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  1. Now that you mention it, the Proof of Purchase Certificate from F1.com in my 2015 purchase simply says GTN 750 for FSX. The similar but 2019 certificate, from the same company says: RealityXP Garmin GTN 750 (XPlane)
  2. Thank you for your prompt response. It is greatly appreciated. This is strange but you may not find it so: I am running Steam X-Plane and had bought /installed GTN 750 a couple of years ago. As I said, and as you know, there was a Trainer update recently and I went through that. This morning, for some reason, I loaded X-Plane default Boeing 747. The last time I had loaded that particular AC was probably prior to my purchase of the GTN, reality-XP. When I activated the GTN from the plugin, all my saved routes were gone and so I naturally assumed that it was because of the new Trainer version. This afternoon, without making any backup overwrites, I loaded an aircraft I normally load and the GTN now showed all my previous and recent saved routes. I should say that several years ago, when I was solely using Steam FSX, I had also purchased and installed the GTN 750 for that sim. Even though I rarely run FSX these days, I never uninstalled the GTN 750 for that sim, reasoning that I will mess up the present GTN for X-plane. So it may be possible that the two got somehow mixed up? Or do they both use the same trainer and at the same location? Anyway, bottom line, all is well. I have always been very impressed by this product and would hate to screw it up. There had been many problems I remember with the GTN750 for FSX but none with the X-Plane version. I am also impressed by the constant updates to it. The downside of this seems to be that I quickly run out of re-installs with F1.com but the procedure for license renewal is now familiar and relatively painless.
  3. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere but maybe I am the only one with the issue. I have very recently been directed by one of the GTN 750 updates to also update the trainer. I now have Version 6.620 TRNG . With the update I seem to have lost all of my old flight plans. I do have a backup of most of the folders used by the Trainers. What would I need to copy over from my backup to the trainer location without messing up my trainer version and database? Thanks for any answers. Charles
  4. OK thanks. I will look into this again and treat my FO as slow witted on the Majestic. Strange though, I give similar commands on the PMDG NGX and the guy there is on the ball.
  5. I have just updated to Ver. 3 of Fs2Crew Voice for Majestic Dash8 and was hoping that the previous time lapse (several seconds) between my voice command and the FO actions would have been fixed. Unfortunately this is not so.I am not saying that this is a fault of the program unless of course many others are experiencing the same problem. It could very well be a fault of my own system. I also have Fs2Crew for PMDG NGX and DO NOT have this lag. In fact the action I ask for is almost instantaneous here. I was wondering if there is a fix for this or whether other users are experiencing the same problem. Specs. I7-980X. 12 GB RAM and GTX780 running on 3 windows Nvidia 2 D surround. Thank you, Charles
  6. Actually the "agitated" cursor problem on "left/right" click did clear up after a reboot. The only problem I have left is that FsInn doesn't seem to recognize the Duke very well and I end up putting in the relevant information in my plan as in T/be60/f . all other AC have this info already there. I have tried various options within FsInn in trying to get the Duke recognized, I haven't had much success. It's an FsInn problem that doesn't seem to be reading the .cfg aircraft file properly I suppose. The aircraft however flies like a dream....
  7. I bought the Duke this morning, not without some trepidation at forking out almost $50CAD especially since I am a little cynical by nature at glowing reports of anything and the Duke did have quite a few of those. I must say that this aircraft has so far met my expectations and has exceeded some. I'm not a newbie, even though I often make newbie mistakes and have been flight simming for around 40 years, ever since Bruce Artwick came up with the first flight sim for the C64 (the one on cassette that took 5 minutes to load). So I am not easily impressed. I am by this aircraft, so far at least. I've only made 3 short flights in it and logged just over an hour. It handles beautifully and the sounds are great. Instrument tracking and approach seem flawless but I have to spend more time on it to be sure. Frame rate is exceptional. On the ground, virtual cockpit view, at a commercial (Virtuali) CYVR complex airport I was getting 50 fps on mid to high settings. Two problems I encountered and they may already have been answered on this forum were: 1. Before starting I had changed the knob interactivity all to " Left Click + Right Click". I found that in flight, the mouse pointer became extremely agitated over any knob and it was difficult to set heading or course. In fact the course and heading needles started spinning out of control. I changed the knob interactivity back to "Click and Drag" and had no problems after that. 2. I use FsInn to fly on Vatsim. I need to manually put in the aircraft type in my Fsinn plan since it doesn't seem to be reading the Duke's cfg information properly. I never had this problem with other equally impressive ac like NGX or Maddog. In all fairness, it isn't a RealAir issue but FsInn. Bottom line is money well spent. Thank you RealAir for giving this old (er) guy something else to play with.
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