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  1. Thanks for the reply kt069. My render scale is at 100, I'm just using straight Ultra settings. All other planes that I have, payware, freeware, and default, all seem to be fine. It's just the Trinidad that's gone invisible. I was just hoping someone had a quick answer before I start the whole search and grind thing. If not, I'll remove everything out of the Community folder except the Trinidad to see if some other add-on is running interference, and I should go over to the LHC website to see what the latest version should be. But it's getting late now, so I'll start doing all that tomorrow. Thanks again for the reply - Bob
  2. I haven't flown the LHC TB21GT Trinidad for awhile, maybe since before SU5. But when I loaded up today, the plane was invisible, both inside and out. . I tried 3 or 4 different liveries, and then re-downloaded (version 4.2.1), but still the same result. Is anyway else seeing this, is it something on my machine, or is the 4.2.1 not the latest version? Thanks - Bob
  3. Yes, read manual before operating machinery! My bad. Thanks again for all the updates - Bob
  4. Same here when trying to extract the season pack v.6.05. And I tried downloading twice. The 3-D Models v2.0 extract ok. I will revert back to v6.4 and wait for a fix. Yeah, I noticed too. The last version was v6.4, but the newest version at Simmarket is v6.05. Just a typo I guess. Oh well, keep up the good work, Bijan! I do enjoy the product. -Bob
  5. The custom registration you put in doesn't stay visible in the boxes, but it's still there and will show up on the plane. To remove your custom registration, and go back to whatever the plane's default is, put the cursor in the box, and hit the "Delete" key. Hope that helps. -Bob
  6. Just curious about how add on load order works in MSFS, in particular terrain mesh, and this seems to be the forum to ask questions about how MSFS works. But I think CAR147 is right: I need to ask in the MSFS forums. Thanks everyone for your replies. - Bob
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I may have to do that. I wasn't certain how much this might be common knowledge. I'll wait a bit and see if maybe someone here knows, and if not, I'll go over to the MSFS forums. It's nothing really vital. I'm using PlaneGuy04's excellent 15m DEM terrain mesh for British Columbia (highly recommended if you're doing low and slow in the area). I haven't noticed any particular problems, but I was just wondering how everything was working in the background. Thanks again for your reply. - Bob
  8. With all the recent great high rez third party terrain mesh appearing, I was just wondering: if there are two pieces pieces of terrain mesh with different resolutions (DEM) for the same area, how does MSFS choose which mesh to display? For FSX and P3D, as I understand, the terrain mesh with the highest resolution would be displayed, regardless of how the two pieces were ordered in the Scenery Library (although I'm not certain what would happen if either or both were outboard .xml add ons). Does MSFS work the same way? Or is it just that terrain mesh in the Community folder will overwrite terrain mesh in the Official folder, or with two pieces of terrain mesh in the Community folder, the alphabetically later one in the list will overwrite the earlier on in the list, regardless of which one has the highest resolution? I hope this isn't too dumb a question. I'm fairly new to MSFS. Thanks - Bob
  9. Actually, I forgot: there is an auto-fuel selector button on the pop-up tablet, which I guess functions like a "both" switch, but I always turn it off. -Bob
  10. Re the left yaw tendency, a couple of things, maybe not the causes though: 1. Are you flying with only 170 lbs weight in the pilot's seat? If so, try adding 170 lbs to the passenger/co-pilot seat. 2. The fuel switch only does left or right tanks, not both. If you leave it in one position all the time, instead of switching back and forth, the fuel tank in one wing empties, causing the plane to gradually tilt towards the other side, and so yaw towards that side. Whatever the cause, there is a rudder trim control wheel middle bottom of the front panel you can use to correct the yaw. I hope that helps. -Bob
  11. When I purchased the Arrow III, I seem to recall there was a message from JF that said there would be a discount available on the Turbo Arrow for those that had purchased the Arrow III (and vice-versa for those that purchased the Turbo Arrow first). But I've forgotten how much the discount was. If the discount substantially lowers the Turbo Arrow's price, I might be tempted. -Bob
  12. I was wondering about this. I just recently purchased MSFS from Steam, my version shows as World Update IV (France, Belgium, etc.) says it requires MSFS v., and World Update II (USA) says it requires v. I can't see what MSFS version Update III (UK) requires. My question being, are these world updates already included in my version, or do I need to download and install them as well? Thanks - Bob
  13. Sorry Ray, far beyond my knowledge of ADE and scenery object design. However, I did a Google search for "ade black box objects", and a number of threads came up. From what I gather on a quick read through, it means the "black box" objects aren't in ADE's LOM (Library Object Manager), so it can't compile them. You need to point ADE's LOM to the unique object library being used by the airport scenery in question and add those new objects to the ADE library. You can then run ADE again to recompile the airport, and the objects should appear this time....at least as I understand from a quick read through. Of course, I'm sure there's more involved than this, but perhaps this can point in the right direction. I should maybe have added to my original post to do a back up of the bgl before using ADE on it, since ADE writes directly into that bgl. I used ADE a long while back to fix the taxiways when I was porting over the old PW Caribbean Island sceneries to P3Dv4, but I guess PW had used standard FSX library objects for the airports, as I don't recall any black box warnings when compiling. Sorry I can't be of more help. -Bob
  14. I don't have UTX installed, but when I was porting over FSX airport sceneries to P3Dv4, I had the same problem, no taxiways showing in the ported over sceneries. I solved this by using ADE to reset all the draw flags to on (there's lots of tutorials and threads around about how to do this). It was fairly simple. Apparently the FSX SDK doesn't require the flags to be on for it's bgl's to work, but the P3D SDK is more stringent. I don't know if that's any help at all, but just a thought. -Bob
  15. Yes, sorry about that Ray. I thought the BenQ sale at the local pc shop would be on for another week or two, then all of a sudden yesterday they just popped in a "24 hours to go" notice with a clock ticking down. So I thought I had better pick it up at the sale price now or forgo entirely. I had doubts about how well my RTX 2070 Super could handle 4k, at least at the settings I liked. So I was primarily looking at 1440p 60 hz monitors anyway. If they could also do higher refresh rates, well then bonus 🙂. And i would consider a 4k monitor in that price range if it had good reviews. At it's 30% off sale price, the ex3203r with all its features, good reviews, and BenQ quality was a prime candidate. But it also had certain aspects that made me hesitate. As you mentioned, the features aren't necessarily the best for flight sims or the other slower paced games I like to play, the large V stand wasn't the best for my desk, and I wasn't certain how I would take to a very large curved screen. But most worrisome to me, a number of purchasers had complained that the display had large amounts of backlight bleed, and apparently that this was a problem with many curved VA panels. . So I wondered if there was maybe a better 32 inch monitor in that price range that I had overlooked. As said in my other post, my fears proved groundless: there was no backlight bleed after the panel burnt in a bit (I guess that's what it was), I loved the immersion of the large curved screen, and I managed to shoehorn the stand and monitor onto my desk (although it's still somewhat awkward). And I just love the picture quality. The reason I'm interested in the G sync fix for the ex3203r is from the way I've seen it work in a review for some other games. When the fps fell below a certain limit (48 fps/48 hz for Freesync), the panel, in Freesync or with G sync fix, compensates by raising the refresh rate to a multiple of the low fps. So if the fps fell to 33, the monitor would go to 66 hz, and so on instant by instant. I'm just plain curious to see what might happen in P3Dv4.5 if I could get that working. Whether or not it would actually be practical, well, who knows. Anyway Ray, thanks for your comments. Always a pleasure to read your remarks here on the forum. -Bob
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