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  1. Indeed. The only possible reason Jim could have had for deleting my post is that it questioned some of the points he made on the subject. That is totally unacceptable, and a misuse of the powers that moderators are given here. No one else (thankfully) has the ability to delete replies that question what they themselves have written, and moderators doing this is, frankly, pretty shameful. Jim suggested, as all can see in the locked thread about customer service, that if I don't like this, then I am not welcome here and should consider leaving the community. That, I think, speaks for itself.
  2. Hi Vic. I do not endorse that site using the AVSIM name, far from it. I do not visit there very often, unlike this site, which I log onto every day and have done so for a very long time, but I have downloaded a good number of sceneries and repaints from there (as will have so many others) that quite simply are not available elsewhere and have been uploaded by people, in good faith, the same way as they do to this site: they are not 'stolen' from here or anywhere else and I have never, ever had a virus in any scenery or aircraft I have downloaded from there, nor heard of such a complaint (though I am not contradicting you of course, if you say that it has happened). The site is, for better or for worse as far as this AVSIM is concerned, pretty well established, with links to their downloads all over the internet. I am not so sure their success is due to the name they have unfortunately chosen to use and, the legal aspects apart, it would have been interesting to learn why they are seen as such dreadful 'competition' to this site. But the subject in hand itself, whether the site is a scam or not, is not the problem here. My serious objection is with Jim closing threads (not just mine) and presumably deleting posts, as he did with mine, with which he does not feel personally comfortable; and with his tone, which I find most unpleasant. My comment was polite and contained nothing offensive (or illegal!). By deleting such valid opinion, the value of discussion on this site is diminished. Had Jim replied with some rational answers to the comments I made and questions I asked, as you have done, rather than just high-handedly remove the post I took time to write and upload, all would have been fine. He similarly closed a topic about good and poor customer service I started - which I would have thought was the kind of thing that was useful here, scolding me at the same time like I am some naughty schoolboy. (I was not disparaging the software, as he wrongly accused me of doing, but the lack of support for payware purchased). Well, enough. I have, as I say, posted and contributed here (to the library as well) for many years now, sending cash when AVSIM was in trouble. I am not going to do this any more, the odd purely technical thread aside, as I am very unhappy about contributing to a site with a moderator who acts as if AVSIM belongs to him and who makes free with such absurd censorship of what people post here. AVSIM does not belong to Jim Young, it belongs in a very real sense to the people who contribute to the forum and library, the people who for the most part create its content. It is a great pity when what can only be called 'freedom of speech' on forums like this, designed in part so that people can express an opinion, so long as that is reasonable and inoffensive, is curtailed by moderators who delete material and close threads that clash with their own opinions, rather than allow proper, free discussion, so long as good manners, mutual respect and good sense prevail. As such, I will post here no longer. That makes me very sad after all these years. Jim's deleting of this post shortly and locking the thread (no doubt after adding his own dismissive comment, to which no one can respond) will be the proof of the pudding... Martin
  3. Wow Jim, I'm deeply unimpressed that you would delete my comments on that (pinned) thread, comments which were valid but which clearly somewhat differed from your view on the subject, and then lock it down. You could have commented on or refuted the things I said about the AVSIM.ru site. Pretty cowardly to just delete what I wrote and lock the topic. I've been posting and contributing here for over 12 years and I find that kind of censorship unworthy of this site, which has gone down in my estimation as a result. Way too easy for moderators to delete stuff they don't agree with. Shame on you. I am not going to try to reiterate what I wrote, which said nothing that would justify such censorship. This forum should be open for people to express an opinion, even if it doesn't match your opinion, so long as the comments are legal and decent -and my comments were both. Guess you'll delete this one now. What a sad thing.
