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  1. OK thanks. I will look into this again and treat my FO as slow witted on the Majestic. Strange though, I give similar commands on the PMDG NGX and the guy there is on the ball.
  2. I have just updated to Ver. 3 of Fs2Crew Voice for Majestic Dash8 and was hoping that the previous time lapse (several seconds) between my voice command and the FO actions would have been fixed. Unfortunately this is not so.I am not saying that this is a fault of the program unless of course many others are experiencing the same problem. It could very well be a fault of my own system. I also have Fs2Crew for PMDG NGX and DO NOT have this lag. In fact the action I ask for is almost instantaneous here. I was wondering if there is a fix for this or whether other users are experiencing the same problem. Specs. I7-980X. 12 GB RAM and GTX780 running on 3 windows Nvidia 2 D surround. Thank you, Charles
  3. An explanation of how it has been "solved" would have been helpful to others. For people having this problem, make sure that you have "WideViewAspect=True: in your Fsg.cfg
  4. I've never had this problem on other versions of FSX but since I have recently changed over to Windows 10, from Windows 7, I tend to blame the OS for this and not the Steam version of Fsx. What happens is that occasionally and seemingly at random, although probably more with PMDG products (video intensive?) the mouse cursor totally vanishes and pressing or moving the mouse produces a long series of beeps. I close FSX using the keyboard but the problem remains until I reboot the computer. I should mention that I play FSX in Nvidia Surround on three monitors. I have had mouse problems outside of Fsx since Windows 10 even though I think I have the correct drivers. I have also uninstalled all USB hubs from Device Manager and they were reinstalled after a bootup. This did not fix the mouse beeping problem which seems to occur only in Fsx. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks ​ Charles
  5. Thank you! Yes that was the problem. I had forgotten that sometime ago I had installed a freeware weather program FSXWX and those two files, though not necessarily needed by the program , were included in the download.
  6. When Fsx-Steam starts loading after the initial screen, I am now seeing on the top left side of the screen:"ENBSeries v0.075:GTA San Andreas boris-vorontsov.narod.ru". Can anybody tell me what this is. I don't recall installing any mods for Fsx or is this a part of the Steam atomatic update? Can I remove this? If so how. Fsx-Steam had never crashed on me before and has started to now. Thank you for any comments.​
  7. It is hard to measure with any degree of accuracy a loss or gain of 3 fps between the two operating systems. I set my limit at 30 FPS. In Win7 as in Win 10 on Nv surround I get within .2 or so of the max with a default ac like the Cessna 172 in a default airport like Seattle. Definitely no change there. I now use Windows Borderless Screen with no discernible loss or gain in fps.I would suggest you temporarily disable Nv surround and run Fsx on a single screen, windowed. Run exactly the same scenarios later on surround.
  8. If it helps you at all, this is my present setup: 4 monitors with three of the same resolution running Nvidia surround on my GTX 780 Windows 10 official release that I installed just a couple of days ago. As with Win 7, I can stretch the FSX screen in windowed mode over three screens nicely. No discernable loss of FPS from having FSX sized to one monitor on the surround screen. 4th monitor is enabled but only for non FSX screens. Two BIG differences however from my setup in Win 7 and my present Win 10 setup. In Win 7 : 1. I could drag an undocked window on to the 4th monitor that was not included in the surround mode and has lower resolution. Window would function normally and properly. However when I try and do that now in FSX on Win 10, the window I drag to my 4th screen would freeze and my other three monitors would be replaced by the contents of that window. Changing views would be taking place behind that large window but there is no way of seeing them. FSX seems to be still running but the only way to fix it would be to restart the simulator. 2. I used to use a program called pseudo Fullscreen, or something similar from http://ahkscript.org/ to make the surround screen full screen (slightly better FPS and realism) and still able to use the 4th monitor for maps etc. This doesn't seem to work with Win 10. I have the GeForce GTX version 353.62 But yes, it seems that NVidia Surround works reasonably well in Win 10 although it does still have issues with Fsx 2D screens, similar to Win7 but there are fixes for this. Hope this helps.​
  9. Welcome. More on this here: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=11460.new;topicseen#new
  10. SOLVED Found the answer myself. The problem lay in "fsx\Simobjects\misc". I had recently bought and installed Fsdreamteam GSX Ground services. These objects in the Misc folder were (And still are) causing the long Aircraft loading delay.
  11. I hope that this is the right forum for me to post this puzzling event. If not, someone, please set me straight. I have relatively few aircraft in Fsx but most are payware and would have complex panels etc to load. It takes me around 17 seconds to get the list of ac once I hit the "aircraft" menu item within Fsx. This may not seem like an unreasonable amount of time, I know but it seems to me that it used to be a matter of 3 or 4 seconds earlier and I suspected a newly installed aircraft may be the reason for this delay. In an effort to decrease the loading time of aircraft and to discover which one was causing the longest load, I transferred all the aircraft within "fsx\Simobjects\Airplanes" to another folder called "hanger" in "fsx\simobjects", leaving only the default Cessna C172P. The result was that the delay was just as long. Any ideas as to why the delay is still there when there is a single aircraft in the folder? I will preempt any suggestions to defrag by saying that Fsx is in the root directory of my C drive, which is an SSD and does not need defragging. Thank you, Charles
  12. Actually the "agitated" cursor problem on "left/right" click did clear up after a reboot. The only problem I have left is that FsInn doesn't seem to recognize the Duke very well and I end up putting in the relevant information in my plan as in T/be60/f . all other AC have this info already there. I have tried various options within FsInn in trying to get the Duke recognized, I haven't had much success. It's an FsInn problem that doesn't seem to be reading the .cfg aircraft file properly I suppose. The aircraft however flies like a dream....
  13. I bought the Duke this morning, not without some trepidation at forking out almost $50CAD especially since I am a little cynical by nature at glowing reports of anything and the Duke did have quite a few of those. I must say that this aircraft has so far met my expectations and has exceeded some. I'm not a newbie, even though I often make newbie mistakes and have been flight simming for around 40 years, ever since Bruce Artwick came up with the first flight sim for the C64 (the one on cassette that took 5 minutes to load). So I am not easily impressed. I am by this aircraft, so far at least. I've only made 3 short flights in it and logged just over an hour. It handles beautifully and the sounds are great. Instrument tracking and approach seem flawless but I have to spend more time on it to be sure. Frame rate is exceptional. On the ground, virtual cockpit view, at a commercial (Virtuali) CYVR complex airport I was getting 50 fps on mid to high settings. Two problems I encountered and they may already have been answered on this forum were: 1. Before starting I had changed the knob interactivity all to " Left Click + Right Click". I found that in flight, the mouse pointer became extremely agitated over any knob and it was difficult to set heading or course. In fact the course and heading needles started spinning out of control. I changed the knob interactivity back to "Click and Drag" and had no problems after that. 2. I use FsInn to fly on Vatsim. I need to manually put in the aircraft type in my Fsinn plan since it doesn't seem to be reading the Duke's cfg information properly. I never had this problem with other equally impressive ac like NGX or Maddog. In all fairness, it isn't a RealAir issue but FsInn. Bottom line is money well spent. Thank you RealAir for giving this old (er) guy something else to play with.
  14. Sometimes, a simple solution is often ignored. Did you try renaming (or deleting) your Fsx.cfg yet? It is the first thing I do whenever I have any problems with Fsx. You would start with a newly created Fsx.cfg and if the problem persists, then you can rename your old Fsx.cfg file back and try other options.
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