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  1. Jason_Peters

    Consistent NTDLL.DLL CTD's since update

    My apologies for the delay in returning to close the loop. After working with PMDG Support, I was able to complete the flight on Wednesday. It appears my NTDLL.dll crashes were caused by a corrupted 747 installation following the update, along with an issue with FSL's Spotlights. The following is a synopsis of the fix: PMDG Support recommended a complete uninstall & reinstall of the 747 using freshly downloaded copies. Following the re-install, I set up the same scenario I had been trying to complete. The 747-8 from EDDF (Aerosoft Mega Airport) gate A25, to KIAD. GSX, ActiveSky, etc. all running as normal, did not disable anything. This scenario had resulted in consistent NTDLL.dll crashes. Unfortunately, the software crashed almost immediately but with a different error this time. Instead of a full CTD, P3D reported "dxgi_error_device_hung" and asked if I wanted to exit. Bad news, but progress! I had seen this one before in the past, and had a hunch. So, I uninstalled FSL Spotlights, downloaded a fresh copy from their website and re-installed it. Re-loaded the same scenario, and made a beautiful departure from EDDF in the rain just before it switched over to snow, enabling Auto Cruise as I coasted out to begin the oceanic leg. Everything looked to be back to normal and running well! The sim did crash approximately 2+35 (real time) into the session as I passed to the south of Nova Scotia, and the event Viewer reported NTDLL.dll yet again... However, this also occured at the exact same time-stamp as an FSUIPC auto-save. I was also working in the FMC, and Auto Cruise was still active at sim rate of 4x. I'm guessing I made an entry in the FMC at the exact time the auto-save occurred somehow making it angry, bad luck. I was able to load the auto-save and complete the flight without any further issue. Final report: EDDF - KIAD, 8.8 hrs, landed about 30 min behind schedule due to a pushback delay, and an enroute weather deviation near JFK. Back in business! Don't hesitate to submit that Support Ticket and ask for assistance! The PMDG Support folks are there to help. Even though I'm an experienced simmer, another brain on the task, with another set of ideas on how to troubleshoot the issue proved helpful.
  2. I can tell you from firsthand experience the autoland in my aircraft at work is often “firm” to say the least. In fact, we hate it and don’t really trust it. In addition to it often landing hard, it will occasionally drop the nose at the runway, or fail to correct quickly enough in gusty winds. It can get really uncomfortable! It’s not uncommon at all for us to disconnect it in the flare and complete the landing if safe, or just go around. But, then there are days where it works perfectly... these machines are temperamental! Now bear in mind my aircraft is based on a 747-200, so a much earlier version of the autopilot. I think we are often spoiled in the sim with aircraft and systems that function to perfection all the time. In the real world these things age, have issues, and often act up. Just cause it can autoland doesn’t alleviate you from your duties as PIC or Captain. If the automation isn’t performing, disconnect it and fly the dang plane!
  3. Jason_Peters

    Consistent NTDLL.DLL CTD's since update

    Doesn't apply to my crash, I don't currently run Immersion manager with the 747. But, a link to EDDF (Aerosoft Mega Airport) and GSX is entirely possible... Perhaps I'll see if it happens with a different departure location...
  4. Jason_Peters

    Consistent NTDLL.DLL CTD's since update

    Robert, First, let me say thank you for the personal reply! I've been a PMDG customer since the FLY! 757 days, and will continue to support PMDG far into the future! Why? First class product, first class product support! Second, to be clear I'm NOT blaming these crashes on PMDG. This is complex software and things like this happen from time to time. I also agree that COUATL has huge problems, and limited (read non-existent) support from it's developer. That said, these crashes are not specifically occuring in any of the known COUATL problem areas. I merely went down that troubleshooting path as a precaution, and frankly for a lack of better ideas. My main concern is COUATL or not, the 747 and the sim was running without issue prior to the update. I've begun working with the PMDG support staff by submitting a ticket and the initial speculation is I somehow ended up with a corrupt file following the update. The plan is to perform a complete un-install and re-install of freshly downloaded files and see where we end up. I was planning on getting to this tonight, but I've just returned from a long day training. I'll likely tackle it tomorrow evening (AKA: Soon TM ) instead... This Flight Engineer needs a break from airplane stuff... More to follow... I do want my simulated 747 back. It's a lot more reliable, a heck of a lot less stressful, and a bunch more fun than the one I argue with at work. 😉
  5. Jason_Peters

