%, almost a complete reversal from the day before. But temps on both GPU and CPU were still the same and normal. <offensive initials not allowed>?!!!? I tried restarting the sim, and rebooting the pc, but still the same result. Anyway, I didn't feel like messing around, I wanted to fly, so I rolled back to the 516.94 driver, and everything is now back to usual, with rock solid 36 fps and very smooth performance. I wonder if it might be in my NCP settings, I had kept the same settings I had in SU9: in MSFS, I have v-sync turned off, all settings otherwise on standard Ultra, while in NCP, I have Low Latency Mode set to Ultra, V-sync set to Fast, and fps locked at 36. But if something in the settings, why did everything work fine yesterday? I don't know. Any thoughts? I may try messing around with the new driver and settings later, but as said, at the moment I just want to fly, and everything is working fine. Thanks - Bob
  2. I don't know about MP sceneries (I've never purchased any), but as far as MP planes go, the "Rate this" box comes up only after I've purchased and downloaded the plane . Once rated, I can can go back and change the rating, but it doesn't count as a new rating. So on the face of it, I assume all those MP ratings are individual verified purchasers. But I agree with what was said above, that the MP ratings would be more useful if there was a comment section, and I generally go looking first for a review with commentary and decent video of the product. As to why people purchase products in the face of numerous bad ratings, well, I can only assume that, just like me, with a type of plane that I really, really want in the sim, hope always springs eternal that this time I will actually get more than what I paid for 😛 . -Bob
  3. In FSX and P3D, there was was the fine art of scenery library loading: items set higher in the scenery library would over-write those set below. Is there any way of doing that in the MSFS Community folder? Would changing the Bijan or Orbx folder names, so you changed their alphabetical ordering in the Community folder, make any difference? Sorry if that's a dumb idea, I'm still learning all the ins and outs of MSFS. -Bob PS: given all the new sceneries coming into MSFS these days, I'm surprised this isn't happening more often.
  4. Thanks for the replies. That answers the question. I was just a bit nervous after reading the card's power draws. Thanks again - Bob
  5. Finally the prices of 3080's and 3080ti's have come down enough to be within my reach - barely. I currently have a Corsair RM850 850 watt gold+ psu. Do you think that will safely drive the above cards? It has all the required power dongles. The video cards I was specifically looking are the EVGA FTW3 Ultra 12gb 3080 or 3080ti. I know a 1000 watt psu would be better, but they are actually a bit scarce in my region, and I would prefer not to have to upgrade the psu (and so have to re-do all the power dongle runs) if I don't have to. EVGA recommends using a 750 watt psu, so in theory my 850 watt psu should be enough, and the various psu calculator sites I visited say it should be enough, but I wonder what people here think, especially those with actual experience with both in MSFS. Thanks - Bob
  6. Just a thought: It might be MSFS server overload due to the MSFS Marketplace Spring Sale, running April 9 to April 15. Have you tried installing/running MSFS at a completely different time, say 6 or even 12 hours difference? -Bob
  7. Unfortunately, it's not the weights; the plane loads with pilot and copilot weights showing. The pilot/copilot have been invisible for some time now, since SU7 if I remember correctly, but ATS has never responded or updated. . -Bob
  8. The DDU web page itself recommends using DDU only as a last resort. The DDU web page and Nvidia, as well as other techs who should know, instead recommend using Windows own "uninstall a program" app to uninstall Nvidia drivers if required. As I recall, a Safe mode reboot was recommended after using DDU to disconnect from the internet, and so prevent Windows from trying to automatically install a new video driver of its own choice (something it didn't always get right). Just a side note from recent personal experience about why you might occasionally need to uninstall a Nvidia driver. I hadn't updated my Nvidia driver for some time, and was still using the 471.41 driver from last summer. I decided it was time to upgrade to the newest 511.79 driver, so I used Nvidia's recommended express install. That didn't work out well. All of a sudden, every time I tried slewing around in external view, and sometimes in internal view, I would get a CTD. I couldn't figure out why. Eventually the light dawned and I used the Windows 10 uninstall a program app to uninstall the new driver, and then reinstalled it. That solved the problem. Just fyi. Of course, everyone has different configurations, and mileage may vary. But if you upgrade your Nvidia driver using the recommended express install, and things start going buggy, try uninstalling the driver using Windows uninstall a program app, and then reinstall, and see if that fixes the problem. -Bob
  9. So I rolled back from the Nvidia 511.65 driver to my old 471.41 driver, and that seems to have fixed the problem. However, I haven't done any long flights yet, only 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there. But no CTD's when panning. Also some apps, like Bijan's Terrain mask from his 4 Seasons pack, don't seem to cause any CTD's anymore like they did with the 511 drivers. Downside is that the sim definitely looked better with the new 511 drivers, although not a night and day difference: the 511 drivers seemed to provide more edge enhancement and contrast, and as a result urban landscapes in particular looked sharper. Maybe that's why my 2070 Super had troubles with panning with all that extra detail. Anyway, I'll try some longer flights and see what happens. And I might try moving up to a bit newer driver than the 471.41; it's from last summer after all. Just fyi - Bob PS: I didn't use the DDU driver removal tool. I just used the Windows uninstall program app, but everything seemed to work ok.
