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  1. Well ive uninstalled them and been re starting my comp like a mad man after everything ive done but ive still got the jaggies, going to go back to my old drivers that worked fine I think. Ed I aslo still have the black screen at the menu where the plane should be.Rich
  2. Hey thereIm using the Geforce 7600GS 512RAM and I cant get the antialiasing to work. Ive got it set as above but everything is still jaggy. Any ideas anyone what may be wrong?Rich
  3. bigtallman

    Ariane B737 V3

    Actually I wasnt jokingRich
  4. bigtallman

    Ariane B737 V3

    If there's no forum then whats this? you register then you can read the various topics. I for one have all the VCe's and I think they're greatRich
  5. bigtallman


    Can we all just please calm down in here and stop talking about legal rights this is a sim, a game, an addon, a piece of entertainment and as far as im concerned a #### good one too and one that will be made better by upcoming service patches. If you want the real thing then I suggest you stop spending money on addons for a game and start saving for your ATPL. Until then people need to back off and let this company do its job in peace to finish a product that they have just released and are patching for us. I for one support the company and im asking for people to get off there backs, stop throwing stupid phrases about legal rights at them, stop stamping their feet saying the advert said this and that and I want this and that now or else and let them do there job. ITS A GAME PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT!! If you dont want to have to wait for patches then I suggest you buy the boxed version when available or wait for the patches to come out before you buy it. After all the majority of our sims need or warrant a patch after first release.Right rant over, now to find a tylonol!!Richard
  6. bigtallman

    Afcad Question

    Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a whirl!Richard
  7. bigtallman

    Afcad Question

    Hi all! Quick question, I have an Afcad for UK2000 Manchester EGCC which has all the current airline parking specs but unfortunately has one problem. At EGCC the normal use of runways 24R and 24L is 24R for arrival and 24L for departure. However my afcad has them the other way around. Is there a way I can switch them to the way I want as I dont want to stop using it due to the fact the airline parking is correct. Any help would be appreciatedRichard
  8. Got the FSX version and the DVD this afternoon but still cant get the FS9 version from my download link I was sent. Can anyone else access the main Wilco site, all im getting is web page not availableRichard
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    stunning news guys

    Thanks for logging me on to your forums so fastRichard
  10. bigtallman

    stunning news guys

    Hi there any chace you could activate mine too, I signed up as with bigtallman as my screen name. This product has made my year really cant wait for it!!!Richard
  11. bigtallman

    Just wondering...

    Just out of interest are you using the DXT3 converted textures for the VC? I was and found that when using the normal non converted textures the VC disappearing floor didnt happen, must be something to do with converting the textures.Richard
  12. bigtallman

    747 British Airways

    Hi, make it two words, try SPEED BIRDHope that helpsRichard
  13. Hi all, ive been abroard for a month and not been able to keep up with developments, just wanted to know if my installer is up to date. Its V1.1 also is there a fix yet for this problem, see pic, of the ground showing through the flightdeck floor?All the bestRichard
  14. Evening all!Just thought I would let the people know who requested this merge for the Feelthere/50 North merge I created that Ive updated it and it works loads better than the first effort. For those who requested it before and anyone else who wants it drop me a line at and I'll happily send you it. Also could someone please tell me what the crack is for the IFC show at Birmingham NEC on the 2nd 3rd Dec, ie do I need tickets or can I just turn up at the door and pay?All the bestRichard
  15. bigtallman

    Proper way of getting FS9 AI over to FSX

    Ok well thanks for your help anyway, I'll keep playing around and see if I can sort anything, hopefully Edit Voice Pack will be updated for FSX sometimeAll the bestRichard