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  1. Apparently I did not delete the 6 additional folders. If I wanted to correct that would I have to go through the whole procedure of the system uninstall from scratch via the install/uninstall in the control panel or can I delete those folders and a rebuild will occur. All seems to be running well. I have the new planes and the Beech planes are gone. Would rebuilding the config clean things up sufficiently.
  2. I did a full install with V4 and expected the p3d config to be set back to default. All my settings were still in place. I deleted shaders and scenery but not the config file. Is there anything to be gained by rebuilding config file?
  3. I have waited to install and I monitor all the threads. I realize there are probably hundreds of easy installs with no resulting issues but there always seems to be a lot of CTD and similar problems. I prefer to wait for a lot of the issues to be resolved rather than jump on the first day and regret it. I keep vacillating as to do a complete upgrade or just Client and Content. A simple question; I have all my addon scenery on a separate drive except for FSDT, Flightbeam and ORBX which are out of the sim. Since they are on a separate drive will they necessarily have to be reinstalled with a complete install?
  4. kenthom

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Very disappointing. That is the only issue I have. Will probably stay with 4.3 and explore hardware possibilities such as faster SSD. Thanks Bert.
  5. kenthom

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I am seeing lots of chatter about FPS and blurries. However, can anyone report on the "stutter" effect. My FPS are good but trying to control the stutters is another issue along with the long pause when approaching a 3rd party airport. If they have been remedied, did you install just client or content and scenery as well? Thanks.
  6. I have been watching this thread and admiring the work you put into the lighting. I love night flying and am so impressed with this mod. I am somewhat a "mod" novice so it appears that you simply add the ini file to the plane and all works without any other tweaks? Secondly, is it only for the 7373-800 or can it be added to the 737-700? I will be waiting for it's arrival in the AVSIM Library. Thank you for making something available to all of us.
  7. kenthom

    Carenado Phenom 100 & GTN 750 question.

    RamonB, Copied values, and that fixed it. Once again, thank you!
  8. kenthom

    Carenado Phenom 100 & GTN 750 question.

    RamonB, I was able to get the GTN750 installed perfectly. However, the right (co-pilot) Prodigy multi-function display no longer fills the entire panel. I can live with it but thought you might have an idea what went wrong. Thanks for your help.
  9. kenthom

    Carenado Phenom 100 & GTN 750 question.

    RamonB, thanks, that makes sense. I will download it in the morning. Can I assume there are directions that I should follow to install it into the VC. Sorry for the confusion. I use poor terminology trying to explain what is happening. I thought that by having it in the Phenom folder that it was in the gauges. I appreciate your help.
  10. kenthom

    Carenado Phenom 100 & GTN 750 question.

    That did not correct it. Any other suggestions anyone? Since I have the GTN via F10 can I assume it is loaded correctly. I did it via the Flight1 GTN setup. The Phenom was present in the list of aircraft. The GTN is in the SimObjects/Airplanes/Carenado Phenom folder. I watched a video on the installation on YouTube. That is where I found the click spot at a bottom screw to the left of the G1000. Is there any other click spot to install the GTN in the panel?
  11. kenthom

    Carenado Phenom 100 & GTN 750 question.

    Found the click spot. I cannot get the "hand" to appear that will activate it. I keep pressing the cursor over it and nothing happens. I can press F10 and bring it to the screen. I cannot get it into the cockpit.
  12. The GTN 750 is installed but I can't get the hotspot to activate it. I have rebooted to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks
  13. I would get small stutters for a short period of time while the scenery loaded but not the actual pause.
  14. I am experiencing an issue that I never had in V4.2. When I am near any addon airport I get a 1 to 2 second pause while the airport loads. This occurs when I am flying over an airport as well. For example, while flying from KSAN to KSFO I was near KMRY at FL210. I received the pause. I have a 4G 32" monitor. Using 29.5 FPS limiter and 1/2 refresh rate through NV Inspector. I have used many different AM settings and adjusted nearly every setting within the sim. It happens with PMDG and other quality addon planes. I even reverted back to a previous driver hoping to eliminate the problem. I get great FPS (limited as stated) and the overall flight is very smooth. I will continue to experiment in an attempt to solve this frustrating situation but I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this behavior or if anyone has a thought as to what my cause it or an area of troubleshooting I should concentrate on. I think my specs are in my signature. Thanks