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  1. Locate the file it is hanging on by paying close attention to the last file that its downloading. If the installer hangs delete that file. Reboot and restart the sim. The installer will recover from the last complete file.
  2. I'll wait for the reviews.. And compare the fit and finish against the other recent/imminent releases that it may compete with. I know some will consider that a little unfair since the aircraft is somewhat starting to enter "niche" category but i've already purchased an oldie but goodie which i use with satisfaction quite often (A300) and will definitely purchase the 777-F for cargo ops so the dev will have to be there or whereabouts in terms of quality. We will see.
  3. Community Folder. I presume the overriding complaint is that there is no option to place the files somewhere else so that power users can use Addon Linker to link the files instead of the "live files"
  4. Thanks for the info. I pretty much only fly the Fenix myself but it would be nice to have a Neo with the most if not all of the approach features. Ill give the Inibuilds a shot i have been enjoying their A300 a lot recently what could go wrong ? heh
  5. Which one can do a an actual RNAV and RNP approach ? The Flybywire one remains parked for the lack of that feature for me. The IniBuilds one i dont know so im genuinely asking.
  6. Here are my overall settings Traffic (all AIG models and AIG Traffic Controller set at 85%) I would say i have 80 to 90 % of their flightplans installed for worldwide coverage. I do not use their additional airport vehicles that is disabled. OS : Windows 10 Sim Graphics Settings 3440x1440 Resolution increased to 115% DX 12 + VSYNC Off + TAA +TLOD 230 + Rest of the settings Stock Ultra Graphic Drivers settings : AMD Fluid motion frames enabled. Freesync enabled. Baseline frames locked at 40fps using RTSS-Afterburner (Framerate doubled by fluid motion frames in sim)
  7. I'm sorry i don't have that same experience. The sim has been smooth as glass for the last three days i have been using it. Mind you i had the same issues as you did initially but then i cleared out the sim cache and the dx shaders and all the stutters went away. (I also run my sim in dx12) not sure if you are referring to DX11 performance. As for the tile bleed-through issues using dx12 at the airports. I have noticed that this has been improved a bit. (Not completely eradicated). If you like to be using the drone or switching views outside while on the tarmac a lot your chances for it happening increases but if you are more focused on getting your flight set up in the cockpit with an occasional view outside then it hardly happens (to me at least). My TLOD is at 230 and i will agree with you that it would be nice to see the word not allowed wheels on the AI planes at a reasonable distance when on approach but apart from that i haven't noticed any major change to the TLOD as long as the servers aren't being hammered. Overall i really enjoyed this latest beta version so far and have done more flights than usual this last couple of days.. but i know that the xbox side of the story is not that great and my rig is kind of an outlier since its an all AMD build. Aircraft used this past few days with this beta build: Inibuilds A300 / PMDG 737 / FENIX A320 / A2A Comanche Just my personal observations My signature is in my spec. Cheers
  8. I'm ok with waiting. Fix as many things as possible .. we aren't getting another service update for the rest of the year.
  9. Are you using 4k textures or the 8k ones for the Fenix liveries. ? You have to be mindful of your VRAM memory usage being that it is assumed you are using a 12GB card at 1440p. I have a 16 GB card and refuse to touch 8k Liveries .. Ive had an inibuild A300 original livery bring my VRAM right to its max usage when flying which will definatley make things sluggish. Using the Performance textures as a replacement gave me back 3 GB vram. The Fenix equivalent is the 4k liveries. Ensure that you are using those so you aren't right up to your VRAM limits.
  10. Same, right up to yesterday on a cargo run from Hong Kong to Taipei
  11. Card being pushed too hard (Especially if the framegen is uncapped) and the hardware (Graphics Card) is failing to keep up which is producing artifacts. Also important for Nvidia Cardholders since you cant use framegen in DX11 up to 1080p display = 12GB Vram up to 1440p display = 16GB Vram 4K and above= Over 16GB Vram I also recommend to be mindful about using 8K resolution repaints as well if your flying in DX12 with Framegen. Try to stick to the 4k Versions.
  12. The 24 hour historical is a big deal. Glad they figured that part out.
  13. Yea .. the commentary by the person who posted the video is moving from objective review to open commentary. I don't mind the author adding a bit of color to a review but its no longer a review when the author cannot control himself from. Negatively calling out people who get value from the product. Personally calling out the dev by name. The product under review is Active Sky.. not the dev behind it. To be honest i haven't even purchased active sky as yet as i want to see a clear benefit in using passive mode but its clear some people get a benefit from it so if it doesn't work for you that's also ok but no need to express your opinion like that.
  14. Sigh .. Ok i'm looking forward to a comprehensive review that can demonstrate Active Mode 1 Transitions 2 Cloud Variance 3. Historical weather and how it works 4 Faithfulness to the Metar Passive mode ( And what it is about) 1. An explanation as to "what is an air effect" 2. A demonstration of that "air effect" at work 3. Any other benefits of using Passive mode. User interface 1. Initial setup to the sim 2. Setup of any co programs (Simbrief / PMDG) 3. How it looks and where to get to the essential features/options in the menu 4. Potential setup issues to look out for and avoid. Recommendation and Wrap Up Hopefully something of a semi professional review comes out soon. I'm not one for sitting down and watching someone stumble through "their review" of a product. (No offense to them but that's too messy for my taste) But its early days and i have the time so hopefully someone steps up.
