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  1. Thanks all for replying. Three of us fly multiplayer just about every Fri. Two of us have FSGRW and the other AS. Not sure what version of AS he has. We always look for bad WX to fly into. The AS user always seems to have the severe wx where as us FSGRW guys have light rain and sometimes lightening. I'm thinking multiplayer is messing up some of wx for us FSGRW users. Latest issue of PCpilot has a good article on wx generators. They say ASN interpolates the wx. So they will inject wx in some areas that don't have metar reports. So that explains some of it. Sometimes when I exit multiplayer and go to free flight, refresh my wx, the same airport will now have better wx inline with reports.
  2. Been using FSGRW and seems like it's not depicting weather per reports and real radar. Might change to another wx eng, any suggestions?
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