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  1. Just getting back into looking at VATSIM & found that the Getting Started link isn't working. Not sure where to report this. thanks
  2. So... five years later... As far as I can tell, they abandoned it.
  3. Just a guess, but if XP11 is any indication, working avionics and control systems. 🙂
  4. That's a shame, since it's one of the things we see most.
  5. One of the things I'm most hoping for is a better ground environment. I'm not expecting it to look like FS2020, but hoping for some improvements in terms of things like road accuracy (I loathe ground tile textures with roads, for example...) and general look/feel.
  6. GPS - ok, I'll take a look to see which issues have been resolved. WT - sorry, don't know what that is. I'm sure I know, but not by the description here - I mostly fly GA so it may not be something I've tried. I wasn't speaking about a leap forward in the franchise - as noted, I was comparing what I experienced (a year ago) to other current sims, which in this case, for me, is XP11. Out of the box, XP11 had issues too, but certain areas (GPS again) were pretty solid. I did eventually start using Navigraph for reasonably current databases, though. Dynamic weather system - is it fixed? I couldn't get it to work properly, or report weather properly. 3D clouds looked great though.
  7. Thanks - what do you mean by pixel peeping / nitpicking? Hopefully a properly functional GPS is neither. (Note that I don't mean "fully-functional" as compared to real-world, but with Garmin's name on it, the original snaking/meandering flight paths were... suboptimal.) Based on what I've read, unfortunately, "implemented" doesn't indicate "functional". As far as MSFS being a leap forward, this appears to only apply to the visuals (obviously) and the weather, if we're discussing its native capabilities. I'm curious as to which other of its native capabilities have surpassed other current sims. Come to think of it, I have to read up on updates to the SDK.
  8. I'm not asking for opinions. I haven't had the sim since last September. I tried it for the first month on XBOX Live. Actually, I don't know if I'd be able to re-subscribe for just a month to check it out & "see for myself". So, I'll go look, though based on the many negative comments around the sim's operation as well as the response of people who would rather fight than answer (assuming, of course, they actually know the answers) I feel like I generally know what I'll find out... But I'll try to remain optimistic that this will end up differently than Flight.
  9. Had to read this a few times before I realized you were talking about seafood & not a really humid day! 🙂
  10. It is certainly more efficient if they know any answers & provide them. Far more efficient than weeding through unrelated commentary. I don't know what the "last seven days" has to do with a question whose subject dates back a year, other than maybe that's around when the last update came out. But I'm not speaking specifically about the last update. If people don't want to provide any insight, or don't know the answers, that's ok. I'm patient, which is why I'm still hoping for good news. I'll find out eventually, probably piecemeal, though not as efficiently as finding out from those able/willing to answer. To date I haven't found this specific comparison (original promoted features vs. currently available native features). If you know of one, please share.
  11. As noted, the posts are too numerous. Much more efficient to ask people who know than to try to weed through everything hoping to find a current/definitive answer.
  12. Most people don't like haze? I sure do. Here in New Jersey, many days are pretty hazy, especially, obviously, during warm weather. Frankly, I don't mind severe clear, but most of the time I'm simming I'm IFR anyway, and prefer visibility of <10 nm. That said, a good overcast at about 1000 agl does the trick, too. Side note: It's fun to navigate by the shadows and bright spots created by gaps between large cloud masses when VFR. I've done this IRL a few times, when the opportunity and altitude were there. Agree regarding visibility - I assume a slider hasn't been added yet. I'd love to know what discussions took place when someone said there wasn't going to be one.
  13. If you know of a post that asks the same question, please point me in that direction... I honestly don't know - I haven't flown since last September, and the posts are too numerous to answer directly. FYI I would have kept flying if the instrument capabilities & features were there, which they weren't.
  14. Lots of things were shown/promised in the official pre-launch development and feature videos. Which features shown in these original videos are still incomplete or missing? 3rd party fixes/solutions/addons do not count toward resolving incomplete/missing features. Note: I tried adding a poll - can forum members add to the poll answers?
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