  15. @LondonController Please dont take this as having a bash but "before" going live i would have recommended that you would have given the product a thorough run through offline so that you. 1.Dont look unprepared while online and 2. Unfairly assess the product on the merits. Hopefully you give your audience another go of the product once you have gotten past the initial teething issues you may have had. Cheers
  16. Fair enough .. my apologies for misreading.
  17. Umm no sir. Not for me it doesn’t. Everything sounds positive at the moment but at the end of the day the product.. not the hearsay must demonstrate its value looking forward to the demonstrations and reviews
  18. Ill give you that.. No one knows everything ... back in FS9 i was happily flying Project Opensky models with whatever freeware panel that could match with absolutley no systems depth and was very happy doing that. flying vor to vor and ils. Nowadays i wont touch anything that does not provide a high level/study level simulation of an AC. So i will agree that your product may provide something yet to be seen in my eyes... I wont know till its tested and reviewed so we will see. But i thank you for the graciousness in expressing your opinion and i appreciate that sincerely. Cheers
  19. We have to agree to disagree then .. nothing personal .. my view of the matter is that if the platform had a few more deliverables (a radar with tilt and windshear prediction / plausible turbulence and a presentation of clouds pre SU 5 with suitable blending of metar data and 24 hours of historical wx) Active sky would be moved a lot more into niche category. So yes ,,, MSFS has dropped the ball so some of us are willing to take a look. You may not see it that way but pretty much that's why i am even interested to take a look.
  20. Agreed. I took a very long break from simming with when FSX came out .. I have been simming before that since version 4.00. My system couldn't run it. I was fresh out of college and was unable to put in the funds to get FSX to run decently on my system. So i missed completely the FSX/P3D era. So naturally what i know is MSFS2020 and what it provides which is for me (at the moment is not bad) and in other cases is great . I am also very hesitant to be piling on a bunch of third party add-ons (again im not from the P3d lot spending hundreds in add-ons) and whatever i purchase MUST provide value. I'm sorry if the Dev feels he is being unfairly criticized and has to prove the value of his product again but new sim.. new audience which probably prefers everything to be included in the platform they are using. Now we all know that is not possible when it comes to scenery and aircraft but weather (sorry to say) is one aspect i think most of the simmers including myself in MSFS with no nostalgic attachment to Activesky was hoping would never have to purchase an add-on for. Fast forward to 2024 and we still don't have a decent radar simulation / in cloud turbulence has been turned down and MSFS/Asobo still hasn't managed to provide at minimum 24 hours worth of historical weather among other things that have been lacking .. ok .. Active sky now has an opening ..take your shot.. Looking forward to seeing in a video how this product works In passive mode (because the whole active injection model and the way it handles transitions is a non starter for me) to objectively enhance the wx experience in the sim. If the enhancement adds value ..ill buy it. if it doesn't ill pass. When the other thread opened up about initial release i stated i was skeptical ... but open. Not being unreasonable to be skeptical when for all intents and purposes myself and most of the users of the sim are more or less happy with the wx as it stands ... and was hoping the sim would develop and refine the wx. Lucky for Active Sky Asobo dropped the ball in that department so are open to see what is offered.
  21. As someone posted earlier ...a video demonstrating the transition in preset mode would be probably best. I know what my personal preferences are so there is no point in pointing them out any further. looking forward to some actual demonstrations of the program at work
  22. I think Fenix needs to work on adding some contrast to filter out some of the background "haze" on its display so when the brightness is turned down the contrast between the Text and the background is gradually increased then the brightness of the text itself gets dimmer until both fade to black. As it stands theres not much contrast so both the text and the background fades out at the same time and that probably explains "a little bit" Bobs complaint. For comparison. If one wants to take a look at how i would suggest it to be done can look at the Inibuilds A300 displays when they are turned down. (The haze gets filtered out first then everything gradually goes black)
  23. I just did another flight last night in the A300F at dusk from Oslo to Tailinn.. moving from one weather front to another is something i cannot unsee and give up. So i think the secondary enhancement features of passive mode and if the potential weather radar api's will work in passive mode is ultimately what i am interested in. From Active Sky's webpage.. Passive Depiction Mode Passive mode is used with live weather and allows MSFS’s internal live weather depiction to take full control of weather depiction in the simulator, while Active Sky FS provides Active Air Effects and all other non-depiction features (mapping, planning, voice features, conditions report, web companion app, etc.) This can provide better regional variation and cloud variations outside of Preset control, recommended for LIVE WEATHER VFR and casual flights where visuals and effects are more important than weather conditions accuracy. Active Air Effects Provided in either depiction mode, Active Air Effects enhance your flight with turbulence, drafts and more: Clear air turbulence Internal MSFS turbulence compatibility (for combined ASFS-applied and internal MSFS-applied turbulence effects) Updrafts Downdrafts Microbursts Thunderstorm vicinity turbulence and draft effects Gusts, wind variation and gust-related turbulence
  24. Had thunderstorms with lightning on my flight yesterday from SBBE to SBSN. Maybe you meant it’s lot as prolific as expected ?
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