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  1. Hi all Ive been running Realtraffic for a few days now with no issues. Today i started it but it just does the loading bar then nothing, bar goes away thats it. Ive updated my java, installed VC_redist.x64. this only starting happening today not changed anything nor updated win10. Does anybody else have this issue? George
  2. Hi Manuel Mouse look option lets you pan around the flight deck as my joystick doesn't have a pan bottom so having this selected helped. Thank you for all your help trying to solve this issue. George
  3. hi finally solved my issue with the mouse getting stuck in the corner. I loaded fsx and used keyboard to load a flight and in fsuipc unticked mouse view which solved my problem. Is this a known issue as i use mouse view to look round in VC. Thanks
  4. Hi Manuel Log file ------------------------ INITIALIZATING FS MODULE ------------------------ It's a supported Flight Simulator: [10]... Hooking to the Flight Simulator's MAIN window procedure... Registering CUSTOM windows messages... Reading the INITIALIZATION file... Getting the FSX.CFG or PREPAR3D.CFG file path... Reading settings from the FSX.CFG or PREPAR3D.CFG file located here: C:\Users\georg\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.CFG The Flight Simulator's frame rate LIMIT is 0 fps... Creating our timer... Current language ID: [409] Current sound pack: US Retrieving UGCX module's version... Running UGCX module's version: Version: Attempting to connect to the Flight Simulator... CONNECTED! to Flight Simulator... Mapping Flight Simulator's events... Setting up data definitions... Initializating scenery reader system... The scenery index MUST BE CREATED!, because it doesn't exists... Building the scenery index files... Deleting the old scenery index files... Reading the SCENERY.CFG file, located in: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\Scenery.CFG Sorting the scenery areas list in DESCENDING order... Reading ALL the scenery areas... Saving Scenery Areas to Disk... Saving Scenery Files to Disk... Unloading the scenery index from memory... Updating the INITIALIZATION file... Creating aircraft's profile FONT... Module's initialization sequence COMPLETED! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stopping the voice recognition's engine... The voice recognition's engine has been STOPPED... When I Move the dll file to that site I get a return 312c765a in the box below Thanks George
  5. Hi If I don't run the .dll everything runs normal I can move the mouse freely even in fsx. If I load it then the mouse gets stuck in the corner.
  6. Hi I've change my graphic settings no luck even deleted my fsx.cfg no sure why but im willing to try anything but nothing. What I have come across is when I don't run UGCX32.dll it works but when I run it its doesn't. Maybe this .dll as a issues George
  7. Hi Manuel im running fsx in windowed mode. It happens as soon as Fsx is loaded on to the main menu. byork I'll give that a read as soon as I finish work cheers thanks
  8. Hi I've checked out some suggestions but still not working. I've reinstalled UGCX still no joy. I get as far as fsx main menu and straight in the the corner. I can't even close fsx I have to log off my pc. It's something to do with UGCX as if it's not installed fsx works fine. This is a great product so hopefully I get it to work or just money thrown away
  9. Hi I'm having trouble with UGCX when I load fsx my mouse will go straight in to the corner of my win 10 if I move it it will go straight back there. I uninstalled UGCX and it work fine no issues. As soon as I install it again same problem. I have the new update also this happened in the last version. I'm using FSX WIN10. anybody else have this issue. Thanks George
  10. Hi AdrianoSorry for late reply that is what i was looking for thank you.Happy FlyingGeorge
  11. Hi allAs anybody got flightplans for these 2 routes from any time from December 07 which you can share with me. I did a search but only found old ones.George
  12. HiThank you for that how does this compare to a b744 route? anybody got any from a cathay.CX256
  13. Hii know there are some nice guys out there who can get this route newish if possible please or within the last month.THanksCX256
  14. Hianybody got these routes please.HKG-CDG-HKGHKG-LHR-HKGHKG-FRA-HKGNot sure about flight numbers sorry.CX256
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