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  1. These are the full instructions from LM : https://www.prepar3d.com/Prepar3D_Download_and_Install_Instructions_v5.pdf Did you install for the first time or did you update from an earlier version ? Did you install apart from the Client also install the Content and the Scenery ? B Rgds
  2. Same thing happened to me this morning. No idea what caused it. My p3d generated a new file with the default settings. My system makes a backup on every startup, so I took yesterdays file and replaced the newly made one.
  3. The Majestic Q400 is a very stable aircraft. When you say crash: what do you mean by that ? Does the aircraft crash somewhere or does p3d crash or does windows crash ? Is there something in the eventviewer ? Is it only the Qlink version ? can you fly other versions ? Can you fly other aircraft ? Have you followed the P3D debugging steps ? https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=123246
  4. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/206184-ybbn-brisbane-international-airport-for-p3dv4-close-to-release/
  5. There are various threads about this on the ORBX forum... could not find any that gave a solution however. ( apart from replacing them with sode jetways ) I have the same problem on some gates, some others ( e.g. 25) function normally. b rdgs /Dick
  6. and as to the Avsim downloads.. forum and library are different logins. Separate registration required.
  7. What P3D version are you using ? In 5.1 an incompatibility with sode was introduced which caused a UCRT ctd. This was solved in 5.1hf1.
  8. Yes.. I had the same experience as Mets737. I had so much fun with the 717 in P3DV4 and was looking forward to using it again in V5.1HF It was not to be.... could not even power up the aircraft. Like Mets737 said : not a single switch moved. Straight away a DXGI Hung error. Can't be bothered what the cause of this was. Uninstalled the aircraft again. And this time final.
  9. Christopher. I tried but I do not see the behavior that you describe. I am on 5.1. Not sure if that would make a difference Dick
  10. Can you explain how you get from 2 x 8200 lbs plus 20500 lbs to 369 ? Maybe you mean 36.9 tons ?
  11. The day before LM released their P3D5.1HF I received this email from AI Lights Reborn: AI Lights Reborn Professional Edition Version 1.24.0 has been released. Please note this update is MANDATORY or you will have severe problems in the future with P3D hanging during load. If you experience this, disabling AILRP temporally will alleviate the problem until you are able to update to version 1.24.0.
  12. When P3D starts UGCX starts as well. If UGCX finds itself in need for an update it will stop the startup of P3D and show a popup asking if you want to update. This popup however ( in my situation) is sometimes hidden "behind" the black P3D screen. For me it always take a bit of fiddling to get the update confirmation to the front so you can answer it. Go to the task manager and see if you can call-up the P3D screen (by clicking on the P3D entry ) and hopefully you have the UGCX pop now visible.. I am not aware of any option to update UGCX before starting P3D.
  13. Do you have UGCX ? They need to be updated after a change and a sometimes the update request is hidden behind the P3D black screen. Maybe you could fiddle a bit with the task manager to get the UGCX update screen to the foreground ?
  14. what did the eventviewer give you as error / faulting module ? You say that you added the "lines".. but there is only one line to add. Make sure that if you have already a [sim] chapter in the cfg that you do not add a second one..
  15. Yes ! I tried the EKCH/gate 14 boarding/pushback scenario that earlier would give me 100% CTD but with the added lines to the CFG it went without CTD. Will do some more flying tomorrow but the first test from my side went ok Thank you all ! b rdgs / Dick
  16. Hi Alan, You bring some new items into the equation. As far as I know everybody involved here was using 5.1. and reported the ucrtbase.dll error. I was under the impression that problem was introduced with 5.1. You are on 5.0 HF2 and report the SimObjectAnimationModule64.dll as the faulting module. I was also surprised to read that on your FSL321 the airbridge autodocks on L2. I never see this behavior. In my case there is always a popup asking a confirmation to connect to door L1. I replayed your scenario ( however you did not mention which gate you used ) but in my case the airbridge connected straight to L1 and I did not have a CTD. b rdgs/ Dick
  17. Thank you ! It is of any help to know that not at all airports jetways cause the CTD ? (at least on my system.) I tried FSDT KORD en Gaya;s EDDT and there I could pushback normally. I could do further testing but do not know which addon airports you may have. Jetway movement and pushback at FlyTampa KLAS and EKCH did trigger a CTD. Good luck with your trouble shooting ! b rdgs / Dick
  18. Dear 12B pilot, I have a simconnect log. The file was too big to copy paste here. It is in the mail now to you Thank you very much ! b rdgs / Dick
  19. Glad you guys are picking up this issue. My experiences are somewhat different. My UCRTBase.dll mainly occurs on the ground during pushback. My AI detection has been off (=false) all the time. Have the following (100% repeatable) scenario : go with Pmdg 737 of FSL bus to Flytampa EKCH gate 14. Let GSX board the aircraft and request pushback. ( The boarding bridge connects and disconnects) The first (straight) part of the pushback goes fine but once the (right)turn starts I have the UCRTBase.dll error. I have the same problem also at e.g FlyTampa Klas and AS EDDF. Strangely enough at FSDT KORD things went fine. I tried the same with AIGAIM XML disabled. Same error occurs. I tried the same thing at FT/EKCH A14 also without GSX boarding ( so the SODE jetway was not employed) and the pushback went without error If I try EKCH A30 (which is a remote stand with no finger) everything is fine. When I use the FT option menu to switch from SODE to standard jetway the pushback is also fine. If I can do some more testing please let me know. Thank you all for your help ! b rdgs / Dick edit : and yes.. I am on 5.1
  20. Funny how opinions can differ. I bought it and I think it is great. It is my favorite airport at the moment. I avoid the sinkhole and enjoy the airport very much. Performance is manageable and no worse than other airports of the same magnitude and I enjoy the night lighting... As to what Ray just said : I use the airport in 3440*1440. B rdgs / Dick
  21. I am not using Vatsim. I have now deactivated/deregistered sode and will park my aircraft (and use gsx) at remote parking spots ( without any type of gates) and continue to use Aigaim.. ( cannot fly without it ) Will let you know what happens. b rdgs / Dick
  22. Thank you Marcus. Indeed most of my flights ( 5.1) end now with the UCRTBase.dll error. Can you explain how Aigaim uses Sode. I never see any jetways connect to my AI planes.. I will disconnect sode now and see what happens. b rdgs / Dick
  23. Virtuali from FSDT gives on their forum a nice breakdown of the differences between buying on the MSFS Marketplace or elsewhere : http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,24167.0.html I did not know that files bought on MSFS are incrypted. MS Marketplace versionPROS Easier installation, no activation keys to type. Easier reinstall, download is automatic from MS CONS Files are encrypted, difficult to modify the scenery or use 3rd party utilities that might need to read the .BGL Updates will come with some delay, depending how much time MS will need to approve them Not possible to get Discounts as a previous owner of another FSDT product FSDT or Simmarket versionPROS Files are not encrypted (although are signed with your key), so the scenery can be modified and it's more compatible with utilities like flight planners, maps, etc. Updates can be obtained as soon as we release them, using the FSDT Live Update You can get Discounts as an existing owner of other FSDT products You are supporting FSDT directly. CONS Installation a bit more complex, need to download an installer when the simulator is not running, and type an activation key Installer not always available, so you must keep a backup. We are working on improving this though
  24. Does anybody know what liveries are included ? thanks / Dick
  25. Start your Razer Synapse. Are you logged in in your Razer account ? Correct profile selected ? Verify your keybindings in the keyboard picture that is displayed. That normally helps me out when in trouble... b rdgs / Dick =
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