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  1. Many of the airports are great but you asked for favorites. I would say FlyTampa KBOS and all Flightbeam. FSDT and PacSim. Of course all the ORBX are very good. Really looking forward to FlyTampa KLAS to see what they have done with it. DD's Seattle airports and city are also outstanding.
  2. Hi all, I would like to add some C130s to an airport using Sim Director. I have searched all the libraries (over 17000) and have been unable to find this plane. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to get this plane into the libraries or how accomplish my mission. I am using P3Dv4. Thanks in advance.
  3. kenthom

    Miltary AI for P3Dv4

    Possibly a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. This package would run along side of other AI packages such as MT6?
  4. kenthom

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    It has a been a very solid performer for me. No CTD in months, good on performance and a lot of fun to fly. The obvious point is.....everyone's rig and tweaks are different so mileage may vary. For me it is a great plane.
  5. I love this plane. One of the best purchases I ever made thanks to some posters on this forum. Once you learn to control this bird it is a blast to fly. Looking forward to whatever they add to it.
  6. Hi Benjamin, I had T2G since it came out and really like it. I now have DD KSEA. As usual when you have dueling airports you will have things you like better of of each one. I would pick DD KSEA as the over all winner but I did like T2G taxiway and runway texture better. And, I like the 3D grass of T2G. Other than that, DD is better in my opinion. I have seen no performance hit at all.
  7. Worked perfectly. Thank you for finding the fix and letting us know.
  8. Yes I am using 4.2
  9. I purchased the GTN 750/650 and put one in the Xtreme Prototypes LJ. I would like to put the other in the Carenado Hawker. Does the panel config have to be edited to put it into the panel? If so, is that config entry and instructions available somewhere? Thanks in advance. Ken
  10. I read most of the manual this evening and learned a few tricks and minor things I had spotted. I did some experimenting with the weights and trim to stabilize the takeoff steering control. Nothing really changed. It just seems that it really wants to pull to the left.
  11. I have the cabin selector set correctly then. "more power to weight" sounds interesting. That may explain why sometimes it is pretty easy and other times more difficult. I may be putting too much fuel in. Since I am not paying for it...fill her up! I have used Saitek yoke and rudder for years. I will certainly monitor the weight situation and see if that makes a difference. I have been flying Direct to location just get used to the plane. I am thinking the GTN will be one of my next purchases. Sure enjoy this plane. I appreciate you and others that pointed me towards it.
  12. An update and a couple of questions for LJ 25 jockeys. I love the plane. Been flying it a lot. I continue to get the annunciator flash for "cabin alt" even though I have followed all the procedures which is basically dial in the flight altitude. Occasionally I get the annoying alert for the same. Does anyone have an idea what would cause that? the heck do you take off in this and keep it lined up on the runway. It seems to be so sensitive that I sometimes look like a DUI going down the runway. Does locking the steering work on takeoff? I haven't purchased the GTN750 but I am getting close to pulling the trigger on that as well. Suddenly all my small ORBX airports are becoming used again.
  13. Loved the comparison Ted. I would take the Corvette any day. I think I am up to the challenge. Thanks for posting. I think I see a classic Corvette in my future.
  14. Hi Dean, I didn't mean basic as in simple to learn. I have watched the videos and it will take a little work for sure. I meant simple in terms of gauges vs the glass cockpit of the Phenom 300. And maybe less bugs to deal with. I would fly it awhile before I decide if I want to purchase the GTN750. The Phenom is a lot sexier though! Also, the videos show the XP bobbing a lot during landing as opposed to a smooth descent. That may have been the pilot or is the plane difficult to control?