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  1. hello, I have a question about vc model editing. I have no experience with 3D programs. Is it possible to VC mdl file to import with 3dmax Then change only the X, Y, Z position and then again with all the features (texture link and animation) save as mdl file? I know that I can not do it with Gmax. Best regards, Bernd
  2. CaptainDuke

    No Cocpit Shadow in Carenados PC12?

    hello, 've obviously Stev's DX10Fixer V2.4. But at this addon no shadows in Cocpit. Why? Regards, Bernd
  3. hello, 've bought again a new Aircraft addon. The Cocpit shadow of last Carenado projects were really fantastic. Now I could not believe that in the new Pilatus PC12 no shadows are possible? I think the model series of HD Carenado comes from a single designer crew. So can not believe that now no shadows in Cocpit are in the PC12. Even with a second addon (Alabeo-DA40) I now have no Cocpit shadow. Depends perhaps together with the installation of the new DX10 Fixer Version 2.40. Maybe someone has encountered these problems? Regards, Bernd
  4. Hi there, have continued during an OOM problem. I know that there are many causes for this. Despite the transition to DX10 with Steve's Fixer I can not solve my problem. Now that I have read so many Treads and still tried more settings I now believe in a problem of FSX Acceleration file. Is there a safe way to check this? In Resours monitor I have read the error already at 2.9 GB memoryspace. Best regards, Bernd
  5. Hello, which optimal settings are appropriate for my system with the SceneryFixer? I have gotten already looked in many forums. Since there are so many different opinions on certain settings. For example: for: [JOB SCHEDULER] AffinityMask =?. I have one already called so many values; 5 - 84 ?? Here share the opinions, but there must be a correct value but here. Not a lot right! Please here to help. Maybe a default for DX10 Nvidia Settings. Regards, Bernd