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  1. Not sure what kind of support still exists for the Saitek stuff. I abandoned XP10 2 yrs ago due to crappy peripheral support. I bought all of the Saitek panels for XP10 and 2 i-Pad minis for the glass screens to build a panel that should have worked. Unfortunately, it sucked too many frames per second to be usable and that was the final straw for me. This new sim looks amazing, but if I have to drop $3k on a new computer (Based on test machine specs) only to find that my panel goodies still require more HP, then where does it end in dollars? Can anyone speculate?
  2. I would not spend the money. Where did you ever get the impression that the new MSFS would be released this October? November 2020 at best is the thinking.
  3. Was not directed at you, I meant to quote the one that you replied to who said you must be new here. And yes, 30 years should have been 20.
  4. Lastly, whining will not advance your cause. 3 months ago, you had nothing to look forward to, absolutely nothing. Now there is a future. Give it time.
  5. Anyone expecting this before the Holiday 2020 season is too young to remember the history of these releases. We have about a year to wait. In the meantime, any news is good news. The news will never be as frequent as you wish and will never answer all of your questions. Marketing 101.
  6. I've been here for almost 30 years. Don't judge people by simply hovering over their screen name. I've had 3 logins during that time frame. Same username, different decades. Seems petty to me comparing longevity.
  7. If this is truly NEW, like it appears to be, then backwards compatibility is out the door, deal with it folks. Backwards compatibility sounds great, but it's the ball and chain that kept us tied to old code and the ancient engine for way too many years. After all this time, it it necessary to cut the strings and start fresh. A whole new world of creativity awaits.
  8. I agree the seat of the pants feeling is not there. Just that summer flying where I live against the mountains is never in a straight line. There is always some subtle swaying left and right despite maintaining a straight line. Hard to describe. That happens in XP, it happened in FLY and FLY2 as well. Even Flight Unlimited 1&2 had that sensation. MS series, not so much, if at all. I do agree that XP can have its unstable moments and freezes.
  9. I'm not describing an untrimmed scenario. I meant random pitch and yaw as in bouncing around on air and wind instead of riding a train track. 182's, Cherokees, Archers, even King Airs. Right seat, no license.
  10. You get used to them with good rudder pedals and tweaking the axis and sensitivities. Worth it for the "in air" experience to me. I remember the only time FS ever felt like somewhat like an airplane was when the turbulence was dialed up. In real life GA aircraft, seems there is always some random pitch and yaw without turbulence per se. I just think XP does this better, even in the CRJ-200 which is my favorite. I love the LE Saab 340 also, but I don't enjoy starting it up manually every time.
  11. I'm anxiously awaiting Rachel Maddow to confirm that MS has a new Flight Simulator. Until then, this is all speculation.
  12. Like stated, I will need a CRJ-200 with the option of "engines running, ready for takeoff". I don't care if the air conditioning system is modeled. I have air conditioning in my house that works really well. I don't need air conditioning in the cabin because there is no one back there. I don't even need to see the cabin, because there is no one back there. I don't need to change any fuses on the bus panel. That all said, I do like to hear the screams of my terrified non-existent passengers if I do something stupid though. Payware options are endless...
  13. I used to not go through all of that pain because we all know how agonizing it is to wait on the archaic loading. I just looked for screenshots on the gateway and decided whether or not it looks good enough. Not really sure what is out there now since I quit a couple of years ago. Even if I jumped back in tonight, all of my addons are XP10 and I'm not paying a dime to upgrade them.
  14. Some of the XP freeware is very nice. Hopefully the new MSFS will allow that. Without it, XP would still suck when it comes to global airport coverage.
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