  10. I'm also having this issue (CTD when panning in external view) with my old Logitech stick. I'm also finding that a lot of older Flightsim.to sceneries that use to work fine are all of a sudden causing major stutters and freezes. So just a question to those with a similar problem: are you using a Nvidia graphics card, and if so, what driver are you using? I'm using a 2070 Super, and I didn't start noticing this problem until a few weeks ago when I updated to the Nvidia 533.11 driver. I've just tried updating to the newest 511.65 driver, but the problems are still there. I was thinking of rolling back to my previous 471.41 driver, but I wanted to ask other people's opinions first, since rolling back is a bit of a pain. . Thanks - Bob
  11. Sorry, re Bijan's Snow Mask I mentioned earlier, I'm out here on the West Coast where we don't get much snow, so I hadn't had a chance to really try the Snow Mask out. I just went back east, where there's plenty of snow, and the Mask, while removing snow from runways and taxiways, also tends to blank out the runway markings. So maybe not so useful. But one thing I did notice: the snow cover depends on using Live weather. So If you briefly switch Live weather off and use one of the presets, say while on finals, the snow cover disappears, and you'll be able to see runway and markings while landing.. One other thing I noticed when I went to Toronto's CYYZ Pearson. While the ground was covered with snow, the runways, taxiways, and aprons were only partly covered. So I guess the MSFS weather engine does allow for just partial coverage, depending on real world airport information. I hope that's helpful to someone. - Bob
  12. If you have Bijan's 4 Season pack, v7.00+, there is an option called "Snow Mask" which removes snow cover from runways and taxiways, as well as surrounding roads. -Bob
  13. I didn't think the auto season select was that automatic yet, since the app doesn't yet remember the path to your Community folder, So at the present you would still need to go back every few months or whenever the season changes to manually click the auto-season button or manually select your season. Or so I thought. I believe Bijan said that he would fix that in the next update. Or have I misunderstood? But in all truth, it's pretty easy, even without the auto-season select. You just pick the current season for your particular hemisphere. Or you can click the auto-season button which will do the same thing. Personally, I have no regrets at all about purchasing Bijan's Season pack: it's fantastic. So much so that I have no interest in Rex's product. And Bijan certainly works overtime keeping his product updated and adding to it. I wish some other dev's had his work ethic. -Bob
  14. Yes, I'm also getting CTD's, almost every flight. Not right away, but maybe 10 to 15 minutes in. There's also usually a regular stutter about every couple of minutes or so up to the CTD. My F-35s, however, don't disappear from the plane selection list. I've been monitoring with MSI Afterburner, and it's not Vram or temperatures. The FPS also stays very solid right up to the CTD (locked down at 36 fps). There's no such problems with any other planes. I usually run at standard Ultra settings. I tried lowering to standard High settings, but it made no difference. It is a puzzle. My system is , I guess you could say, "upper middle class" (10700K @ 4.9 Ghz, 2070 Super, 2K monitor). I am using Windows 10 and Nvidia 497.29 drivers. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I'm not noticing problems with any other planes in MSFS, or in any other games or sims. In any case, I'll keep digging away and see if something turns up. I really do like this plane. If anyone has any ideas or hears anything, please chime in. Thanks - Bob
  15. Does the boat have an option for a driver or passengers, at least from the external views? All the screenshots show an empty cockpit. Not a deal breaker, but it would look strange (at least to me) for the boat to be speeding along with no one at the helm.
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