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  1. Hey Yves Which ac did you need to do that for?
  2. Hi Roger Thanks for the info it absolutely helps, i've been on the fence to migrate to p3d because of my equipment but time is flying and Id like to get simming again. I dont mind changing burds if need be. I'm just looking for that one airliner boeing or airbus that works with all my equipment. It definately only seems possible with LINDA. I personally enjoyed many years of lvld 767, and the vri software worked flawlessly for the mcp and cdu 2. I always had a few steps to do in order to get the cdu 2 to display correctly but managed to get fsx in full screen and cdu 2 displayed and worked really well. Guess im just looking for that winning combo to get everything up and running smoothly, if it exists! Thanks for the info.
  3. Hey folks, i too am interested going this route. Unfortunatelt there isnt any compatibility with mcp and cdu 2 for levelD 767 on p3d v4 so im looking to do the plunge for 737 or pmdg 747? What works with vrinsight? Leveld on fsx was flawless due to sdk but pmdg i really have no clue. So if i understand correctly in the meantime LINDA needs to be used to make it compatible? Is there an aircraft airliner that does work in 64 bit p3d v4 with vrinsight equipment? I spent lots of money otherwise ill need to stick with FSX.
  4. Hey folks, i too am interested going this route. Unfortunatelt there isnt any compatibility with mcp and cdu 2 for levelD 767 on p3d v4 so im looking to do the plunge for 737 or pmdg 747? What works with vrinsight? Leveld on fsx was flawless due to sdk but pmdg i really have no clue. Can anyone share some light on this for me, ive been away for 4 years from simming. Thanks
  5. Hello,Im having problems with the vc in the 767 with fs2crew running 3 monitors th2go.I know its a known issue but is this the fix for it? Its not clear if this fixes it. Also i cant go to 2d panel first as i get a screen flicker problem due to the th2go.
  6. Not 100% sure but did you ask for PD, early enough before you initiated the descent?p.s.Question, seeing you landed at LIPZ, did you hear any pre recorded chatter over Italy?
  7. I looked at the manual and coincidentally you mention EDDF in the example, no chatter exists at all forget german accented chatter.
  8. Great thanks i'll look into it.Still no clue what happened at RWY 25R @ EDDF....Btw RC has made me want to flight sim again great program!
  9. Yup interaction with ai on and ai chatter on.Euro chatter, any easy way to know which centers include these. If its to complicated forget it, i'll be surprised thats all!
  10. Speeding up the voices helped alot!I'm glad thats cleared up.However taking off from EDDF this morning was a mess, it may not be RC, but here is what happened, i was told to taxi runway 25r where there was about 10 other aircraft none of them moved for about 30 minutes and i waited. There wasn't much arriving aircraft as they could of told other planes to depart in the mean time. Then i decided to look at the winds, so i used refresh AI from active sky's menu and the runway changed they were all being taxied to 07L so i asked ground and they gave me 07L, which at this point the flow was much better and realistic, it felt as if the AI did not want to depart from a tailwind runway at all not even taxi into position. As for the pre recorded chatter i installed the full fs9 RC, i heard some in the USA but none yet in Europe :( (is this possible)?? I loved OCEANIC thanks for that!
  11. Any way of knowing where the pre recorded chatter exists?I'll try speeding up voice files to see what happens!
  12. It seemed at a slower speech speed not that many transmissions get through UNLESS the other planes were on another frequency, and i'm totally wrong. I had alot of aircraft over EDDF and approach and then ground hardly spoke to that many AI during rush hour? So just curious about this?and2. Is their no chatter (pre recorded) in this part of the world (at EDDF), was the UK version of Radar contact created for this reason and to have a different vocabulary too vs USA and FAA regulations? It seemed very lonely without pre recorded chatter and as mentioned above not many interactions with AI planes.Correct me if im wrong?I will try a different scenario but until I do i was curious, anyway of knowing where pre recorded chatter exists?Thanks!
  13. It does make the program come to life, i would like to know too. Some remote areas have no chatter, i guess its done on purpose right, and i assume i can add them? I'll look at the manual, but creating my own will never sound as good as what RC has!
  14. @ little things upon arriving 1. controller said descend to FL 70 which it should not be flight level nor should it be pronounced 70, rather 7000 (ft), just thought id mention it, and secondly when given landing clearence i don't think my pilot ever responded, basically "cleared to land" and that was it, mind you i did do a wind check right at the same time.Besides little occurences like this my 1st flight was amazing and it was fun, my arrival airport was much easier (without diagram) to taxi to gate as i know the airport quite well and other planes were taxing around me to get to the runway. Great sim and looking forward to V5 to close off some other minor stuff, i hope the coding will work with fs9. Co pilot feature btw was amazing no more keeping default atc at idle to cruise with old atc.I would of liked flightwatch to give me destination conditions when asking for wx, not sure if it did but if it did the weather changed drastically for my arrival, unless it gave me my alternate.Cant think of anything else right now, but great work! Pilot voices were not so robotic as i expected, they were very clear! other pilot chatter is nonexistent in some places like the carribean but what a great feature while i was over the US.
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