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  1. Thanks Bert. I haven't made the purchase yet. 4.5 works well and I have so many airports that I am not ready to jump into the installation mode. I appreciate your comments though.
  2. I have gone through the process of deleting the trainer. I was prompted to the update which I installed. I have version 6.62. When I Start P3D and select a plane that has the GTN 750 in it I get the prompt that the trainer version is incorrect. Am I missing a step or what. I am probably doing something simple wrong since the frustration level is very high! Thanks
  3. So for clarification, Academic license is all that is necessary for sim experience?
  4. Hi Bert. I am completely confused by your post. How does updating your Win 7 get you to running Win 10? Forgive my ignorance in this matter.
  5. I just looked onto other forums. Can't say I found anything that really helped. I have talked to a couple of tech people. It doesn't sound as easy I thought. I welcome guidance from the sim world.
  6. Disregard. I'm so used to requesting assistance on this forum that I forget to look elsewhere.
  7. It appears I will have to finally make the change. Is there a thread or tutorial that will help me through this? I am using P3Dv4. Thanks.
  8. I am no expert on SimDirector but I know the catalog is made up in part by the scenery in third party airports. You may try by unchecking airports in the scenery library you suspect may be a problem. There may be a problem trying to find scenery that isn't where it should be.. Hope that makes sense.
  9. It is part of P3D. Just look for SimDirector. Initiate it. It takes awhile to load the catalog. Select the location (airport). Then go to the arrow on the top left of the screen. You will see the airport. Then you can learn to use it by selecting objects to place from the scenery catalog. That is a very basic description. Save your work and export it. Your BGL file will be in Documents. Copy and paste the BGL in airport scenery. I have added stuff to all my 3rd party airports.
  10. I to prefer ORBX but for a different reason. I love the static planes and people flow. I wish more developers would place static planes and people at the gates as ORBX and DD do. I supplement the airports with more clutter, vehicles and equipment using simdirector.
  11. Removing the sloped RW as described worked. The airport does not have runway lights per the time preview. Is that a known issue? I understand. Thanks.
  12. I didn't turn anything on. I assumed the plane went with the elevation of the runway. I stand corrected if I am wrong.
  13. 4.4 How would I uninstall it? I landed on the sloped runway at KSUN last week with no problem.
  14. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same result. P3D crashes and will not start after this product is installed. AppCrash says it is Kernall dll issue. After uninstalling the product system restore fixes the issue of starting P3D but I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I am working to get Latin VFR forum password updated but they don't seem to respond. I have always found their products to be very good and have never had an issue like this with them. P3D4, Windows 7, NVIDIA driver 442.19.
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