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  1. Bryan, Amazing product! 90% accurate to what we use, different settings in different situations, but as you mentioned, it comes straight out of the book at Airbus. I guess our company adhered it to their liking. I am in flight at the moment, and I said PACK ONE ON..and something happened that the ROSE mode for the ND is turned to ILS and it sticks there. There's a constant clicking noise and when I try and change the ND mode, it goes back to the ILS mode. Now, I doubt it will be anything that can be recreated by anyone, I just wanted to bring it up to your attention. It's just a pain to guess where I am ;-) Again, great work, and I'm glad I can talk to my computer without looking as "stupid" as I did before WITHOUT FS2Crew..lol Cheers, Dan Desjardins
  2. An Air Canada livery would be nice right about now. It's been asked a few times, even well before Thomson, Arkefly and Korean. Just asking if it's in the works.
  3. Don't forget an Air Canada paint!! We will be getting them within the next two years and I will have the chance to fly the bird!! I would like a "headstart" on the flying bit! Thanks for all the great work and repaints! I appreciate your work. cdnavi8r
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