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    Update on auto start and shutdown.

    Program is set up to start automatically in preferences, but continues looking around, and saw if I reinstall, files are going into Program (86) . This may be problem, so did a complete uninstall, even VFX central, then reinstalled to program. Must have been the problem, because problem solved. Thanks for your help. S. Sumner

    Update on auto start and shutdown.

    Everything is set to run as admin. Still have to start and shut down manually. S Sumner

    Update on auto start and shutdown.

    Sorry for not being clear. When starting P3Dv4.2, Chaseplane would start automatically, and then shut down auto as well. Program needs to be shut down manually when closing out simulator. Stopping and starting manually is no big deal, unless someone is really lazy. Just wondering if this is the norm. If so, all good. I love the product. Thanks S. Sumner
  4. This topic is further down the line ,but no resolution yet. Is this still being looked at. Thanks S. Sumner

    For people having P3D problems - few suggestions...

    Okay everyone, this worked for me. Download the program, Lorbi-si, AddonOrganizer P3D-v4. The version number is 1.35. IYou must run the program as admin. After star start, tab over to the tab labeled, tools. Click on encoding button. A window will pop up with alot of files, in my case, that are not what they should be. I closed this window and went back to first tab labeled, scenery. Click on the save button. If all is well, you will get a confirmation message. I did this with all the tabs. At the time I still had P3Dv4.2 on my system. I chose to install v4.3 client only, at first. Ran the program and re activated. No problems. So I felt very brave, and uninstalled everything, then did a complete install of v4.3. Before running program, I ran the addon organizer once more like above. crossed my fingers , and started v4.3. It took probably less than a minute, but the program did start. All is well in the world. Somehow, the addon organizer does something with the .xml files. Hope this works for others out there with the same problem. Cheers S. Sumner

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    Going back to 4.2. S. Sumner

    Q787 P3Dv4.2 Captain flows

    I apologize for not being clear enough. I am looking for the scripts and flows in PDF format.

    Q787 P3Dv4.2 Captain flows

    I have done this and still no flows. Thanks
  9. Hopefully, this topic does not already exist, but I cannot find the captains flows for the new Q787 Dreamliner. The flows for the Q757 exist , but not the 787. I may be missing something and the flows are not yet available. Thanks for any help. S. Sumner

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    There is an installer for P3Dv4.1. I have 4.2 but works great. Like a new aircraft. This is link.

    FlightBeam add-ons flashing textures

    Same problem here. I am at ORBX Meigs field. Outside view, above aircraft. When I pan around, the ground textures start flashing in spots. I use Chaseplane as well.


    I have the same issue. Device drops down, but no info. I checked my dll.xml file, and it is the same as above. Will try direct ticket. Thanks Steve Sumner

    Scenery Library

    I have a similar issue. I re-installed P3Dv4.2 onto a different drive, along with all addons. When I start P3D,I get the message about two of my sceneries, which the sim thinks is still in original location, which was c/program files/lockheed martin, and so forth. Everything is now on the d: drive. And in the scenery library, the areas are shaded out. Just want to remove these two areas from list. Do I have to go to .xml files?

    AS Simconnect

    New version. Open Beta Update*ASP4 Open Beta Update 021518* with P3D v4.2.21 compatibility6620*80MB.
  15. I upgraded to P3Dv4.2, then downloaded newest AS Next upgrade. When program starts, get error about simmconnect. Sound like an upgrade is needed for this as well. Thank you.