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  1. I agree all humans are fallible. But when a person makes a mistake, why look to blame something or someone else instead of saying to ones self 'I made a mistake there that I probably shouldn't have. Maybe I will be more careful in the future?' I may not notice any cost at all, but there really is absolutely no need for something where only 0.000000001% of visitors fall foul. I agree with Ray. Much ado about nothing indeed.
  2. As with all things lost in the 21st century, the concept of personal responsibility has been lost. Plus, if you don't like it then don't go and see it in order to get in the way and putting yourself in harms way. Let's put up a cordon instead? Who's going to provide the resource for that? Let's put up massive health and safety tape instead and spend unnecessary resources so people can ultimately do what they should be doing instinctively and staying out of the way. Hate this attitude of blaming other people for your own mishaps and the fact that we have to move at the place of the slowest member of society.
  3. Look at all those other children and adults moving out of the way and not interfering. Who would have thought that that would be a good idea?
  4. I was thinking this if people think that all the variations are much of a muchness and they fly the same from the cockpit, then why not wait to get the cheapest one?
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