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  1. Yup, was just trying to get some excitement back in the thread :(
  2. I would have bought the Qualitywings 757 in a heartbeat if they had released an SDK for it.
  3. Another fix for that was posted in the member section the other day. Requires registered FSUIPC but does work.
  4. I did the opposite in fact, my first complex add on was the 747x, i then went to level d's 767. I find the level d 767 performs much better and i enjoy it more. I can also fly a 767 to more places as a 747 is just too big and heavy for most airports (still a great add on though, looking forward to the rumoured v2) The flight dynamics and fuel calculations were updated aswell as just the visual winglets.
  5. Is it a 757!? :(. Say what you want the 767 is still mine and many others aircraft of choice for pretty much any flight. Currently have a VRI CDU2, GoFlight MCP pro, saitek radio panel and a second screen. All working flawlessly with the 767(SDK FTW!). That, good frames, and the invaluable support forum is why i love it.
  6. Hey guys, i am using two video cards for a multi monitor set up at the moment. One GTX470 and one 8400GS, Is there any way to disable AA and AF on an individual graphics card? I tried selecting the 8400GS in nvidia inspector but it came with the same settings as the 470.EDIT: disregard, all fixed :)
  7. i have to disagree, i have recieved excellent support from Daryl and fellow simmers alike at the level d forums.
  8. Don't let the door hit you on the way out
  9. Level D are currently producing a 757, doesn't look like too long before release.
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