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  1. using v2 since a while but it was just using it, Wich v3 I started loving this program as it is way more intuitive and simplier handling. Cannot judge on CP as I've never owned it.
  2. Tivec was absoltly right. I set my default flight to C&D - saved it- and now when i load my e.g. Falcon 50 it is in cold and dark condition. Tivec, thanks for your tip. Heinz
  3. Will give the change of the default flight a try. If it works, fine; if not would appriciate if this can be tackeld down during the next update. Thanks Heinz
  4. Hi Ralf9636, did ecactly what you suggested, and guess what, everything works like a charm. Thanks for your help. Heinz
  5. Hello Ralf9636, Thx for your response, the thing I'm trying to achieve is, that my "Co-Pilot" presses one of the number keys on my keyboard and not on the keyboard itself or via the mouse . I'd need this to navigate throughout several simconnect menues popping up in the flight simulation (eg. Active sky next or GSX). Heinz
  6. it seems I_m the only guy who's this kind of request. Surprising to me. Heinz
  7. Dear community, I'm facing an issue which I haven't found a solution for neither in this forum nor somewhere else. The thing I'm trying to realise is, that having e.g GSX or ASN or ProATC all this addOns working with an inflight Menue which pops up if needed or requested. On those menus you have several sub menus resp. sub menu lines, always beginning with a Number. At the Active sky for P3d Menu the sub menu for destination weather looks like "5 - Destination station weather" another one "4 - Departure station weather". As mentioned before same schematic is also on GSX or ProATC. Since a while I try to choose thos sub menu items by using MCE or Voxkey - unfortunate w/o any success. Does anyone has a magic procedure how to realize this? Heinz
  8. Great guys thx for your tip, will give it a try
  9. Just like to check with the community here if they know, besides FSPassanger (which is not yet ready for P3Dv4), another addon which foccoses on the pilots career more than on the economical side. Heinz
  10. Hi Alex, thx for your quick reply and sorry for my late one. Glad to hear getting this feature implemented Heinz
  11. Dear Community, Does anyone of you hav an idea whether or not how to export a flightplan simlutaniously into two or more directories respectively in different formats. For example I need a flightplan to be exported to PF3 (which is an ATC program for those who do not know it) and in parallel into the directory of PMDG 737 NGX and also to the P3D directory for uploading into ASN (Active Sky Next). Any advise appriciated. Heinz
  12. Dear Chock, honestly the recommonadtion you wrote about which propeller a/c would be best led me immedately to buy the C441. I had just two concerns. One was : Does it work with MCE (which is clear now) and second was if I can find an aircraft template for teh C441 for PFPX. In respect to your statement about MCE is nothing more to add. Being sure that simming wouldn't be so fantastic w/o MCE Heinz
  13. Gerald, thats grat news. I hopped that this is the case but just to want to be sure BEFORE I first fire the engines of the C441; thx for your quick reply Heinz
  14. Hello to the community, I just yesterday bought the Cessna 441 from Flysimware. Have searched the forum to figure out whether or not it is supported by my indispenseble FO but couldn't get an answer. Would appreciate if someone can advice me on that Heinz
  15. Thx for the tip, but the file is available, have also found the relevant entries and running mce vers. 2.7.70. any other idea?
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