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  1. Great, thank you very much for the quick response. I imagine that if it works in the Lear it should work in the Falcon. I mean even if it isnt 100% accurate, pretty much anything is better than the non functional MilViz radar.
  2. Hi all, I had a quick question for the community because i can not find too many discussions on this topic, but with the discontinuation of MilViz Advantage WX and inability to purchase the product, is Roland's radar a viable alternative? Can it be used to replace the blank screen where the weather radar would be? I absolutely love the Falcon 50 but it is not ideal to have no weather radar or visual TCAS functionality (not sure if Advantage WX supported TCAS to begin with), especially when flying online. I use the GTN 750 with this aircraft but it doesnt support weather or traffic functionality (which is a bit disappointing on its own, given the price). Also, given the location of the GTN install, it makes navigating somewhat difficult without the radar/map that would traditionally be on the main panel where the WX radar place holder is. If there is another option for a weather radar or at minimum, a gauge/screen replacement to visualize other traffic in the area, this aircraft would probably the best biz jet on the market for P3D. Any solutions, feedback, or answers to hear how you all work around these limitations would be greatly appreciated. Best, Kyle Granger
  3. Hi everyone, Just bought the Falcon 50 and am very excited to fly this aircraft. Unfortunately, after getting the aircraft started and ready to taxi, I noticed that upon releasing the parking breaks I could not move. I have my normal toe brakes mapped to the trigger on my thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS and have never had any issue with this sort of problem in other aircraft. I have tried a number of different combinations for setting the brakes using FSUIPC and the default controls menu in p3d and can't figure this one out. As of now, even under full power I cannot move the aircraft an inch. If anyone has any suggestions or has dealt with a similar issue, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, Kyle
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