    Consistent NTDLL.DLL CTD's since update

    Yeah, support ticket is in... this dude is out of ideas. I may try a complete un-install/re-install of the 747 entirely next. The whole thing is odd as it was running without issue prior to the update...
  6. Guys, I'm looking for ideas here... the 747-8 is now unflyable for me. I NEVER had even one hiccup prior to the update. I'm getting constant NTDLL.DLL crashes, but only with the 747-8. I've been trying to complete a flight from EDDF to KIAD. I've tried everything I can think of short of a complete uninstall/re-install. In addition to multiple restarts, I've disabled GSX, attempted the Restart Coutal fix, updated graphics drivers, deleted shaders, etc.... Nothing works. Any ideas? Not new to Flt Sim or troubleshooting it, been in the hobby since pre FS4. Help!
  7. This looks great! Thanks to the team for all the hard work!
  8. Dan, I sure hope you didn't lose my point in translation! We agree! For the sim world these simpler work arounds work great! The point I was making is that users should learn to accept these types of workarounds, rather than demanding infinite realism down to the minutiae. Otherwise, I'll hand em' my 400 page performance manual full of spaghetti charts and tables and they can have at it. Also, you'd be surprised at some of similar work arounds we older FE's will use to scrape together some data on the quick in the real world! Ha! Simon, that was a great explanation for folks to use! The use of tables, or Tab-Data as we refer to it, in newer performance manuals sure makes things a lot faster and the data card much shorter. The E-4B (747-200) performance manual still uses spaghetti charts for everything... much more time consuming.
  9. As a Flight Engineer, I kinda do performance calculations for a living. A reduced thrust, takeoff data card, with obstacle clearance for the 747 is a full page long and can take someone who is entirely familiar with the process upwards of 30-40 min to compute manually using the performance manual... for each available runway or scenario! Obviously, computer based performance software has greatly reduced both the required time and workload, but this software is incredibly expensive! I've been working to procure a new version for our aircraft and it's upwards of $500k for the software plus a year or two of support, and thats with us providing our performance data and manuals directly to the developer! This is not an easy task, and what PMDG has managed thus far is nothing short of outstanding. I'm all for maxing out the available realism and procedures of my desktop sim, but at the end of the day it's just that, a desktop simulation. It's intended to give you a highly realistic peek behind the curtain at what it's like to operate one of these magnificent machines, nothing more. Perhaps some of these complex tasks are better left to our imagination...
  10. I can't speak to the de-rate as that often requires quite a bit of calculation. However, the aircraft is quite powerful and it's pretty easy to get a big de-rate such as 40 degrees like Marc suggested. For the takeoff flap setting, a general rule with our aircraft anything above 700,000 lbs is typically a Flaps 20 takeoff, anything below that would be a Flaps 10. There are certain exceptions, Flaps 10 provides for a better initial climb and thus obstacle clearance, while Flaps 20 generally shortens the time the aircraft is physically on the runway...so in certain cases based on the available runway we may choose something non-standard.
  11. Jason_Peters

    Where is everyone flying their 747-8’s?

    I’ve flown cargo occasionally using the Atlas livery (USAF 747 operators do their sim training with Atlas) but prefer passenger flights. I’ve typically been simming the -8 as a replacement for the now retired UAL 400’s.
  12. I really enjoy the 747-8, but I’ve found myself flying other aircraft as I often struggle with finding good destinations suitable for her long legs. I typically fly passenger flights with the United livery (UVA Member). I’m wondering if it’s cause I lack a good variety of scenery for overseas destinations? EGLL, PHNL, and OMDB are my only really good overseas sceneries. So, any suggestions? Where is everyone flying? Good sceneries to purchase? Help me spend more time in the -8!
  13. Jason_Peters

    End of the road...

    Some things have likely changed for sure. However, much has remained the same too. In certain cases, low-tech is a better solution due to the unique mission of the aircraft. That super high-tech stuff tends to not react well in a post-nuclear environment... lol
  14. Jason_Peters

    End of the road...

    Pffft... 1989... not even close to the oldest 747 still in service! I'm flying a few early 70's vintage 747's (E-4B) in the USAF. 2 were built in 73', 1 in 74', and the newest in 1975!
  15. Jason_Peters

    TBM 900 In development

    I wish someone would make a TBM at that level for P3Dv4... what a beauty. Systems simulation looks superb, from the videos I've seen of it.