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  1. Clarifying that when I use the "+" and "-" on the time change box there is a very slow reply before the digit changes. I am having a hard time explaining what I am trying to say.
  2. I have discovered a very troubling and frustrating issue in 4.3. While attempting to change the time of day in the start up page I found that there is a long period of delay when scrolling the number up or down. This happens with both the mouse and the up and down arrows. For instance if I the system time says 10 A.M and I want the flight to leave 8 hours later I try to change the number to 6 P.M. If I try to use the mouse wheel the number does not change for 30 seconds or so and then does not land on 6 P.M. The same thing happens if I try to change it using the up and down key on the key board. It is nearly impossible to set the time of day with this problem. I also discovered the same thing happens while in Sim Director in the Scenery catalog. If I click on an ORBX library for instance and want to change to another library it does the same as above. Even within a library and I want to select two different hangars it does the same thing in that box. I noticed the map area in Sim Director indicates that it is 6 or 7 FPS. I believe it was much faster in 4.2 I posted in LM forum but have received no remarks. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what I can do to fix it. 4.3 is working perfectly for me in all other aspects. Is this just an anomaly on my system or all systems. Thanks in advance.
  3. kenthom

    Good to go with 4.3?

    Hi Rob, do you know if FSDT and Flightbeam have updated or do you still have to move them out of the Documents folder?
  4. kenthom

    Good to go with 4.3?

    I am still holding off. I had the black screen spooling up issue and went back to 4.2. I to, am hoping and waiting for a patch or fix from LM so that the transition does not require such an arduous troubleshooting experience to upgrade to 4.3.
  5. Patience is very hard for me when a new product or an update is made available but after spending many hours trying to correct all the issues I deleted 4.3 and reinstalled 4.2 which worked very well for me. I will wait for a month or so and hope all the bugs will be fixed and then try again.
  6. kenthom

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    It would seem that many of us are having this issue. That is why I decided to revert back and wait for the issues to be worked out with addons. Let me know if you have success. Good luck.
  7. kenthom

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    Yes, I followed all the instructions regarding xml files. Something is obviously causing problems. I'll wait until the addons catch up.
  8. kenthom

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    Mine was working fine when I shut off the computer last night. Today, no go.
  9. kenthom

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    I had the same issue. Nothing corrected the issue. I reverted back to 4.2.
  10. Many of the airports are great but you asked for favorites. I would say FlyTampa KBOS and all Flightbeam. FSDT and PacSim. Of course all the ORBX are very good. Really looking forward to FlyTampa KLAS to see what they have done with it. DD's Seattle airports and city are also outstanding.
  11. Hi all, I would like to add some C130s to an airport using Sim Director. I have searched all the libraries (over 17000) and have been unable to find this plane. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to get this plane into the libraries or how accomplish my mission. I am using P3Dv4. Thanks in advance.
  12. kenthom

    Miltary AI for P3Dv4

    Possibly a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. This package would run along side of other AI packages such as MT6?
  13. kenthom

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    It has a been a very solid performer for me. No CTD in months, good on performance and a lot of fun to fly. The obvious point is.....everyone's rig and tweaks are different so mileage may vary. For me it is a great plane.
  14. I love this plane. One of the best purchases I ever made thanks to some posters on this forum. Once you learn to control this bird it is a blast to fly. Looking forward to whatever they add to it.
  15. Hi Benjamin, I had T2G since it came out and really like it. I now have DD KSEA. As usual when you have dueling airports you will have things you like better of of each one. I would pick DD KSEA as the over all winner but I did like T2G taxiway and runway texture better. And, I like the 3D grass of T2G. Other than that, DD is better in my opinion. I have seen no performance hit at all.