  4. I am British, but not wildly nationalistic/patriotic at all. I think there's a lot that's good about this country, but I have lived abroad, in many different countries, for a total of some 20 years now and am well aware of many things that are so much better elsewhere! That said, I have never lived, or been, anywhere where the sense of customer service is so deep and genuine as here in the UK. That means that I am kind of used to, and expect a reasonable level of customer service when I spend my hard-earned cash with one company rather than another, and get a bit 'disappointed', shall we say, when companies fall far short of this. I wonder if anyone would care to nominate a best and worst customer service they've had in respect of Flight Simulation, it might make interesting reading. Maybe?? I'll set the ball rolling.. Best: OnCourse software. Dave March and team are amazing, with often instant support - even direct emails for more technical issues. Their software has an (optional) feature, whereby problems are automatically logged, zipped and sent to OnCourse for analysis and correction. Always friendly, polite and helpful. Most forum questions are answered the same day, in my experience. Gold star from me anyway.. Worst. Well, Aerosoft AES for me. Fed up of support questions being ignored on their forums (by Aerosoft staff I mean - punters can reply or not, as they wish, needless to say!). It's so predictable now I am giving up visiting the site and giving up buying anything from Aerosoft ever again. You'd think that after spending some €200 on AES credits alone, you might expect at the very least a one-line reply to support requests. But several weeks and one or two polite reminders later, and just silence. Happened too many times now, so they've had my last euro! After I (politely, of course) complained about the lack of response after some weeks, they added a little 'miserable git' icon to my forum avatar, showing 'minus points' for affability. So daft it made me laugh! Any others you'd like to share folks? :wink:
  5. I don't think, with respect, they are 'scams'. I agree it is very unfortunate (to say the least!!) they took the AVSIM name, but they only have their own software as far as I can tell, much of which is of excellent quality (especially the Russian stuff, airports and so on) which doesn't seem to be available elsewhere. In what sense, name apart, are the sites 'scams'? I doubt that many people think they are connected to this AVSIM, the look and content is entirely different. And why should we be careful when downloading? Careful of what? I have downloaded lots from there over the years with no problems at all. If they were copying stuff from this site and making it available on theirs, then I agree with you, and I wouldn't go there, but are they actually doing that? I try to support this site (the legit AVSIM, I mean) as much as possible, I've been coming here to post, read, download and upload for years, but I am sure that there are many who appreciate the unique files available over on the Russian sites too. They seem to be a serious operation. More than willing to listen to counter-arguments Jim! :smile: Martin
  6. Well, I would never talk to a paying customer in that tone; there are plenty of other ways to get exactly the same message across.
  7. For me, whatever the technical issues, the point is the tone of the reply quoted. As someone who has worked, one way or another, in customer-service related jobs all his life, I am always amazed at companies' apparent lack of awareness of how such things, at the end of the day, antagonise the very people who are putting money into their pockets and making their own jobs possible. It simply affects their profitability. You just DON'T talk to customers that way - and face to face it's unlikely that it would happen. Another example of how the relative anonymity of the internet encourages people to believe they can 'behave badly'. It's very sad really... I have, similarly, had it with Aerosoft, at least with AES. I have spent some €200 on AES packs, but any time I post in their forum (rarely, and always politely) about problems, I am generally ignored. I once complained about this on the forum (politely!) and now have two minus points on my Avatar as a result (how childish can you get?!). Still, the issues I have have not been addressed, (in other words, no one at Aerosoft even replies) several weeks on. So I opened a ticket to say I shall never spend another penny on Aerosoft products - AES anyway. What a difference with, say, OnCourse software (I have FDC and PF3), where replies are almost instant, sometimes (in more complex issues) personal to your own email address and where you can see that customer satisfaction is at the bottom of everything they do. After a reply like the one above, I totally understand why this post was created!
  8. The JoyToKey software is pretty neat! If only I could somehow set-up the three separate mappings the X52 has (Red, Orange, Green) I would use it. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem possible (no surprise) so it's not really an option as a replacement for the Saitek software. Nothing much in the review that would help with this... It seems to me that when the X52 calibration data is deleted from the registry, then the device works with no problem (not 100% sure of that yet but seems to be true so far): it gets reinstated after a time however, so I have made a little script that will delete those keys from the registry at every boot, and maybe that will prevent the axis/rotation problem from occurring. I have a few other things to try - will post back re. any progress, as I know that this is not an uncommon problem (judging by the number of threads I have found on other forums via Google).
