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  1. Try installing the OS on the regular HDD, and FS on the SSD. Wont have all the windows junk on your fastest drive then.
  2. IF your motherboard has a second PCI-E x16 slot, then you can pick up a dirt cheap graphics card for the CDU, i picked up an 8400GS for mine.
  3. I think the VRinsight CDU2 will work as it is currently using keyboard emulation/binds, whilst they wait for the SDK release. When that happens, much more hardware should be made available to work with the NGX.
  4. Looking at a 3D object on a 2D monitor is NOT the same as real life. In real life, displays, controls, switches etc are all fixed in one place, and always look the same from position x. This is why a home cockpit will always be more realistic than a 3D cockpit on a 20 foot projector screen, perspective. 3D is great, but not always practical for functionality. I use 3D to fly, and then 2D for overhead, and main panel if i need to read a display more accurately or reach a switch/knob at an awkward angle. Throttle, flaps, spoilers, yoke, radios, MCP, EFIS, and CDU are all taken care of by third party panels/hardware. That is why i think an SDK is a better use of resources than SOME 2D panels, the FS hardware market seems to have boomed in recent years and i feel it is not long before radios and MCP's become as common as the yoke/stick and throttle.
  5. As much as i love my 2D panels, it wouldn't stop me buying a top notch project made by the market leaders. If they drop 2D panels, i would like to see an SDK, and the ability to have pop up PFD, ND etc, when you click on them in the VC.
  6. 3:1 For a panel then? I think this is a reasonable request/question, but i imagine the team are working very hard to resolve issues and get the 600/700 expansion out. Maybe when those are done, they will have enough time to communicate with us properly, instead of just removing threads.
  7. I hope so. That poll CLEARLY showed that many were in favour here on AVsim. I imagine the majority of PMDG's users don't visit these forums, so imagine the percentage of those non-forum users that will be wanting it. No doubt we will get some textbook excuse about how their market research tells them the complete opposite to what the majority of people here are saying. We have seen it before and no doubt, again. Prove me wrong. Will this stop me buying the NGX when released in box form? No. But it's the little things that count.
  8. Yep, without any explanation it would seem. Thread was very civil aswell, no flames. Shame on them.
  9. Be sure to get the CDU 2, not the original CDU.
  10. Is there anyway that trim units can be displayed on one of the Display Units? Just so we know what its set at without having to hover over the trim wheel with our mouse or try and get a reading through an unclear dial/gauge. (Don't own the NGX yet so don't know how the NGX displays current trim).
  11. CLS have it on their a330 200/300 and a340 200/300. Doesn't look very real though.
  12. PMDG are planning to release an SDK for the NGX, similar sort of thing to what Level D did. This should help a great deal.
  13. They have a few free ones one their website, judge for yourself.
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