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  1. Installer. you have to actually click the browse button and find your P3DV5 folder
  2. The Phenom 100 seems to work Ok. did a short 80 mile jump last night. P3DV5 keeps nagging about low fuel in the selected tank. I had 50% fuel in both tanks and the gauge showed over 400 pounds of fuel in each tank so I dont know what that was about. I dont have the 300 so can't comment on that
  3. And They replied. Mi issue is solved
  4. I did get confirmation emails. First ticket a week ago. Sent a reply to that email 4 days ago and last night I created a new ticket with Carenado to see if they can help. I did check my spam folder and just in case they would have changed my serial or re-activated it, I tried to install again yesterday with no luck
  5. Well. 4 days is ample of time and no reply.
  6. Well, my issue is that my HD died a few months back and now my Staggerwing says my license is not valid so... Sucks that they get the money and run with it
  7. I created a ticket for support about a week ago and I haven't heard squawk. Any idea how I can raise my hand higher? I also asked Carenado if their support team would be able to help me. I will still give them a few days as I just created my ticket last night but...
  8. Yes, it works. The only thing that doesn't work (for me) is the refuel from the fuel panel. You can go around it by fueling from the Payload window in P3D. Set Externals to 100%, then left and right and finally center as needed.
  9. Hello. I will be getting a new computer in a month or so... I still love the PMDG MD 11 and would love to continue flying it. Since the product is no longer available at the PMDG website, will I have any issues activating in my new computer? (FSX acceleration) Also, I am aware that you guys said the MD11 would not be upgraded to P3D. Has this decision been reconsidered? The MD11, the JS41 and a couple other planes are the reason I still have FSX in my computer...
  10. Thanks James,I have an nVidia 470GTXWhen I pan outside the plane, straight lines like fences or taxiways dance in front of my eyes creating that barber pole effect I am talking about. The plane also shows ugly graphics. For example, the MilViz 310 grills on top of the engines, they also dance with the effect. Any lettering on the plane as registration numbers etc, also dance.I hope you can see these pictures and see what i am talking abouthttp://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/sersanchez/2.jpghttp://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/sersanchez/1.jpgThese pictures I took with my old 8800GT cardhttp://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/sersanchez/N131UPb.jpghttp://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/sersanchez/duke2.jpgThe easiest way I can see this, is the cables on the trike. With my old card, they looked like straight lines, now they look like a bunch of dots drawn in line.
  11. Thanks James.That is exactly what I am doing. No joy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled even the latest drivers and still I cannot get rid of the barber pole effect.Its getting the best of me. I really dont know what to do
  12. I went and uninstalled the nvidia drivers. Did a Driver sweep, and upon restart Vista re-installed the drivers...How do I stop that? I believe this may be my whole issue...
  13. Hello all,Please help!!!I just spent 1500 on a brand new computer and my old 5 year old looked way better than this one!I have followed all recommendations on CFG and Nvidia settings in here. I cannot get smooth graphicsMy video card is EVGA GTX470 with drivers 266.58 on a clean Vista 64 install with FSX. I have 16GB ram and a i7 2600K CPU. All stock, nothing OCd.Please look at the attached images for reference. I get even worse graphs with other models. I have tested both configurations at the start of this thread. I have also tested deleting the profile and creating a new one.http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/sersanchez/2.jpghttp://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/sersanchez/1.jpgOne more thing I noticed when playing with the nvidia inspector is that my GPU load remains at 0 and only reaches like 30% while using FSX
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