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  1. Sorry Captains, to dig this post out again,but my english is obviously not as good as thought! Does the above written mean,that Little Nav Map does not show addon airports from flightsim.to ?? For what so ever reason? Scott
  2. HI Maarten! Locking on plane on the map,or even following is only working every once in a while. That's very annoying,also that Sim Launcher is not responding very often. Scott
  3. Am I the only one,who can't see the pictures? Scott
  4. https://picload.org/view/drcoopoa/no.579.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/drcoopor/no.580.jpg.html As I copied the links(the ones on top) to other forums,where they are displayed well,the fault is on this side.
  5. My PTA is a freeware version,I don't know whether it will work for you or not. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vdsam6ez2tzf9w/Meine3.rar?dl=0 Scott
  6. The proof ,that it is from P3d Thanks to all for your comments. Scott
  7. So I am happy,that it is a Cardinal 177. Scotty And thanks for the comments.
  8. Hi Ed! Just to clarify,my shot is from P3Dv4 . Scott
  9. The freeware sceneries of Nannhausen,Oppenheim and Essen/Mülheim are from Christian Bahr. Founder of: Bahrometrix.de
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