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  1. yeah, I figured. but it was such a pita to install that I can easily live without it this time around.
  2. thx for your extensive reply, Chock. It is enough alone to convince me to go with P3D. So now, which version? Academic or Pro?
  3. thank you very much guys. nice to see all of you chiming in. Great place here as usual. I don't have payware add-on aircraft, only WOAI traffic installed. Seems like it's a no brainer at this point! Are the advantages of switching to P3Dv4 evident? I'm obviously looking for better overall graphics, higher resolution cockpit textures, better performance and ultra-wide support (running 3xEyefinity here). Not that I'm expecting anything stellar here, but the FSX engine+graphics are REALLY beginning to show their age regardless of all add-ons installed!
  4. Thank you very much. Maybe they have a discount for owners of FSX licenses, who knows. If that's not the case, I'm afraid I'll have to rethink my plans : (
  5. Hi fellow simmers, I'm considering the move from FSX-SE to P3D v4. I figured avsim forum members would have enough experience to provide me with the answer I'm looking for, without me having to post on several different add-on forums. If possible, I would like to know which of the additional software I bought for FSX is directly compatible with P3D v4 out of the box, i.e. without requiring me to purchase a new license. I'm currently running the following add-ons. - REX Texture Direct + Soft Clouds - FTX Global EU - FTX Open LC - Active Sky 2016 - UTX Europe Thanks to anyone that can provide an answer. I was hoping I could buy P3D v4, run the executables of the above listed add-ons, and be up and running!
  6. My same point. Absolutely. And probably this is one of the problems, if not THE problem. Sad to admit; the tools to dramatically change the face of flight simulation already exist, but the rights to use them are tightly and jealously safeguarded. Kinda sad, if you ask me.
  7. it's not only that. I was kind of hoping it would be clear. It's the smooth running, the detailed 3D buildings which are peculiar to the city I fly above, the exact precise patches of terrain and geological features, a whole new feeling without the evident drawbacks, the amount of faithful detail FINALLY AT METER-LEVEL, REALISTIC AND TRUE TO LIFE. The general impression of a whole new world of possibilities for simming that works right out of the box without the need to spend countless extra-hours, which some of us don't have, taken away from flying. The enthusiasm when you realize that a whole new level of flight-simulation experience is possible, mixed with the sadness when you think it probably won't happen anytime in the near future.
  8. hi V-Pilots, I absolutely DO NOT intend to start a flame, as much as I am interested in a possibly serious discussion. I just gave a shot to the new Google Earth and immediately tried a fly-by over my hometown, an important industrial city of northern Italy, home of a famous soccer team as well as being known for having given birth to FIAT, a once (sigh) renowned automobile factory. Certainly not a town that has been getting a lot of attention from vanilla FSX (to say it mildly) in terms of overall fidelity, and that was not easy to bring close to reality were it not for the hard work of some passionate simmers and a bevy of different (rather costly) beautiful add-ons which all required extensive efforts and tweaking only to reach a result (and I'll be once again mild) that doesn't come even close to what I experienced 10 minutes ago on Google's latest version of their planet-hopping software, running as smooth as butter on an old MacBook Pro which is now warmly resting on my legs as I type. Every main building, every roundabout, every pedestrian crossing, patch of grass, sidewalk, just about every landmark, even the less noticeable and insignificant, faithfully reproduced as I slowly made my way to the threshold of LIMA's 36L runway. Only thing I was missing, as you might have guessed, was a plane. Which brings me to the point: as I started imagining a weather system to crown it all, I also asked myself why, with such technology and such level of astonishing detail coupled with seamless performance, as of today we still don't have a flight simulator to go with it? I understand the amount of money that's being put by effortless developers to integrate their incredible software into a dinosaur such as FSX; the add-on business for our beloved sim cannot simply stop from one day to another, but the incredible potential I experienced in 10 minutes of Google Earth reeks of wasted simming potential and makes me truly and genuinely wonder why we still can't fly the way we should when today we (me, you, the developers) all now it is finally possible. Care to discuss? I certainly hope so. Cheers to you all. Luca
  9. free? Alpha 1.5 is being sold for 39$ on their site.
  10. if you are interested in dynamic head movement and reaction to turbulence and terrain, might be a good idea to start with a basic tool such as 3D Real Cockpit Effect. http://www.thefsps.com/fsx/fsps-3d-real-cockpit-effect.html thinking of giving it a try myself. Personally I only need a little more shake-shake-shake in my cockpit : )
  11. EDIT: after fully uninstalling both Cloud Shadows and the Fixer and re-installing them back anew, I was finally able to load the sim properly and have cloud shadows display correctly. Sorry for having brought this up in the new version thread. I have a feeling the initial conflict might have been related to ASN16, since the program was giving me strange module messages I had never seen before. But alas, right now the issue seems solved.Will test a few flights in the next days. p.s the shadows do look excellent, especially over water! Pls keep up the good and essential work, Steve, for us stubborn FSX flyers!
  12. Dear Steve, I just purchased your Cloud Shadows utility and FSX ALWAYS crashes at the flight loading screen. The white loading window with the exclamation mark comes up but the progress bar doesn't show, and FSX crashes with an 'app not responding' message. I removed all ReShade dll's and files, cleared shader cache, but the only way to load the flight is choosing NOT TO LET dx10SimC.dll run upon sim startup. Unfortunately what the dx10SimC.dll is conflicting with is beyond me. I do own version 3.2 of the Fixer and succesfully followed instructions to install Cloud Shadows. Happy to give you more info on my setup and FSX installation, hoping you can look into this. EDIT: I just completely uninstalled DX10Fixer and Cloud Shadows and will try too see what happens if I re-install them. So far the presence of the dx10SimC.dll seems to be what is preventing my sim from running. At my last attempt, even choosing not to run the .dll wouldn't let me start a flight. Had to uninstall the Fixer's library to get in an aircraft. I'm quite puzzled.
  13. thanks a lot, Steve. I'm buying Cloud Shadows now, can't wait to give it a try!
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