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  1. blackknight2345

    PMDG 777 audio problem

    Thanks mark!
  2. blackknight2345

    PMDG 777 audio problem

    Hey guys! I have been having audio troubles with the pmdg 777 like when i plug my headphone in the front audio jack, no audio comes from the 777 however if i change to another sound output ( i.e The monitor's audio) then the audio works. Moreover with fs2crew no audio with the headphones connected to the front audio jack, even if i change audio device choice in the config , but if i connect my headphones to my monitors audio jack then both the sounds of the 777 and fs2crew work fine! This problem started to occur after I have stopped flying in fsx for a long time. I have the steam edition for fsx. In fsx I have default primary device selected in the sound setting, I would be glad if someone can sort this out :) System specs: windows 10 Pro, i5 4690k, nvidia gtx 960, 8 GB ram, ASUS z97-k motherboard.
  3. blackknight2345

    Pushback Strange behaviour

    Should i send a ticket to pmdg?
  4. blackknight2345

    Pushback Strange behaviour

    Hi everyone I got this issue with the T7 related to pushback only all other systems in the aircraft work fine and because i dont have gsx i use the built in pmdg pushback feature but for past two months whenever i start my pushback ( 90 degree turn with 270 feet distance average) it goes the opposite direction, for example if i want push with nose left it does with nose right and it stops at a greater distance than the desired. (i am using FSX steam edition and i have the latest updates of the t7)
  5. blackknight2345

    Engine Failure with failures turned off

    but if i do load the saved flight do i have to load the Whole Flightplan wont it continue the same flightplan?
  6. blackknight2345

    PMDG 777 200 E/R

    Hello everyone i was wondering that is pmdg gonna release 777 200 E/R in the later future?? thanks for your time.
  7. blackknight2345

    Engine Failure with failures turned off

    Wait can we save flights in midair inside FSX??