  9. Not had time to test anything yet, but I want to put on the record (given how much criticism they get from one forum to another) that Saitek (MadCatz actually) support over this has been very good, with friendly, same day (often same hour!) replies to all my questions and with sensible, informed suggestions for troubleshooting. They replaced the hardware for me once and are offering to do so again, as the problem has not been resolved, but having said to them that I tend to think this is software, not hardware related, they have sent other things for me to do in order to see whether that's true or not. I'll 'keep you posted' over this issue ('cos the same thing is in forums all over the internet!), but just wanted to say something positive about MadCatz, given the good very support experience I have had. (You have to go to the support site and open a ticket, by the way).. M.
  10. :smile: Wow, yes, maybe so!! Nice pics. As I don't use pedals, that would make it hard to taxi the aircraft, but I'll try it and see anyhow, as an experiment. Problem is, the nose wheel issue doesn't happen every time by any means, and like was said above, usually only after landing (occasionally when taxiing for take off as well), so it requires a lot of time, and patience, to troubleshoot.
  11. Thanks. I'll read the review more fully a bit later, but it does seem to say that if you want full functionality of the X52, you need to install the software. I've downloaded joytokey as well - I'll try it out on a different PC before I change my current setup on the main 'Flightsim' computer. Will post back on that, but other contributions more than welcome in the meantime!
  12. Like so many others (it seems), much as the X52 suits me perfectly for FS9 and FSX, I am being driven mad by the rotations and axes suddenly deciding to go off-centre, so that taxiing aircraft becomes almost impossible as they start to veer to left or right. I am so fed up of having to minimise the sim, unplug the X52 and plug it back in again. It appears, from what I have read in various forums, that this is due to the Saitek auto-calibration software and that if I uninstall the Saitek software (that means programming and drivers I assume?), I will never be bothered by this problem again! But that's no use if I can't set the functions of the various buttons in the three modes ('Red', 'Orange' and 'Green' - I use them all) exactly as I have them now, as defined by the Saitek .pr0 profiles. (I've been using the X52 for years and I have every function in my head without having to think of it - any major change to how all the functions work is a definite no-no). Could anyone advise exactly how I would re-programme all the X52 functions, but with no Saitek software installed, if that is indeed achievable? Many thanks, Martin
  13. Hi. To be honest, having set up so many peripheral programmes, flight instruments (INS or CDU), and gone through checklists and so on, it's a good while before I am ready to push back and taxi. If I had to dirtch all that, reboot the PC and start again in order to get the nose wheel straight, well, I'd just find another hobby I think. In any case, the nose wheel does come straight again when I start to taxi (but, conversely, the PA (and some others) nosewheel always shows this behaviour, every time I boot the PC, so rebooting wouldn't help) - in itself it's not a huge problem: I was just wondering whether it's this behaviour that could 'throw' my X52 and set the rotations and axes off centre. Maybe not, but I am looking at all options to try to get to the root of that latter annoyance (to say the least - I am SO fed up of having to unplug the X52 and plug it back in again to reset things and get a/c to taxi in a straight line again)! Thanks.
  14. What do you see to the right of the Keyboard entry? Mine shows Button 1 under Joystick and the Repeat slider is all the way over to the right. Did you check your X52 programming is set correctly too?
