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  1. The only other things I can think to try are just the generic shot in the dark fix-its, which you may already have tried anyway: First, rename or otherwise empty your Community folder (easy enough if you use Addon Linker), restart the sim, and then see if the C208 shows. If so, then one of the addons in your Community folder is running interference. If still no C208, then go into the Content Manager, uninstall the C208, go out of the sim, restart, go back to the Content Manager, and re-install the C208. If none of those work, then sorry, I'm out of ideas..
  2. Just to confirm, are you looking under the correct name? For the default C208, in my standard MSFS install, it's listed under "Texitron Aviation Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan Ex"
  3. Eh, I just uninstalled Advanced and re-installed Original. It works fine, and in lieu of the tint mask, I'll just set colour temperature to "warm" (it helps dull down some of the overly bright green fields). I think I'll wait a bit before trying Advanced again.
  4. Crud!! Everything installed just fine and I was up and flying and enjoying Accuseason Advanced yesterday. This morning, I went in to change a setting and: "License not valid. We are having a problem validating your product license. Please contact support. - Close" <Sigh>. I tried completely uninstalling/reinstalling, but still the same message, and no opportunity to re-enter my Accuseason key. I submitted a ticket, but with the current problem volume, I wonder how long that will take. Oh well, I'll uninstall completely and try re-installing the original Accuseason.
  5. How do I change settings after I've chosen "Automation Mode"? Everything seemed to install just fine, and I selected automation mode, but afterwards decided to change a setting. But now when I click on the desktop Accuseason icon, I get a pop up saying "Accuseason Advanced is set on Automation mode and will close after 5 minutes". I've waited a couple of hours, clicked the icon a number of times, and tried restarting the pc, but still the same message, Will I have to uninstall/reinstall Accuseason to change the settings, or am I missing something? Thanks - Bob
  6. Oh well, no big rush, the time when the new terrain and tree coloring features become useful is still a month or two away. But question to the Rex team if reading: I purchased my Accuseason through Simmarket. Will the free update eventually be available through there?
  7. I just did a couple of quick take offs with the amphibian C172 and DH2 Beaver, and in both cases the landing gear came up and lowered again just fine toggling my assigned key. I tried a few times in both cases without problem. All I can think to suggest is to check that you don't have two assignments for the same key that might be running interference with each other.
  8. I have a button on my joy stick assigned to "Toggle landing gear". I just tried with the default Icon A5 and no problems. Maybe double check your key assignments? Occasionally MSFS updates will mess with mine.
  9. I just tried and no problems here (I went all the way to the post new topic screen but didn't actually type anything in). Are you sure you're using the right password? The A2A forum login requires a different user name and password than your order account login. What problem are you having with the Commanche? If it's a straightforward procedural question, someone here might have the answer.
  10. For those who purchased the F-4 through the Marketplace (well, the only place available to purchase at the present time), a patch is now available on Flightsim.to to activate the F-4's weapon loadouts, along with loadouts for all other DC/SC Designs Marketplace purchased warplanes (PC users only): https://flightsim.to/file/51186/dc-designs-aircraft-marketplace-purchase-weapons-re-activation-modification
  11. The Comanche has dynamic registration (or at least the default livery I just took up does), so you can change as desired. Hopefully the repainters will keep that option (just a personal preference).
  12. I haven't seen the white squares or white dot yet on the WT G1000 NXi or GNS 430/530 screens, available for free through the Marketplace. However, I haven't been flying a lot of default aircraft lately. Where they've been showing up for me is on the third party PMS50 GTN 750. Not all the time, the squares and dot seem to come and go. But it is very annoying when it happens.
  13. Just a note about how the customizable registrations show on the plane, that I just noticed anyway: the default American liveries (ones starting with an "N") only show the registration on the sides; the default non-American liveries show the customizable registrations not only on the sides, but also on the upper right and lower left wings. So anyone wanting to do a repaint without the registrations showing on the upper and lower wings, maybe choose one of the default American liveries as template.
  14. I suppose biplanes are just way too slow for what you want, but if you ever fancy flying very low and very, very slow, Ant's Tiger Moth is probably the closest the sim has right now to a study level biplane.
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