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  1. Two potential things at play here: 1. Did you plan the flight on the basis of a significant tailwind? If so, the FMC doesn't know about that so it will underestimate your fuel at destination. 2. If you are doing a turn around, there is a known bug where after you start the first engine, the FMC calculated fuel drops.
  2. davidz

    escape routing

    Operators can get approval to use 14000 ft as the decompression altitude if they meet special oxygen requirements.
  3. In the real aircraft, you also get a steering tiller to turn the nose wheel with. Does it really matter if the nose wheel in the visual model doesn't turn while you're stationary?
  4. Under most flight planning rules (including EU-OPS, FAR Part 121 Flag Ops, CASA CAAP 234-1(0)), the requirement is to plan to land with at least 30 minutes reserve (calculated at 1500 ft above the aerodrome and at holding speed). For the 777-200LR/F, this comes out to be about 3500 kg at max landing weight. For flight planning purposes, there are some other considerations that need to be taken into account (contingency/variable reserve fuel, alternate fuel, etc.) In flight, you should be monitoring your fuel to make sure that you will be able to land with at least the final reserve fuel + alternate fuel (if applicable). If you can't make it to your destination with final reserve fuel, it's time to divert. If you can't make it to anywhere with at least final reserve fuel intact, you need to declare an emergency.
  5. There is no trim wheel in big Boeings. In all big Boeings (except the 747-400 and 747-8), there is a trim handle where the wheel normally belongs (left of the throttles).
  6. The flap manoeuvre speed is 1.3x stall speed for that setting. This allows to be in a 30 degree bank and still have room for vertical changes.
  7. Regarding custom turnaround times... The minimum is 35 minutes. Any number below this will be rejected by the system. Anything 35 or above will be accepted (but might not work due to refuelling time).
  8. Of course you can complain if the aircraft isn't working properly... but it's poor form to blame it when ATC gives you 'grief'! You're the pilot and, short of your flight control system becoming mangled, it's always your fault if the aircraft is pointing the wrong way!
  9. Adam, Does this method turn off the A/T arm swiches when you press the button? In the real aircraft, when the A/T disconnect buttons on the throttles are pressed, the A/T Arm switches remain in the armed position (it is not spring-loaded like the 737). The other way to do it is to make sure a key combination is set for the A/T Disconnect button under Key Combinations in the CDU, and then mapping a joystick button to that key press.
  10. You need something to map your joystick buttons to key presses, like Joy2Key. Personally, I use the mapper that's built into FSInn/FSCopilot (VATSIM pilot client).
  11. As Kyle mentioned in a previous post, make sure that you are pressing the key that is assigned to the yoke autopilot disconnect button. The correct procedure in the real aircraft is to press the button on the yoke, count three "whoops" and press it again. By default in the 777, Z presses the autopilot switch on the MCP. This is not the correct way to disconnect the autopilot. Another key combination (CTRL+Z or CTRL+SHIFT+Z, can't remember) is the default for pressing the button on the yoke.
  12. Note that you don't need ground power to power up the aircraft. Under the Supplementary Procedures chapter of FCOM Volume 1, you will find the "Electrical Power Up" procedure, which explains how to power up the aircraft from cold and dark. Once you have electrical power, you can do all the normal things you do.
  13. The exact procedures are in the Supplementary Procedures chapter of FCOM Volume 1.
  14. If you're using Photoshop, this may help... https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop (Don't think I've tried this with FSX textures, but it should work)
  15. Great fun an air safari. While in the middle of a line of Cessnas, you're sat there fighting the ailerons to keep it straight :rolleyes:
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