  15. I couldn't find any reference to this, but I wonder if anyone else has a problem with the Project Airbus nose wheel. (To be honest I am not 100% sure at the time of posting this whether it's restricted to just the PA Airbus, but I have been flying Boeings for some days and had no issue. Now I come back to fly a (PA) Airbus, I am getting problems again). The Airbus nose wheel has a tendency to flip round to 90 degrees when turning/taxiing, which looks odd, but that's the least of the worries: it may possibly be causing the problems I've been having, I am starting to think, with my X52 joystick. I have always thought the fault was with the X52 itself, where the Z Rotation axis which controls the steering (twisting the X52 joystick) suddenly becomes very off-centred, causing aircraft to pull strongly to one side when taxiing. (The rudder axis, X Rotation, can also do the same thing). But I have had no problems flying (or taxiing) the Boeings the past several days and I wonder if the nose wheel flipping sideways in the PA Airbuses is what causes the X52 axes to go awry, rather than the problem being initiated by the X52 itself. It's starting to look that way (but I wouldn't put money on it at this stage)... Is the nose wheel turning fully sideways (and sticking there when stationary) a 'known issue'? Is there any fix out there for it? Changing values for wheel rotation in the contacts section of the aircraft.cfg makes no difference at all. Thanks for any help.
  16. Yes, I always set up the MCP that way. I understood that :smile: but two presses didn't bring me down to THRUST to CL. Maybe my installation has a problem. I'll try again later and double check. Thanks. Yes, as I say, I was using TOGA rather than FLEX as usual and takeoff (from 14000') was fine, it was just a question of getting back to climb thrust, which didn't seem to happen, no matter how many times I clicked the - or + key. The next flight I tried setting my Flex TO Temp to 20 degrees (I understand in reality settings lower than 30 are pointless, but whatever) - and then using the FLEX gate for take-off. Worked like a charm. So perhaps I will do this in future, rather than TOGA, when I need extra thrust for whatever reason. I will test out the TOGA again though, to see if I can get climb thrust this time. If not, I'll post back exactly what happens.. Thanks again.
  17. Thanks. I do have a Sidewinder (but not force feedback) as a backup for my X52s... It's pretty good but I need all the programming options. Does the same thing happen when you use the brakes keyboard shortcut? If so, you need to check in the Assignments (FS menu) and see how you have the brakes option set (not repeated action).
  18. Stuff here is always more expensive than in the States.. I hate comparing Amazon.com with Amazon.co.uk!! On the latter it's available for £277, which is currently just short of $400 :mad: About the cheapest I've found. Not sure it's really what I need though, especially at that price. For instance (I know I said this), I don't really want labelled and pre-set switches for engines, APU and so on, I always set those kind of things up in the aircraft cockpit... If it were totally geared to commercial aviation rather than military, I'd 'treat myself', I am sure. I wish the X52 were this solid...
  19. Oh, now you've done it, Ed!!! I'd never paid it any attention before, now I am wondering... I'd need to get a LOT of questions answered before I part with that amount of cash. On the other hand, having recently given up full-time work to look after my aged mother, I now spend hours and hours on FS9 every day (one of the distinct advantages of the change!), so I could (kind of) 'justify' it!! I notice straight away of course that the buttons are pre-labelled, so room for personalisation must be a lot less than the X52 (?). Would I be able to more or less reproduce my X52 setup (with the three modes, red, orange, green all pretty much programmed) on the Thrustmaster? Not really so keen on having, for example, an APU or autopilot engage/disengage switch for example - I always do that via the a/c panel.. And as I said, the X52 is second nature to me to use, and given that I have two of them (what a waste to ditch them!), there are not just financial arguments for me keeping what I've got. I've submitted a ticket to Saitek-cum-Madcatz, so I'll see what they say. That Thrustmaster does look pretty awesome (not a word, as a Brit, I use very often!!) though, I must say.. Not sure about the Fighterstick... I never fly military a/c. I need something for Boeings and Airbuses (and Cessnas too sometimes).. A button to shoot missiles would never get preseed :smile: Maybe the Thrustmaster too is more suited to military flying??? The name says it all really, no? Martin
