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  1. That is a thought I may explore. I don't play any other games. This PC is just for P3D. I update the drivers as they come out normally. Of course, I don't want to trade off any of the good stuff V5 is doing for Sim Director.
  2. Unfortunately, neither 1, 2, or 3 fixed it for me. I am not sure I want to try #4. It came from JetLine set. Thanks anyway Rob. I guess I just wait until they sort it out. It is too bad since adding objects to scenery is almost as much enjoyment to as flying.
  3. My Flight Sim (v5.1 HF 1) works fine with no error issues but I get the DXGI error in Sim Director. Win10, GTX 1080 Ti, 16 G Ram, latest driver 460 89.I changed Power Management in NVIDIA to maximum performance and it actually worked....one time. I exited and tried it again and then got the error as soon as I clicked on a scenery object to place in the scenery.I then disabled ALL my scenery and AI to include ORBX in the Sim. Still got the error.Are there any thoughts as to what would cause the error only in Sim Director when the Flight Sim works perfectly? I posted this on the P3D Forum on Jan 5th. There are 357 views but no suggestions. I understand that P3D is working on the issue but I thought I would see if anyone here as experienced the issue and has a suggestion. Would lowering all my settings in the Sim make a difference in Sim Director? Thanks,Ken Thompson
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have messed with it for a long time. The sound is there but all the other rumble and sounds are drowning it out. It is probably more like what the crew hears. I just love hearing it kick in loudly. I have adjusted and adjusted within the P3D and PMDG to get it more to my liking but to no avail. I don't really know what changed from 4.5 to 5 but you could certainly hear reverse sound kick in and fade in 4.5. I have tried some adjusting in my Sound Blaster stereo but haven't found the answer yet. I guess I will adjust to it. Thanks again for the comments and if anyone has a suggesting I would sure try it.
  5. I did so on both the PMDG forum and P3D. Responses are usually much more forthcoming on this forum. With the lack of responses it appears the issue resides just in my system so I will troubleshoot some more. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. Has anyone else had this issue. Reverse thrust sound is nearly missing. I have tried all sound options in Sim and NGXu sound options. It is present but very, very quiet. I have even tried the NGXu sound emersion package to no avail. It was fine and even loud in 4.5. Any thoughts, ideas or tweaks. Thanks
  7. I am curious regarding the first paragraph. At the point you decide to uninstall v4 how will you move v5 to your main drive? I could possibly do what you have done.
  8. I am anticipating the leap in the very near future so I am trying to prepare for the event. I have ORBX, FSDT, Flightbeam, Flytampa, LatinVFR and many other 3rd party airports. Most have been installed on my C drive wherever they chose to locate while some I installed on my E: drive. Should I uninstall and delete all the V4 airport sceneries before installing V5? Will the uninstall of P3D v4 remove all scenery files that do not get deleted or uninstalled? I have many BGL scenery files that I created via SimDirector. Will they work in the V5 sceneries? I would really appreciate advice on the way you all did the big change to V5. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Bert, this comment intrigued me. Can you explain what you mean by cartoonish and what is different between the two? I have not made the leap yet but plan to. If I recall you generally fly low and slow and I fly tubeliners. Can I expect a visual difference between 4.5 and 5.1.1? I always value your remarks.
  10. How does night flying look? I fly NGXu a lot at night enjoying the look of airports that are lit up.
  11. I fly PMDG NGXu nearly exclusively.. I think most of my favorite airports have updated. However, I always use AS live weather. I am patient and can wait until the weather is sorted out. I really look forward to not having stutters. Whoops, just saw the AS updated. Need to find a day to spend with my PC.
  12. I have been reading posts and being very patient before making the leap to v5. 4.5 is stable and generally works well with average FPS. I still experience stutters at times. But in all fairness I have added a lot of scenery bgl files to my 3rd party airports via SimDirect. I like my airports to look busy. My specs are JetLine System i7-4790 @4 ghs, 16 ram, 64 bit, Win 10, GTX 1080ti. I have had it awhile but it still does the job well. Can I expect a bump in performance? Thanks.
  13. Update. It seems to be related to two BGL files I created in SimDirector and placed into two Flightbeam Airport scenery files. I have added many BGL files to airports without any issues. These two BGL files were animated workers. I am curious why they created a problem but I have solved the issue for now. Update. I have apparently solved the problem related to the BGL files. Kindly disregard.
  14. I last flew it about a week ago. The PC Win 10 updated and shut off. Today, the PC App began it's startup and then CTD. Several attempts to start it via Restarts led to the same result. appcrash app indicates problem with Sim Connect. I upgraded to Win 10 last spring and the system restore is much different. I cannot find a date to restore to like Win 7 allowed me to do. Do I have to reinstall P3D? Can I update Sim Connect? I would welcome some help and suggestions. Thank you.
  15. I am still using v4.5 Does this issue exist in it as well?
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