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  1. From what I've seen with a VA I belong to is that while XP members seem to have a big say and post a lot about how popular it is less than 5% of flights are done with XP compared to 6% on FS9, 43% on P3D and 46% on FSX over the last 12 months or so.
  2. They also may be on another continent hence the time differences. Rog
  3. Have you run the VoxATC Voice Configuration tool? Thats probably your problem. You can assign the voices to various tasks with it. Rog
  4. Hi Does the A320 Family Immersion work in the slightly older (brought October 2014) A320/A321 Aerosoft X extended in FSX or will it only work for the current A318/A319/A320/A321? Rog
  5. Or goto PC Aviator on a Tuesday and get 10% off. Rog
  6. ASN is a different product to AS2012 which is where you went wrong. The download page for all HiFi AS products is here The latest version for AS2012 is B5354 you can check what you have at the bottom of the initial AS screen. Rog
  7. I'm pretty sure "Set flight level 3 5 1" works OK. Anything above the transition level should be set by FL not altitude. I think most TA in China are 3000m (9800ft) Rog
  8. As Tegwyn does not access this forum have you emailed him to ask this questions or give him suggestions? Rog
  9. Well its past 1 o'clock here
  10. Hi, Would it be possible to remove or merge some of the 14 Pinned topics so more of the "new" topics become visible instead of just one please? Rog
  11. I suspect there are a few taxiway link connections missing so the AI cannot use the most direct route and has found a long circuitous rote instead that is all joined together. Rog
  12. FSX-MS

    It seems FSX Genius is no more at least for the next 12 months. Rog
  13. There is one on the download page Rog
  14. Have you run "Voice Configuration" and added the extra voices? Rog