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  1. Thanks Vin, you guys are awesome
  2. Hey Frank The link is dead for me buddy but I can assume that your referring to either 'Trackir' or 'EZDok Camera' or even both. All the best
  3. The F/A-18 blew the Typhoon out the water for the amount of noise it made at the RAIT back in July. From where i was standing the thing made the ground shake. :(
  4. So people get an understanding of who they're speaking to. You wouldnt introduce youself as "Lacarno1"I can remmeber Ryan saying something like this to another user before.Regards
  5. That would be a good feature, i would also like to see it in the T7.
  6. The cost...Pobably about 60 million seeing the level of detail.:(
  7. what did you do exactly i have the same issue ?
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