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  1. Good evening all! Quick question, Im lucky enough to fly this aircraft for a living and sometimes when we have time to kill on the flightdeck I mess about creating waypoints and saving them with names that spell messages out as can be seen in this video below at 1.23 mins in (Not my video but found on youtube). Is there any plan to enable this on the NGX? Would be a nice little feature making it even more real!All the bestRichard Wheatley
  2. Hmmm, so you dont like Ryanair, all I can say is its a great company to work for and dont take for granted everything you hear. With regards to the callouts - we dont have the V1 aural callout on all the aircraft but we are getting it on the newer ones, our SOPs state that the V1 call out must be complete by atleast V1. Also we dont have a V2 callout much like other airlines. All we call from after setting 40% N1 is stabilised, set take off thrust, take off thrust set indications normal, 80kts, V1, Rotate. All the best Richard Wheatley
  3. If Only!!!!Ps, next time use an airbus, good waste of a 737 nose cone that!! Richard
  4. Youve found a bang on checklist there and its word for word what we use. Ships library includes: Airplane Flight Manual, AFM Configuration Deviation List, CDLFCOM Vol. 1, 2 and QRHOperations Manual Part ACurrent FCI’sSEP ManualCurrent CCI’sTech LogMEL and DDPG I have removed some of the contents of the library for obvious reasons, but all airliners will have the majority of these aboard for legal reasons Richard Wheatley
  5. Sounds like the jobs a good 'en then! :( Thanks for your timeRichard Wheatley
  6. Morning guys and dolls!Im having trouble with the internet at my end in terms of download speeds for some reason. Would it therefore be possible to download the 737 at work on my laptop, put it onto a memory stick and then install on the FSX rig when I get home? Should be ok for the online activation, just like I say my download speeds are pants at the moment for some reasonAll the bestRichard Wheatley
  7. If you sling the beta my way i'd be more than happy to show you a wingview video lol :( Richard
  8. With regards to training these days there is no difference between integrated schools such as Oxford or Modular schools, the main difference being the cost, integrated works out more expensive. I've just finished my training at Multiflight at Leeds Bradford which is modular. To get best results its all down to you though and the best tip I can give you is to study hard! I managed to get first time passes in minimum hours, partly because I worked hard but mainly because of the quality of instructor at Multiflight. Be careful with integrated though, its not the be all and end all which most integrated schools will have you believe and to be honest ive heard more bad things than good about integrated, an ATPL is an ATPL.Richard
  9. This just looks like the Eric Marciano update re packaged. If you llok closely you can still see all the same mis placed textures and faults thats in the package at present, seems a shameRichard
  10. Hi everyone! Just struck me, didnt it used to be a tradition before an aircraft was released that someone would start a story with two words and people would add another two words and we'd just see where it ended up? If so may I be the first to kick start it? To keep it kind of in topic, i'll start like this....The 737.....Richard
  11. Got it, live two mins away from there and also fly a C172 there, cant find anything wrong with it, everythings bang on! FPS are good also, im getting 45-60 depending what addons im usingRichard
  12. EDITED BY ADMINRichard, this kind of language is not acceptable here
  13. Well Ive tried the suggestions and the Soft horizons is good but it replaces the sky themes im using. Is there no way in the FSX.cfg for someone to edit what the max unlimited visibility is, so like my cloud draw is max set at 110 miles, can you not add some text in the FSX.cfg that would reduce the Visibility to about 100 miles?Richard
  14. Thanks guys!! Ill be sure to give them all a try!Richard
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