  20. I almost invariably take off by starting pushing the throttles forward until N1 is at 50%, then engaging the FLEX option. When I get to the Thrust Reduction & Acceleration altitude and LVR CLB flashes on the instruments, I go to THRUST to CL. That always works just fine. I was flying in the Chinese/Tibetan Himalayas today (great scenery!) and taking off from altitudes of up to 14000', the FLEX option just doesn't generate enough thrust to get the aircraft comfortably off the ground, even on 12000' runways. So I used the next gate, TOGA, and all was well. However, I then found that pressing the '-' key to get back to climb thrust didn't work. I get FLEX or SPEED.. and the autothrottle doesn't seem to work at those settings, the aircraft gradually loses speed. The only way to get thrust is to select TOGA again (when you are soon overspeed - again the A/Thr seems to be ignored), or to cancel right down so there is nothing indicated on the instruments (no A/Thr) and use the throttles. Is that what should happen? I've got so used to FLEX take-offs that from a TOGA I am a bit thrown by what is/isn't happening. Should I be able to adjust the FLEX TO TEMP to adjust my FLEX take-offs to the departure situation, rather than use TOGA? I am not sure how effectively these things are modelled in the PS a/c... Thanks, Martin
  21. I don't think it's a calibration issue. They work fine most of the time (I've used X52s for years), then suddenly (due, as far as I can see, to turning the axes almost as far as they will go, for tight turns when taxiing for example), the default, 'zero' point suddenly ends up off to one side of centre. So planes will no longer taxi in a straight line.. But what do you mean exactly by 'calibrate them through FS'?
  22. I have two of these, but they drive me crazy. If they worked they would be great, but the axes and rotations keep going off-centre, so aircraft basically do circles with no input from me. MadCatz actually replaced my X52 some months back (and the fact that a faulty mouse component sent my cursor walking uncontrollably across the screen every few sessions), but the new one is just the same. I am really fed up of having to pause FS, unplug the X52 (which minimises my FS to the taskbar) and plug it back in again (which clears the axes for a while)! Plus the fact that I have had to disable USB3 on my PC, because the Saitek software causes BSODs with it enabled... Problem is, two of these didn't come cheap and I have all the buttons set up as I want them too (plus the fact that I have been using the X52s since they came out and operate all the buttons and switches as second nature now - to have to change controller would be a nightmare!!). Nevertheless, that would be better than these continually interupted flights, so I wondered if anyone can recommend a similar controller from a different maufcaturer. I have submitted yet another support ticket meanwhile, I'll report back if I get anything interesting as a reply. Others with the X52 have this issue too, I assume? I think I have seen a number of similar complaints in other forums... Martin
  23. It's also important of course that flattens and excludes have the right priority. I have two extra scenery folders, Low and High Priority, the former towards the bottom of the scenery library, the latter almost at the top. Then, for example, exclude bgl files that delete everything when placed in the airport scenery folder may work fine when moved to the low priority scenery folder instead. And similarly with the high priority folder - bgl files that have no effect may work when moved to a high priority folder. You can also prefix the file name with 000_ or ZZZ_, to alter the order in which files are read (alphabetically) - at least that's what I have understood from reading various threads on the subject over the years. In the above case, that didn't help, but it often does and having had this little system for several years, I have dozens of bgl files in both folders. Yes, I have a few 'dummy' AFCAD files too, but haven't tried that with this example as yet.
  24. I have bought three or four of these airports, and they are pretty impressive. I downloaded the demo versions of the Poland Airports series however (AVSIM library), but I cannot get EPLB to load at all - it's just the bare FS9 default runway, no scenery. In addition the AFCAD will not load in AFCAD2. Does anyone have this download? http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=191664 How does your EPLB load? Tried editing the AFCAD in ADE9x, but no success so far. LATER: OK, I see that in FS9, when you choose EPLB, you get sent to the default FS9, 'Cewice'. The Drzewiecki Design AFCAD is to be 'EPLB2', Lublin (located over 260 miles from the default (so-called) EPLB scenery). You need to load EPLB2 from FS9 to get to Lublin. Must have been some ICAO changes at some time. Maybe that's documented somewhere, but not in the ReadMe that comes with the download...
  25. Hi. Does an exclude made with ExcBuilder work 'better' in some way than one made with ADE? How come? I'd assumed the other way round if anything.. Thanks.
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